Progress to Perfection

Week 1
 Recent Media Uploads 
The Second Step: Knowledge (download)
Friday, 11/10/2017
The First Step: Goodness (Excellence) (download)
Thursday, 11/9/2017
The Starting Point: Faith (download)
Wednesday, 11/8/2017
The Example of Paul (download)
Tuesday, 11/7/2017
The Command to Be Perfect (download)
Monday, 11/6/2017

Week 2
 Recent Media Uploads 
The Seventh Step: Love (download)
Friday, 11/17/2017
The Sixth Step: Brotherly Kindness (download)
Thursday, 11/16/2017
The Fifth Step: Godliness (download)
Wednesday, 11/15/2017
The Fourth Step: Perseverance (download)
Tuesday, 11/14/2017
The Third Step: Self-Control (download)
Monday, 11/13/2017
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