A New Beginning

Week 1

 Recent Media Uploads 
Re-Creation and Reconciliation (download)
Friday, 1/11/2019
Cleansing and Acquittal (download)
Thursday, 1/10/2019
Confronted with the Truth (download)
Wednesday, 1/9/2019
Encounter with Christ (download)
Tuesday, 1/8/2019
God Offers a New Beginning (download)
Monday, 1/7/2019

Week 2

 Recent Media Uploads 
Washing, Rebirth, Renewal (download)
Friday, 1/18/2019
He Saved Us (download)
Thursday, 1/17/2019
How God Intervened (download)
Wednesday, 1/16/2019
Why We Need God’s Mercy (download)
Tuesday, 1/15/2019
God’s Full Provision (download)
Monday, 1/14/2019

Week 3

 Recent Media Uploads 
The Three Tenses of Salvation (download)
Friday, 1/25/2019
The Pattern of Noah’s Ark (download)
Thursday, 1/24/2019
Heirs of Eternal Life (download)
Wednesday, 1/23/2019
Justified by Grace (download)
Tuesday, 1/22/2019
Outpouring of the Holy Spirit (download)
Monday, 1/21/2019
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