Dear Friend,

It was soon after Derek Prince Ministries had provided aid to the refugees in Kosovo in the late 1990s that Derek recommended an addition to the DPM slogan: “Reaching the unreached, teaching the untaught, AND touching the untouched.” You will sense that is true in this report of the recent ministry outreach of DPM–Armenia to Iranians in March 2011 (the period of the Iranian New Year). This evangelistic effort focused on “touching the untouched” . . . and it was a great success.

We send this report to thank you for contributing your resources to DPM and to tell you some ways those funds are being utilized. It is our way of being accountable, letting you know that your investment in this work is touching the lives of people around the world. And we heartily encourage you to keep on investing!

Only the Lord knows what fruit will come from this Nouruz 2011 outreach by DPM–Armenia to Iranians who need to hear the message of the love of Jesus Christ for them. We are already seeing the impact of Nouruz 2011—both positive and negative. On the positive side, Iranians are opening up to the gospel of Jesus Christ. On the negative side, critics of the Nouruz 2011 outreach are spreading propaganda that it is a Russian manipulation of Armenia to entice Iranians to Christianity as a way of controlling them. The Lord Himself knows the truth! We hope you are thrilled to know that despite the opposition, DPM plans to continue similar outreaches in strategic places around the world.

Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and financial support. With your help, DPM efforts like Nouruz 2011 will continue worldwide as we fulfill our mandate to “reach the unreached, teach the untaught . . . and touch the untouched!”

All the Best,

Dick Leggatt
President, DPM - USA