Keeping DPM in Prayer

February 17th - 23rd

February 17—Hungary

  • Many Hungarians are dealing with disappointment and pessimism due to the poor political and economic situation. Pray that Derek’s teaching will give them hope and strengthen their faith.

  • Pray for church leaders to be open to Derek’s teaching and use it to equip believers for ministry.

  • Pray for new supporters for the work among Hungarian believers. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
We praise God for blessing our work and the successful release of four new titles!

February 18—Vietnam   
Pray for God’s protection and anointing for the two DPM translation teams in this communist country. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
The government recently gave approval to print 10 translated titles! 

February 19—Iraq/Iran

  • Pray for wisdom in organizing a team to translate and record Declaring God’s Word into Sorani.

  • Continue to pray for the new video project of this same teaching for Christian TV and YouTube.

  • Pray for a new project to add three languages (Kabyle, Sorani and English) to the Arabic language on the website. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
We thank God for His protection over our staff and contacts in Iran recently. We appreciate your continued prayers for safety. 

February 20—Kenya
Pray for excellent printing and safe arrival of the next shipment of 12,000 Swahili Bibles which will be distributed along with Derek’s books. Bibles are in constant demand as people work through the Self-Study Bible Course and access the Scriptures for themselves.

February 21—Tanzania
A DPM office in Tanzania, a predominantly Swahili-speaking nation, would be very beneficial. Pray for the Lord’s guidance in this so that the people here can be better served and reached with Derek’s teaching.

February 22—Japan

  • Pray for God’s protection, anointing and wisdom for the two DPM translators and for further expansion of the ministry in this Buddhist nation.

  • Pray for a greater awareness of the dual-language website (                                                   

February 23—India
The work in India continues to expand. This year, Directors Elsie and Danny need and want to take Derek’s teaching to thousands more pastors and leaders. Pray for urgent provision of finances to enable them to build up His church across India through ministry trips and distribution of material.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
Outreaches were held recently in three cities attended by a total of more than 450 pastors, including 50 Bible college students. We saw an appalling lack of basic Bible knowledge in one city. But we praise God for taking us to areas such as these where teaching is so needed. The micro SD cards containing audio teaching were great for these pastors. If we had come to these places years ago when SD cards were not available, we could not have blessed these leaders as we can now. God’s timing is always perfect!!




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