Keeping DPM in Prayer

 April 22nd - 28th


April 22—United States

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance and fresh vision for outreach to college age students as DPM links up with ministry partners that work with youth full-time, taking part in events and giving away Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for the students who received material at an event in February to stay connected with DPM and have a change in their spiritual lives as a result of having Derek’s teaching. 

April 23—South Africa

  • Pray for people in the squatter settlements who will be receiving the Self-Study Bible Course teaching to have their lives changed and be able to share Jesus with others and bring them hope.

  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to greatly impact the students at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal where DPM has a new contact.  

  • There is a possibility of getting Derek’s radio broadcasts on a Christian station owned by a church member. Pray that the owner would like the teaching and want to air it. 

April 24—Madagascar

  • Dries and Valerie continue to widely distribute Derek’s teaching to churches and villages. Pray for the Mega Voice players and DVDs distributed last year to encourage and strengthen many churches and ministries.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • The Campus Ministry in Mahajanga, Madagascar, is very thankful for the resources you have given us. Bless you and your ministries.    —Lova

April 25—Serbia

  • In recent years, churches have reported increased sickness, pastors with cancer, and young couples unable to have children as a result of bombing in 1999 and the nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl. Pray for Miroslav F., Miroslav C. and their team, along with the book, Why Do Bad Things Happen to God’s People?, now being translated, to be used by God to draw believers closer to Christ by helping to strengthen their faith and bring hope.

  • Pray for people in Serbia to turn from dead religious ritual to a personal relationship with Jesus. 

April 26—Belarus

  • The team in Belarus would like to get involved with volunteering, charity events and social programs for children. Pray that all God has planned would come forth and that they would be able to distribute Derek’s material as they reach out to minister.

April 27—Armenia

  • Pray that God would open up new opportunities for ministry.

  • Also pray for the successful printing of Derek’s books that is now in process. 

April 28—Malaysia

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for Directors Liman and Marcel and that Liman would have many more opportunities to distribute and sell Derek’s books.

  • Thirty of Derek’s most significant audio teachings in Tamil are being placed on SD cards to be distributed by the Women’s Life Ministry in Malaysia as part of an evangelism program. Pray they will have “divine appointments” and that many will come to salvation as a result. 

  • Also pray that this material will be a great blessing to the Church in Malaysia. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We praise God for good sales of Derek’s CDs. Although people can listen to his messages online, many prefer to buy the CDs so they can listen to them in their cars while stuck in traffic jams!




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