Keeping DPM in Prayer

August 12th - 18th


August 12—South Africa

Nickson Sibanda, CEO of Elev8africa Networks, is a Zimbabwean Christian who has worked for top TV stations in South Africa. He is now advertising and airing Derek’s programs which can be seen on Elev8 TV and through their App. He says: “Many ministries are keen to watch as they love Derek. Please encourage people to download the Elev8 TV App.”

  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing, guidance and favor for Nickson in this strategic work.

  • Pray for many to access Derek’s teaching through this network and have their lives impacted. 

Praise & Thanksgiving: Mozambique

  • Portuguese books, DVDs, Teaching Letters and Proclamation Cards, as well as a Mega Voice player with 400 hours of Derek’s teaching, were sent to nine Iris Ministry bases. The Lord provided truck transport through a supporter of DPM–South Africa. 

  • Testimony: “Dear Isabel, I delivered the parcels to a representative from each Youth with a Mission base at the 30th birthday celebration of YWAM in Mozambique. Thank you so much. Please convey our gratitude to the leadership and staff of DPM.”     —Fred, YWAM–South Africa 

August 13—South America

  • Derek’s radio program is being translated into the Ayacucho Quechua dialect that has roughly a million native speakers in Peru and neighboring countries. Pray for the Lord’s protection and encouragement over the translation team based in Peru and that they would work with accuracy and efficiency.

August 14—Romania

  • Pray for the Lord’s anointing and favor for Fanel, Monica and their team, including the successful translation of Rules of Engagement, Where Wisdom Begins and Entering the Presence of God.

  • The recently published book, They Shall Expel Demons, has been very well accepted by believers in Romania. Pray for a life-changing and liberating impact on each person who reads it. 

August 15—Ukraine

  • More than 70 of Derek’s books are distributed daily while new ones are prepared for printing. Volunteer printers in Kiev say that before each new publication, they have problems with equipment, printing, etc. Even in this office, there have been strange and unexplainable issues with computers and other equipment. Pray for successful publication of all new books and God’s blessing and protection over everyone involved.

August 16—France

  • Pray for more new contacts—individuals, bookshops, churches, etc. DPM has been in France for over 22 years and is known by most people. But many don’t know of all the available resources!

  • Spiritual Warfare for the End Times and Rules of Engagement were recently printed. Pray for these books to raise awareness in the Church about these perilous times and encourage believers here to take up the full armor of God and stand against the powers of darkness. 

August 17—China

  • Implementation of new and strict religious laws in China seems to be quite varied. Some places are very strict, while others have “business as usual.” Pray for the Lord to cover and protect the China team, especially those inside China.

  • Over 100,000 copies of Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting were recently printed and distributed in China. Pray that God would touch many hearts and raise up a tsunami of prayer. 

August 18—Turkey

  • New Turkish books by Derek are going to be printed. Pray that God would give DPM access to all Turkish churches and that the material will bless all who receive them.




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