Keeping DPM in Prayer


March 29th - April 4th


March 29—Southern Africa

  • Pray for the ministries and Bible schools that receive Derek’s teaching through the Mega Voice Solar Player and Foundations DVD projects to apply it and share it with others.

  • Pray for more opportunities to broadcast Derek’s teaching on radio and TV.

  • Pray for the new website to bring many new contacts. 

March 30—Zimbabwe
The Lemba, a tribe of 70,000 to 80,000 members who live in central Zimbabwe and northern South Africa, have Jewish origins. Recently, over 140 Lemba leaders have been trained by the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute that works with Jewish Voice (Rabbi Jonathan Bernis’ ministry), and nearly 100 Messianic congregations have been established in five years. Pray for the Lord to bless and extend ministry to these Jewish believers and for increased contact with DPM so they can receive Derek’s teaching. 

Outreach Story – South Africa

  • Hope Ramaphosa arranged for the recent distribution of 79 “Israel” gift packs to about 200 Lemba leaders (27 are pastors) from Venda and Limpopo Provinces. Her pastor opened his large church for this event, attended by South Africa Director, Isabel, and her brother, Andrew, who drove five hours to be there. 

  • A door opened recently to share Derek’s teaching on Israel with a Rabbi from Johannesburg. He is very impressed and wants to help share it across South Africa.


  • “Thank you kindly for this most amazing gift. I managed to read and watch some of the content and it fills me with so much joy that we have friends who are articulating why Christians and Jews need to unite in protection of their shared identity in God and rightful inheritance. We will be making use of these videos in training communities against replacement theology using powerful Scriptures and prophecies. I would like an opportunity to meet with the leaders of DPM to learn how you are reaching churches to offer these educational tools.” 


March 31—United States
Pray for the prisoners who receive a free item monthly to grow stronger in their faith and for those who are released to be victorious as they adjust to life outside prison. 

Prison Testimony
“Thank you for your last booklet. The information gleaned has been precious and timely. I am with a group of men on Texas’ only men’s Death Row Unit. We have been led to start an intercessory prayer class. These are men who are truly hungry for deeper spiritual truth and a deeper walk with the Lord. We have been praying for revival for this unit. We feel the Lord leading to get men ready for an outpouring of the Holy Ghost. Thank you for the books you’ve provided over the last few months. They were tools used by the Holy Spirit to get me to where I am today. If there is anything you feel we could use to help us in this journey, all would be thoroughly used and greatly appreciated. The hearts and lives you have touched will only fully be realized on the other side.—Scott M., Texas, USA

April 1—International
Pray for the staff members of all DPM offices worldwide to walk in God’s provision, anointing, protection and good health and that they would accomplish all God’s plans for this year.

April 2—Japan
Pray for God’s protection and anointing over the two DPM translators and proofer as they continue working on Derek’s books in Japanese. 

April 3—Philippines

  • Derek’s radio programs are being translated into the Tagalog language. Pray for God’s protection and anointing on the translators.

  • Light TV runs the Barnabas Project that involves 350 small churches. They meet with pastors from 30 churches monthly, when DPM and Derek’s Bible teaching is introduced to them. Pray for an excellent response from both Light TV and the churches. 

Outreach Story - Philippines
Twenty pastors attended a meeting where they were introduced to DPM and given an SD card containing Derek’s Bible teaching. They were also invited to download free teaching from the website ( Some of these pastors have a prison ministry and were very appreciative of the material. 

April 4—Cambodia

  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance as to how to share Derek’s Bible teaching with tribal groups, given Khmer is not their main language. 

  • Pray for many people to visit the Cambodia dual-language website ( and be blessed by the many free resources available. 

Outreach Story - Cambodia

  • Together with partner ministry One-2-One, a medical clinic and children’s program were held for 200 villagers in Baray K Thom Province, followed by a concert outreach that night for 1,000 people. Many accepted Jesus and were given Derek’s proclamation cards. Local churches prayed with the new believers and invited them to church. 

  • Two successful prison outreaches were held at Christmas in Takeo Province. One prison, Siem Reap, has nearly 3,000 prisoners. They were given gifts and lunch, and ministry took place. Spiritual chains were broken off them, and many accepted Christ.




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