Praise & Thanksgiving: Keeping DPM in Prayer

 November 12th - 18th

November 12—China

  • A critical meeting of China’s top leaders was held last month to plan for the next five years and decide on future leaders after that time. The recent trend has been towards a more difficult season for Christians and the arrest of senior party members for corruption. Pray for the new leadership to see the need for the “salt and light” of the church in China and that Derek’s materials will continue to be made available.


  • Christian publishers in Taiwan are working on four of Derek’s recent books, providing quality Chinese translations at no cost. This allows for more funds to print more quality books in China.

  • We are so grateful for the DPM publications team and our Chinese colleagues who enable us to bless the Chinese church inside and outside China with new material that is in great demand!

November 13—Nepal

  • DPM Director, Gopaljee, will teach at three pastors’ seminars in December and give Derek’s books to everyone. Pray for God’s protection and anointing over him and that many can attend.

  • Pray for God’s anointing on the translators who are working What’s So Important About the Cross?; Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People; and Spiritual Warfare for the End Times.


  • A seminar for 80 pastors, elders and deacons was held 10 km away from our office in Kathmandu. Gopaljee spoke from The Promise of Provision and distributed gift packs of Derek’s books to every participant. They were very pleased and will use the material to teach their congregations.

November 14—Philippines

  • DPM Director, John Cochrane, will be at a meeting for 2,000 Christian leaders in Manila the end of this month to introduce the work of DPM and both sell and give away material. Pray for God’s protection and anointing over him as he travels and shares as well as for good sales and a greater awareness of DPM.


  • My wife, Nilda, and I, attended meetings in Tacloban City and the island of Samar and met with Bible school leaders and pastors. Derek’s books were very well received, especially at the Bible School as they lost most of their library from a typhoon. We gave away 600 books and sold 300!

  • After supplying books to a church for their pastors’ ordination service, their Administrator wrote: “We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for all the resources you have given to us. We distributed these to our pastors, elders and Bible teachers here and overseas, and now they are using these in their study and teaching sessions. Many lives have been changed as they hear the Word of God preached. These resources have opened the minds of both preachers and other listeners. We praise God He allowed this to happen.”

November 15—Madagascar

  • Pray for God’s blessing and provision for the radio stations airing Derek’s broadcasts across this region and for many more stations to request Derek’s broadcasts.


  • “Thank you so much for thinking of us. It is indeed a great blessing from God to receive these Mega Voice solar players with teachings. I have checked the topics and really look forward to listening to them. Of course, you will hear feedback from us.”          —Hanitra Andrianomanana, Field Leader    Operation Mobilization, Antananarivo

November 16—United Kingdom

  • Derek’s book, The Power of Communion, was recently published. A free Bible Study Letter has also been produced to help people on this topic. Pray that the book will bless all readers and that many people will order extra copies of the Study Letter to introduce their friends to Derek’s teaching.


  • Many refugees from Africa have crossed the Mediterranean Sea, hoping to find refuge in Europe. Many arrived in Greece, including a number of Christians. The International Christian Consulate in Athens contacted us, asking for Arabic, Farsi, Dari and Sorani books. They offer a day center for Christian refugees and provide a safe place for believers to be discipled and receive help and support. We were so glad to provide Derek’s material for these people.

  • In August, Brano, DPM Eastern Europe Outreach director, visited the team of the International Christian Consulate and they expressed how blessed they were with the material he took them.

November 17—France

  • Pray for wisdom for René, the Director, as he seeks new opportunities to share Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for more supporters, although gifts are not tax-deductible here and for more online donors.

November 18—Vietnam

  • Pray for protection and wisdom for the two distribution and translation teams in Vietnam.

  • Several small booklets will soon be submitted to the government for official approval for publishing. Pray for favor with those making the decisions and God’s protection over the printers.




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