Keeping DPM in Prayer

March 26th - April 1st


March 26—Iraq/Iran

  • All the titles in the Life-Changing Spiritual Power book have been translated into Sorani and now are being printed. Pray for protection and wisdom for Thomas as he travels and distributes this material in the Kurdish-speaking region.

March 27—France

  • A shipment of 500 USB sticks and 3000 micro SD cards (30x13 Project material worth $8,500 US), produced in China for the work in French-speaking Africa, were defective and useless. It was just discovered the company was non-existent and the lawyer can do nothing more. Pray for provision of funding to make up this loss so this material can still be produced.
  • Pray for the distribution of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in French through ministry partner Livr’Afrique and that this material will accomplish God’s purposes in the lives of the readers.

March 28—Cambodia

  • Late last year, the DPM team blessed prison officers and their families with Derek’s booklets. Pray that they now receive permission to distribute his material to all prisoners.
  • Pray for favor with public schools so that the DPM team can place Derek’s booklets in their libraries so the students have easy access to Bible teaching.


  • Late last year, our partner ministry, One-2-One Cambodia, celebrated its 8th anniversary with almost 600 people attending (mostly health-care personnel and local pastors). We were delighted to give each person a Derek Prince teaching booklet.

March 29—Romania

  • Pray that the new DPM website containing the 30 video teachings from the 30x13 Project will be a great blessing to Romanian believers and help them grow in their relationship with Christ.
  • Another project is planned for TV that will use short excerpts from these teachings and hopefully bring an increase in viewers. Pray for the Lord’s guidance and anointing upon those involved.
  • The team also wants to make audio recordings of these teachings in Romanian and put them on Flash memory drives for free distribution. Pray also for the success of this project.


  • The DPM team in Romania has taken exciting steps with the 30x13 Project materials. Since January 2016, the Christian TV channel in Romania has broadcast Derek’s teaching in Romanian twice weekly and offered live ministry to those who respond to the program.

March 30—India

  • Each year, thousands of Bible college graduates receive a gift pack of Derek’s books and SD cards. Pray that these young Christian leaders will be greatly blessed by this material and use it to teach many others.

March 31—Hungary

  • The Hungarian people are disappointed and pessimistic as they work for low salaries in the midst of  increasing corruption, feeling betrayed by politicians and national leaders. The book, Living as Salt and Light, was recently released. Pray that its message will touch many, especially church leaders, so they will be more effective in being salt and light to the world, bringing encouragement to others.


  • We are very grateful that we were able to publish four books in 2016, despite health and other challenges, and also release Living as Salt and Light at the beginning of 2017.
  • We thank God for three new translators who worked conscientiously on Derek’s books.
  • We thank the Lord for His creative ideas and many new contacts.

April 1—Rwanda

  • Translation began on the Self-Study Bible Course a couple of years ago, but it has stalled several times. Pray that it would be completed soon so that this book can be printed and distributed.
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