Keeping DPM in Prayer

September 23rd - 29th


September 23—Albania

  • Pray for successful printing and distribution of the Foundation Series.

  • Pray for creative channels for distribution of material to be found.

  • Pray for connection to like-minded believers and church leaders to help spread Derek’s teaching. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We are very grateful for the commitment of Aurora, our translator, who works faithfully on new material despite a challenging home situation and Skerdi, our proofreader, who diligently helped us complete the extensive Foundation Series project.

September 24—United States/Hispanic Outreach

  • Pray for more open doors and contacts to connect with the Latino community locally and in Central/South America.

  • Pray for those translating Derek’s material and voicing his audio messages into Spanish.

  • Pray for many more Hispanics to find and use the resources on the Spanish website and app. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Several events for college students have taken place in recent months—in Massachusetts, Colorado and Kentucky—where DPM was represented. Good contacts were made with the students, and Derek’s material was given to them at no charge.

September 25—Cambodia

  • A new website has been launched ( where a variety of free material in the national Khmer language can be found as well as Derek’s radio programs. Pray that many people will become aware of DPM in Cambodia, visit the site and be strengthened in their faith by the teachings.

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • We gave gift packs of Derek’s books to Bible college graduates who have very few opportunities to get sound Bible teaching.

  • We also recently trained 24 pastors using Derek’s book, What’s So Important About the Cross? 

September 26—New Zealand

  • Pray for inspiration for ways to reach those aged 20-40 with Derek’s teaching.

  • Pray for new “Reach and Teach” opportunities to open up in all of the Asia/Pacific islands, a region given oversight by the New Zealand office. 

Testimony (from a supporter in her 90s):

  • “I’ve just finished reading Derek’s book, Set Apart for God; it’s a ‘must read,’ particularly for young people!  I am getting six copies to give to my family members. It’s very biblical, gives you a good base and I would love my family to read it. My husband (now deceased) and I attended many of Derek’s meetings when he was in Auckland. I loved hearing him speak and felt inspired by his dedication and his walk with the Lord. He really knew Him.”

September 27—Algeria

  • Pray for all involved in the Kabyle language projects in progress and for all to go smoothly.

  • Pray for the Church in Algeria that is dealing with increasing persecution and religious restrictions. Some churches have been closed, and others are threatened. 

September 28—Ukraine

  • In July, 325 copies of Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting were sent to Yuri Kostyuchenko, an assistant to the Deputy of the National Parliament. Yuri distributes Derek’s books in government circles, where they are a great resource for national prayer breakfasts and prayer meetings. Pray for this material to bear good fruit in a national intercession movement and help transform the society according to God’s principles!

Testimony: Belarus

  • “Thank you to Derek Prince for his dedication to teaching the Word of God. I have been reading Foundational Truths for Christian Living and praying for these truths to take root in my heart. I am learning to be more dependent on Christ. I thank Derek for opening these scriptural truths to me and enabling me to have a deeper relationship with Jesus.”

September 29—Netherlands

  • A new online course is being developed on the topic: “Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship.” Pray that this teaching will help many people understand these vital aspects of ministry to the Lord.

  • Pray for believers who need the teaching in the new Dutch title, Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People, to be able to receive this book. 

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • The Dutch book, Why Bad Things Happen to God’s People, has just been published, and sales started in August. We are so encouraged with the testimonies we have already received!




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