How to Pray and Get What You Pray For

Week 1
 Recent Media Uploads 
Fourth Requirement for Approaching God: With Worship, Praise and Thanks (download)
Friday, 6/16/2017
Third Requirement for Approaching God: In the Name of Jesus (download)
Thursday, 6/15/2017
Second Requirement for Approaching God: Faith Introduction (download)
Wednesday, 6/14/2017
First Requirement for Approaching God: Renounce Self-Will (download)
Tuesday, 6/13/2017
God Wants Us to Pray and Get What We Pray For (download)
Monday, 6/12/2017
Candid Conversation (download)
Saturday, 6/29/2013

Week 2
 Recent Media Uploads 
#5: According to God’s Word (download)
Friday, 6/23/2017
#4: Directed by the Holy Spirit (download)
Thursday, 6/22/2017
#3 Out of Right Relationship (download)
Wednesday, 6/21/2017
#2 Right Motive, for God’s Glory (download)
Tuesday, 6/20/2017
Elements of Successful Praying: #1: With Confidence, Without Condemnation (download)
Monday, 6/19/2017
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