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 Update from DPM–Cambodia

     Forty-three years ago, Pol Pot tried to wipe out the leadership of Cambodia. Today, the Lord is restoring a new spiritual leadership of young adults who are trained in His Word. Derek Prince Ministries is helping to make sure that many hundreds of young people have sound Bible teaching and a firm foundation in His Word.

     DPM–Cambodia Director Huy, and translator Chhairith, recently hosted Russell and Philippa from New Zealand who visited Cambodia to teach and minister to pastors, leaders, and other believers.
Highland Bible School
     DPM translator Chhairith, visited Highland Bible School with Russell and Philippa who taught year one and two students using Derek’s material. A set of Derek’s books has been placed in the library and students can use the “DPM Book Corner” to read the books.

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Ratanakiri Province
     Huy traveled 12 hours with Russell and Philippa to the mountainous area in Ratanakiri Province where they trained local church leaders, most of whom are from a different tribal group.

      Cambodia05Ratanakiri ProvinceA     Cambodia06Ratanakiri ProvinceB

      Cambodia07 Young people rebuil     Cambodia08

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     With much of the “older generation” in Cambodia wiped out by Pol Pot, the younger generation now have the responsibility of leading the nation. Given the lack of Bible teaching resources available, it’s vital that we equip these young leaders with as much of Derek’s material as possible.

     Right now, the door is open for us to make a huge impact in the nation; we are held back only by the amount of financial resources we have available.

     Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us in helping to equip these young Cambodian leaders with the Bible teaching they so desperately need? Your gift will enable us to hold more Bible training seminars for thousands of Pastors and leaders.

     If you would like to help our DPM outreach and pastors training ministry in Cambodia please use the link below.

     Thank you so much for whatever gift you can make today.

Many thanks,

Warren Smith
Regional Director, Asia/Pacific