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Enrich the lives of your friends and family with great Bible teaching from Derek Prince. Take this opportunity to encourage your loved ones to walk more closely with God, break free of curses and experience His guidance and abundant blessings.

Declaring God’s Word - £8.99
A 365 day devotional that will help you begin your day in the presence of God.

Gateway to God’s Blessing - £5.99
Discover God’s blueprint for blessing your life.

The Gifts of the Spirit - £6.99
Vital teaching to properly understand the gifts of the Holy Spirit and their operation in our lives.

Take advantage of these special offers and give a gift that will bless and draw your friends or loved ones closer to God.

Appointment in Jerusalem - £4.99 (was £9.99)
Atonement - £3.49 (was £6.99)
Derek Prince: A Biography - £6.49 (was £12.99)
Entering the Presence of God - £2.99 (was £5.99)
God is a Matchmaker - £2.99 (was £5.99)
Husbands and Fathers - £3.49 (was £6.99)
Lucifer Exposed - £3.49 (was £6.99)
Rediscovering God’s Church - £4.99 (was £9.99)
The End of Life’s Journey - £3.49 (was £6.99)

If you are looking for Christmas cards that focus on the real meaning of Christmas look no further! Six colours, creative designs and an inspiring Christmas message to help you and your friends reflect on the significance of Jesus’ birth.
A wonderful evangelistic tool to share with non-believing friends and colleagues. Each card contains a scripture reference and a thought provoking quotation from Derek Prince.
The full colour design and text can be found on our website. The size is 148.5mm square and the cards are supplied with envelopes, in packs of 10 (single design only).

Price £3.50 for 10. Please enquire for quantity discounts.


"Remember that Jesus is God’s Christmas gift. And in Him everything we shall ever need for time and eternity is included. God didn’t give us a lot of gifts, He just gave us one gift that contained everything. Everything is wrapped up in Jesus. And then bear in mind, that God hung His Christmas gift on a tree and that tree was the cross. And that demonstrates the un-demonstratable. That brings to us the incomprehensible, the thing that can never be fully measured or summed up — the love of God in Christ."
Derek Prince (This quote is included in the Treasure God’s Gift cards)

A special selection of CDs and DVDs to watch and listen to. Use these resources on your commute to work, during your quiet time, or in your home group.

Being a Servant CD was £4 now £3 | DVD was £9 now £6.75
Invisible Barriers to Healing CD was £4 now £3 | DVD was £9 now £6.75
I Will Shake All Things (2 messages) CD was £7.50 now £5.63 | DVD was £17 now £12.75
Release from the Curse (2 messages) CD was £7.50 now £5.63 | DVD was £17 now £12.75
God’s Word: Your Inexhaustible Resource (2 messages) CD was £7.50 now £5.63 | DVD was £17 now £12.75
Israel: Past, Present and Future (6 messages) CD was £16.50 now £12.38 | DVD was £39 now £29.25


with every order over £10 (exc P&P) – The Doorway to Restoration - from the Archival Classics Series

These offers expire 31/12/08. No other discounts apply.

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