Laying the Foundation Video Series

     The crown jewel of Derek Prince's vast treasury of teaching is, the Foundations for Christian Living Series. It's a thorough initiation into the 6 elementary principles of our faith found in Heb 6:1-3.  Derek perceived these as the structural foundation for an effective life in Christ. Once laid, they are one's building permit to progress in spiritual maturity and revelatory insights.

     Derek oft mentioned that most believers who incessantly seek higher truths and deeper revelations don't  qualify to be recipients.  They're comparable to the believers of Heb 5:10-14. God wanted to give them hidden revelation about the relevance of Melchizedek's ministry to theirs, but would not.  His hesitation was that the basic doctrines of which we speak had not been established to help them distinguish false from true revelation.  Therefore, God Himself withheld authentic insights until they had earned His building permit of structural soundness.

     We urge you to ingest Foundations for Christian Living in order to build your own proper foundation. These teachings will give you reliable content that will prevent your being tossed about by deceptive concepts. And, your treasure trove of productive biblical understanding will exceed that of many seminarians.
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