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November 22nd - 28th


November 22—Vietnam
Several hundred of Derek’s Vietnamese books were sent to a network of churches and a Bible School in Hai Phong and to another church in Ha Noi.  Pray that this material will be wisely distributed and become well-used discipleship tools. 
Outreach Reports - Vietnam

  • The situation here is very difficult, but we continue to translate and distribute Derek’s books and also recently held two outreaches and two seminars. God especially touched two men in one of the classes who came from a mountain tribe. After returning home, they planted three churches! Although the churches here face oppression, they continue in their faith, and many are using The Self-Study Bible Course to disciple believers.  

  • We have received about 30 different comments after seminar attendees read Derek’s books. For many of them, this was the first time they read Derek’s teaching. His book How to Pass from Curse to Blessing was an amazing book for them and many said they were so blessed to recognize why things had happened in their life and how to be set free. 

November 23—Korea
A DPM contact is partnering with an elite private international Christian school in Seoul and believes this is an ideal place to use Derek’s material for teaching and distribution. He now gives sermons weekly at a church in Gangnam to GIA Micro School students and teachers, using Derek’s teaching. Pray for God’s anointing upon him and that all who hear will have a greater revelation of God’s Word and a deeper walk with Him. 

November 24—Australia
We are providing Derek Prince’s teaching to a Christian restoration center in Sydney that is called to helping those released from prison or who have drug addictions to move toward restoration and find new direction in their lives. Pray that Derek’s material as well as the care they receive will draw them to the Lord and freedom. 

November 25—Indonesia
Pray for a greater awareness of the DPM–Indonesia website ( and that many people will avail themselves of the huge amount of free Bahasa Indonesia language resources on it. 

November 26—Myanmar
Pray God’s protection, guidance, and provision for the DPM director and team in this Buddhist nation and for new opportunities to share Derek’s teaching following the coronavirus crisis.   

November 27—United States/Hispanic Outreach           

Derek’s most popular video messages in Spanish are now available on our Spanish website and DPM App (

  • Pray that many people will be able to access his teaching through these outlets and build a strong foundation in their walk with the Lord. 

  • Pray for those who receive Derek’s Spanish teaching through books, the Spanish website, and Social Media to be strengthened in their faith.  

November 28—Canada
Pray for divine appointments with new contacts with whom to network to distribute Derek’s teaching to other ministries and churches and those involved in outreach to the indigenous people in Canada.  




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