Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

Week 1
 Recent Media Uploads 
Diseases of the Tongue (2) (download)
Friday, 2/5/2021
Diseases of the Tongue (1) (download)
Thursday, 2/4/2021
The Bible’s Picture of the Tongue (download)
Wednesday, 2/3/2021
The Heart Overflows Through the Mouth (download)
Tuesday, 2/2/2021
Death or Life? (download)
Monday, 2/1/2021

Week 2
 Recent Media Uploads 
The Importance of Your Confession (download)
Friday, 2/12/2021
The Reason You Have a Tongue (download)
Thursday, 2/11/2021
First Steps to Healing (download)
Wednesday, 2/10/2021
The Root of the Problem (download)
Tuesday, 2/9/2021
Words Determine Destiny (download)
Monday, 2/8/2021
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