Dear Friend,

Extremely critical days are facing the nations of the Middle East right now. This is not only true of Egypt, whose conflicts have dominated the headlines lately, but it applies to other Middle East countries as well. Our hearts go out to all of these people as they persist in their struggle for individual liberty and self-determination.

We regularly hear the question, “What do you think Derek would say about this situation? What would be his perspective on these events now facing us?” Obviously, it is difficult to answer that question with complete certainty. But interestingly in this case, we have a good idea what Derek would have said. In fact, just recently a DPM staff member found an excerpt from one of Derek’s Update cassettes that provides some timely and pertinent insights. So, our first thought was to share this remarkable material with you.

Please keep in mind that Derek delivered this Update message over twenty years ago in 1990, soon after Iraq had invaded Kuwait and the United Nations had ordered a global trade embargo against Iraq. On the heels of those events, troops were sent to the Middle East from a number of nations to help liberate Kuwait from the forces that had invaded it.

In this commentary, Derek not only makes general observations about the unique challenges to be encountered in the Middle East. He also provides three specific recommendations for how Christians could intercede for and proclaim God’s purposes for this area of the world. We hope you will read Derek’s “take” on this situation and then apply those principles in your prayer efforts.

Regardless of whether or not you might agree with everything Derek says in this Update, I know we can agree on one vital matter. We ought to join together in prayer and proclamation for this troubled part of the world. We hope the excerpts we provide here from Derek’s Update will help you greatly in that pursuit.

All the Best,

Dick Leggatt
President, DPM - USA

P.S. Please note the download we have made available as well, and feel free to utilize it.