Keeping DPM in Prayer


November 10th - 16th



November 10—United Kingdom
Free copies of Praying for the Government have been distributed through different networks across the country. Pray for this teaching to raise up a new generation of intercessors for the government in the U.K. 

Testimony – United Kingdom
“I was born again in 1991, but it was only last year as I was convalescing from a major operation the end of October that I really listened to Derek Prince’s teaching on baptism. I was convicted by the Scriptures and through his clear teaching, that I needed to be fully immersed as an adult believer. So, on Easter Sunday this year. I was baptized. It has given me a number of opportunities to tell about the event as folks often ask, ‘What did you do over Easter?’ We may never know the outcome and the amazing power of God as we scatter seeds for His glory to the honor of His Name.” —Gill

November 11—Poland

  • Pray for good cooperation with local churches and for a growing recognition and appreciation for Derek’s teaching among Christians in Poland.

  • Pray for the remaining book projects for this year to be successfully completed and to bring forth good fruit in Poland.

  • Pray for DPM representative Agnieszka who has had serious health issues to regain full health and strength and remain a faithful worker in God’s harvest in Poland. 

November 12—Germany

  • Pray for God's anointing on those doing final proofing of three new books and for the funds to print them so they can be released soon! (Funds recently came in to reprint 10 out of stock books back to back!)

  • Pray for upcoming DPM conferences and meetings to be held across Germany

  • Pray for fresh vision from the Lord for His strategy for the team in 2020 and strength and good health to accomplish His purposes. 

November 13—France

  • Pray for the new French book, The Coming Revival, to be used to help wake up the Church in France and the French-speaking world to prepare for the Lord’s return.

  • Pray for anointing and wisdom for those working on Rediscovering God’s Church and for this book to help the Church in France break free of man-made systems to be as God intended.

  • Pray for the Lord to continue using the Video Bible School and Study Guide. To date, over 80 copies have been sold here.

  • The Bible Correspondence Course is very active in France with many students. God is using it among many believers who don’t attend a local church or don’t receive good teaching. Continue to pray for Catherine who is instrumental in tutoring these students. 

November 14—Netherlands

  • Another new online course began early this month. It is based on Derek’s teaching: “Do you know how valuable you are?” So many people are searching for help in dealing with rejection and shame. Pray that those who study this teaching will have their lives changed through a deeper understanding of God’s love for them.

  • Pray that the Church in Netherlands and Belgium, where many give generously to DPM, will hold on to God’s Word. 

Indian Subcontinent

November 15—Sri Lanka

  • Pray for God’s protection, wisdom and guidance for coordinators Sam and Olivia, and translator Prince, as they seek to expand the work of DPM in this nation.

  • Presidential elections will be held November 16. Pray for God’s will to be done in the future of this nation and for His protection over churches and ministries. 

Outreach Report - Sri Lanka
DPM–India Directors Elsie and Danny, and Pastor Prince (translator), had a successful 10-day ministry trip in Sri Lanka. Hundreds of pastors and other leaders were taught on various topics, including The Divine Exchange and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Many received fresh revelation and were set free. One woman wrote to Elsie saying: “When you spoke about Jesus as the King and Priest in the order of Melchizedek, every word was for me. God was speaking so clearly to all my chaos, confusion, and so many months of uncertainty and pain. Every word was like a balm to my wounds; I was trying to control my tears all throughout.”

November 16—India

  • Pray for the 800 orphans and needy children expected at the annual DPM Orphans Christmas Party in early December to be blessed and for many to come to know Jesus.

  • A DPM Tamil-language website was recently launched (  Pray that many people will visit the site and be blessed by the material available there. 




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