Keeping DPM in Prayer


March 17th - 23rd

March 17—Germany

  • Pray for an increase in new and creative ways to build relationships with Bible schools, churches and other Christian organizations which should be benefitting from Derek’s teaching materials.

  • Pray for opportunities to touch the nation through personal ministry opportunities to encourage DPM friends and to introduce new contacts to Derek’s material. 

March 18—Croatia

  • Pray for increased interest in Derek´s teaching among both believers and unbelievers in Croatia.

  • Copies of God´s Remedy for Rejection, The Divine Exchange, and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing were given to a children’s’ home. Pray that each child will be blessed by the teachings.

  • Sometimes, people who find Derek’s teaching will call Croatian Director, Damir, and ask him to pray for them. Pray for wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit as Damir ministers to them. 

March 19—Canada
Pray for favor, wisdom and new opportunities for Director, Bob Yeo, and the board to share Derek’s material in Canada—especially in the indigenous community and prisons, two areas of great spiritual need.

March 20—New Zealand
The Self-Study Bible Course and Proclamation Cards were given to new and young believers who are being helped by an organization that works with vulnerable families. The books were also given to this ministry’s lending library. Derek’s teachings have been foundational in the ministry of the organization’s key leaders. Pray for many more people to come to salvation through this ministry’s work and gain a solid foundation in their faith through Derek’s material.
Praise & Thanksgiving:
We recently had the opportunity to give a selection of Derek’s books to indigenous (Maori) Christian leaders in the Anglican church throughout the South Island!

March 21—Southern Africa

  • Pray for more radio broadcasts in South Africa and the other 13 nations that the South Africa office oversees.

  • Pray for the programs airing in South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania to reach and encourage many people.

  • Pray for protection over the Afrikaans books that will go to Bible schools and pastors in South Africa and Namibia. 

March 22—Indonesia

  • Teaching seminars will be held for pastors and other leaders in west Papua from March 25 to April 2. Pray for many to attend and be greatly blessed. Derek’s books will be given to everyone.

  • A pastor has been promoting the book, Empowered for Life, at one of the larger churches. He has been using it for a few years as a discipleship tool, and many have been touched by Derek’s teaching. Pray that the Lord will use him to introduce Derek’s teaching to many other churches. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:
Praise God for a new staff member to help with DPM’s work in Indonesia.
March 23—Russia 

  • The team in Russia has successfully printed five new titles by Derek. Pray for successful distribution of these books and for the Lord to draw many people to them.

  • A translator and an editor are needed to help produce more of Derek's books in Russian. Pray for the Lord to connect the team to the right people to fill these positions. 

Testimony: Belarus
"How wonderful is the ministry of Derek Prince. It tells us about grace, God's love, relationships with the Lord, how to grow in love, grace, goodness, mercy, His fullness, and how to get peace and joy. I didn't muse that He gave everything, and I want to be generous and do something for God. I take notes of all preaching…all verses for learning and proclamation. No one else…makes me seek the Truth more, love God more, or follow Him and live according to the Bible. I memorized "Exchange at the Cross" in order to use it automatically. I'm reading, learning by heart, proclaiming wherever I am. I want to give everything I have to find God's will. I enjoy studying at school and do it with great pleasure and inspiration. Let your ministry grow and fill the earth to help other people take the faith."





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