Keeping DPM in Prayer


December 1st - 7th


December 1—International
Pray for all directors of DPM worldwide to receive God’s vision and guidance in discerning His will in all their plans for their specific team and region in 2020!

December 2—Prison Outreach worldwide
DPM offices in different countries serve prisoners and chaplains with Derek’s Bible study resources. Pray for the inmates this month especially and for God’s love to touch them during the Christmas season. Pray that through the teaching they receive, their lives will be forever changed and that God’s purpose will be fulfilled in their lives, whether inside prison or after their release. 

Former Soviet Republics

December 3—Ukraine
Pray for the reprinting of Derek's book, Blessing or Curse - You Can Choose! The first edition of 5,000 copies that we printed some years ago is almost gone. 

Outreach Stories- Ukraine

We work with rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and alcoholics and receive positive feedback on Derek’s material that we supply. These testimonies came from one center:

  • For more than 10 years, I was addicted to drugs and alcohol until Jesus found me. Derek Prince's booklet, God's Remedy for Rejection, helped me grow spiritually and shed light on many aspects of my life! Thank you for providing free literature and for helping needy people - Dmitry 

  • Before meeting Jesus, I used alcohol and drugs for eight years. I have been in freedom and fellowship with the Lord for five years. My life has changed a lot and I thank Him for it! Derek's Book, Chords from David’s Harp, helped me get closer to God, to become a true worshiper of the Lord! I found many promises for myself and my family, and I realized you need to have a trusting, friendly, respectful relationship with the Lord. I express gratitude for the ministry of Derek Prince, his accessible and simple presentation of Scripture, and free literature for changing lives! - Galina 

  • My son was once addicted to drugs and it was a great test in my life. But thanks to this situation, Jesus found me, and my life completely changed, I love reading the Bible and praying, thanks to the ministry of Derek Prince and providing free literature, which allows me to grow spiritually and strengthens me in faith! - Victoria 


December 4—Cambodia

An outreach organised by Franklin Graham, will be held December 7–9, and Derek’s books will be distributed. Pray for the material to bless many and be shared with others. 

December 5—Nepal
Pray for the smooth reprinting of a number of Derek’s Nepali books and that these would go far and wide throughout Nepal, bringing much transformation to all who read them. 

Testimony – Nepal
“I am very grateful for the Derek Prince books which have helped me in my spiritual life and also for teaching other believers. They are so practical and easy to understand. I had many titles of Derek’s books, and eventually they were read by several pastors and leaders who came back to me and wanted more titles for their study and to give to needy people.”        — Pastor Rabin, Urlabari   

December 6—Mongolia

  • Pray for the 11 printed Mongolian titles by Derek to be converted into audio format by Christmas so they can be put on YouTube with other audio teaching.

  • Pray for thousands to listen and be equipped and encouraged and tell others about it. 

December 7—Vietnam

  • Pray for God’s protection, guidance and wisdom for the two DPM translation teams in this communist country as they seek to reach the unreached and teach the untaught.

  • Pray for increased awareness of the DPM–Vietnam website ( and that many people will download the free books and proclamation cards available there. 

Outreach Report – Vietnam
Our team travelled 500 km into the central highlands to teach 70 young men and leaders and left some of Derek’s books and proclamation cards with them. It was amazing to see how much these people love God and are hungry for Him and the Holy Spirit, in spite of persecution and poverty. It made us realize again how big the treasure is we have in our hands with Derek Prince’ materials, and even more grateful to distribute it.



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