Keeping DPM in Prayer


October 17th - 23rd

October 17—Switzerland

  • Pray for the Lord’s vision and wisdom for Ruedi for future outreach in this region.

  • Pray for provision and open doors for the right material to be translated and distributed. 

October 18—Bulgaria
There is growing need for more of Derek’s videos in Bulgarian, so we will be putting all available translations on one official Bulgarian DPM YouTube channel. Pray for the successful launch of this new video channel. 

October 19—Czech Republic

  • Pray for volunteers to help with the translation of subtitles for the video messages in the Laying the Foundation series.

  • Pray that Derek’s teaching will equip Czech believers to reach the younger generation with the Gospel and God’s love.

  • Pray for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit to empower believers for ministry. 

October 20—United Kingdom
The expanded study guide edition of They Shall Expel Demons has been published in the UK. Pray that many people who seek deliverance will find this book and apply its teaching, and that it will become a widely used resource for Christian leaders, evangelists, and pastors across the UK. 

October 21—East Africa

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance, provision and blessing on the ongoing work in this region led by Geoffrey and Pauline Auma.

  • Pray for the people they are reaching in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda to be forever touched and changed by God’s Word. 

October 22—Angola
We plan to print the Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course and proclamation cards to send to Angola. There are many other Portuguese book titles we also hope to print. Pray for successful printing and safe transport of this material. 

October 23—Malawi
We want to print and distribute Life-Changing Spiritual Power (a compilation of titles). Geoffrey (DPM–Kenya) will be travelling to Malawi to meet with his DPM WhatsApp students, so he is eager to take them this book. Pray that we can take on this important project soon.




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