Keeping DPM in Prayer


July 3rd - 9th

July 3—Slovenia
Continue to pray for a new translator and editor to join our team. 

July 4—Italy

  • We thank God for the new translators who are eager to make Derek’s teaching available in Italian. Pray for the Lord’s clear guidance about opening a DPM office in Italy.

  • Pray for the work in progress on translations of subtitles for our YouTube channel. 

July 5—Romania
Thank God for the broadcasting of Derek´s video and audio teaching on Christian TV and radio. Pray for this DPM office to continue to have a great impact in this region. 

July 6—Germany

  • With a growing online audience, we thank God for the new German DPM App. Pray it will reach the maximum amount of people and bless German-speaking Christians worldwide

  • Pray that God will show us new and innovative ways to further distribute Derek’s teaching material. 

July 7—United Kingdom
Pray for the students who are now taking the online course on spiritual warfare (over 400) to apply what they are learning and be able to share it with others. Also pray for God’s guidance in developing new online courses. Also pray for God’s guidance in developing new online courses.

Testimonies – UK
John was recently released from prison after 44 years of a life sentence, an unprecedented move. He wrote us of becoming aware of Derek’s teaching listening to a Christian broadcast and connecting with our prison ministry through his chaplain at the time.

  • “I have sought to encourage other Christians to send for Derek’s Spirit-filled teaching, wanting them to be blessed and grow in their walk and faith with the Lord as I have. I pray my letter may encourage you in all that the Lord is doing through the ministry of Inside Outreach helping me and many other prisoners grow. It is also preparing us for any work or ministry the Lord may have for us on release. Derek’s legacy of teaching lives on, bringing growth in the lives of thousands and perhaps even more as it is doing in my own life. Praise God!” 

  • In a recent Outreach Report we sent out, Pastor PK from South India shared about the impact of Derek’s teaching, saying: “When the second wave of Covid swept through India it seemed that all we had learnt from the Bible and our Bible college days was thrown into question because our praying didn’t stop the pandemic or the deaths of many loved ones. But you helped us by bringing to us Derek Prince’s teaching on declaring the power of the blood. Thanks to this teaching we saw a change in our personal circumstances and in the lives of many believers. One of our donors responded saying: “Thank you very much for sharing the message from India. I was in a similar situation when Covid started in England early in 2020. Thank God I was prepared because I had been reading through the prayers and proclamations book by Derek Prince on applying Scriptures to situations and I was able to proclaim the Scriptures when I had Covid.”

July 8—France

  • Pray that our new book, The Beast or the Lamb, will encourage believers to understand and long for the nature of Jesus.

  • Pray for another new release, Rediscovering God’s Church, to reach many church leaders and give them guidance and wisdom.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom in finding new ways of sharing Derek’s teaching with an increasingly wider audience.

July 9—Eastern Europe
Pray for Outreach Director Branislav who oversees work in this region. He needs God’s wisdom and strength as he maintains contact with the offices and encourages the leaders in all they are doing.




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