Keeping DPM in Prayer

December 16th - 22nd

December 16—Netherlands

  • Pray for wide distribution and acceptance of the new booklet, Christ’s Last Order, as it calls the Church to evangelization by a dedication to God’s call.

  • Pray for successful release of Rules of Engagement, that will include questions for group study. 

December 17—Philippines

  • Pray for the website ( to be found and used by Filipinos worldwide.

  • Pray for more open doors and the Lord’s wisdom for reaching the nation with Derek’s teaching. 

December 18—China
Work has begun on a new project—to store as much as possible of Derek’s Chinese material on SD cards and USB devices to distribute to leaders and others so they can have their own library of anointed Bible teaching. The China team says older folks prefer SD cards, and younger believers like USB devices. Both carry the same material, so pray for wisdom as to which to choose or whether to use both. 
December 19—Sri Lanka

  • Pray that Derek’s programs on Swarga TV will reach many more believers throughout the nation.

  • Pray that many who hear his teaching will come to knowledge of the truth and be set free from spiritual bondages in their lives. 

December 20—South Africa

  • Many new people are contacting or visiting the office. Pray that those who buy Derek’s teaching will be very blessed by it and pass it on to family and friends.

  • People are eager to connect to the DPM app and YouTube programs, so pray that many more will be reached with Derek’s teaching by these and other means. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Recently, visitors came from Zambia, Lesotho and Oman, and they were connected with DPM’s Arabic website and teaching. They can hardly believe Derek’s material is going into many of the North Africa/Middle East countries.

  • We now have funds to distribute 40 more Mega Voice players to more ministries in South Africa. 

December 21—Iran

  • Pray for wisdom in how to reach more churches and believers with DPM’s Iranian Bible Correspondence School.

  • Pray for Derek’s teaching to draw more and more people to Christ and equip them in their faith. 

Praise &Thanksgiving:
Thanks to all our prayer partners. Our coworkers in Iran are safe and secure. We especially thank God for the release of Ali from prison! He was our contact in South Iran who was arrested for Christian activities. He was given a chance to reject Christ publicly to be released, but he refused and was sentenced to death. We received news recently that he was miraculously released and is now in Australia.
December 22—Japan

  • Pray for more opportunities to promote the DPM–Japan website ( to the Japanese people and spread the word about the Bible teaching available for free download.

  • Pray that more and more people will be reached and impacted by Derek’s Japanese material.                                                   

Praise & Thanksgiving:
Visits to our Japanese language website ( are increasing!




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