Keeping DPM in Prayer

October 21st - 27th

October 21—Zimbabwe

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance for Sheila who oversees the local DPM office. 

  • Pray for more contacts to help the ministry expand and reach more people with Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for the Lord to establish righteous government and leaders who seek God’s wisdom. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
More doors are opening to get Derek’s materials into prisons. 

October 22—Japan

  • Pray for the two DPM translators to be protected from all spiritual attacks. 

  • One of the translators has begun a house group with three Japanese families and is using Derek’s teaching. Pray they would grow in God’s Word, move in the Holy Spirit and multiply!

Praise & Thanksgiving:
Derek’s book, Testing, has now been translated for the first time in Japanese! It is available for free download on the DPM–Japan website (

October 23—Solomon Islands
A box of Derek’s Life-Changing Spiritual Power books was sent to Ulawa Island where some ministry has begun. Pray for this material to change many lives through a better understanding of God’s Word.

October 24—Philippines

  • Over 200 of Derek’s books and teaching letters were sent to a conference in Baguio for pastors and leaders from 200 churches. Pray for this material to be used well for study and training.

  • Pray for many more people to visit the DPM website (   

Praise & Thanksgiving:

In the early 1980s, DPM–USA sent many books and tapes to the Philippines, but little was heard of their impact for 35 years. Over the last three years, we have discovered the results, so now we know that spiritual seeds from years ago fell on good ground and have borne much fruit!

  • The head of the pastors in Cebu, the nation’s second largest city, said it was Derek’s teachings that helped disciple him.

  • The senior pastor for the Assembly of God churches in a large province said his teaching and discipleship came from Derek.

  • A pastor from the Manila area told us a similar story and asked for every book by Derek.

Ten Tagalog language Word from the Word audio messages are now available on the DPM–Philippines website ( 

October 25—Namibia
Pray for Derek’s radio teaching to be well received and bring encouragement to all the listeners in the Swakopmund area.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
The South Africa office was able to get a USB stick of Derek’s teachings to a Christian radio station in Swakopmund after the first one sent by post was stolen before it left South Africa.

October 26—Indonesia
A missionary from Australia will minister to 400 pastors on the island of Java this month. He will also give them Derek’s Indonesian books. Pray that the pastors will learn much truth and share it in their churches.

October 27—Zambia

  • Pray for strength and protection over Peter Pedersen and his wife who continue to visit various African countries taking Derek’s material to pastors and ministering to them as well.

  • Pray for an open door to broadcast Derek’s audio teaching on radio in Zambia. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
Peter Pedersen was the founder of Kaniki Bible School and a friend of Derek. He and his wife bought 50 each of Blessings and Curses, Faith to Live By and the Self-Study Bible Course to take back to Zambia after their recent visit to Botswana, Lesotho and South Africa. 




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