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DPM Store > CDs > How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit

(CD) Product code: CDRS543
Two CD Audio Series
• How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit - Part 1
• How to Be Led by the Holy Spirit - Part 2

Radio CD Series - Radio CDs contain five twelve-minute messages originally produced for the radio program, Derek Prince Legacy Radio.
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Holy Spirit as Guide, The
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Price now: $6.95
Righteous living is not achieved by keeping a set of rules, but by being led by a personal Guide: the Holy Spirit.

Deliverance and Demonology
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Price now: $29.95
With the ministry of Jesus as his pattern—supplemented by personal experience—Derek Prince first exposes the nature and activity of demons, then explains the crucial steps to receiving deliverance and permanent freedom.