Praise & Thanksgiving: Keeping DPM in Prayer

August 20th - August 26th

August 20—Norway

  • Pray for connection to the right people to translate and print The Power of Proclamation and 12 Proclamation Cards into the Sami language, as well as funds for this project.

  • Pray for new partners who would invest in DPM’s expansion into Sweden and Finland.

  • Pray for new young believers to join the new Bible groups for youths with teaching based on Derek’s Self-Study Bible Course material.

Praise & Thanksgiving:
We thank God for the right workers with the right talents, at the right time, as we began “invading” Sweden with Derek’s teaching. Four books printed in 2016 have already made a great breakthrough with new contacts and distributors!

August 21—Japan

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon Yvonne (name changed for security reasons), the DPM translator, as she works on the Self-Study Bible Course.

August 22—Cambodia

  • Pray for opportunities to widely distribute Derek’s teaching, including into villages not yet visited by the DPM team.

  • Pray for God’s protection, wisdom and anointing as the team translates and prepares Derek’s material for voicing in the Khmer-language to place on the DPM App and Cambodia Facebook page, with the aim of shortly having Derek’s teaching broadcast on radio here.

Praise & Thanksgiving: 

  • Derek’s Teaching Letters, Salt of the Earth and Standing in the Gap, have been printed as booklets in the Khmer language for the first time. Annie, S.E. Asia Special Projects Director, is using this material to train Cambodian leaders in New Zealand.

  • Testimony: “I am so blessed to see Derek Prince Ministries in my homeland, Cambodia. I’ve been following Derek’s teaching for four years and love every bit of it. I’m leading and teaching Khmer people here in the state of Texas, USA.”

August 23—Germany

  • Continue to pray for the ongoing translation of the 30x13 Project teachings into German—13 of the 30 messages are now completed and will soon be broadcast on an Internet TV platform with over 80,000 registered viewers!

  • Pray for greater awareness and acceptance of Derek’s teaching by churches and individuals, especially with these new messages that will now be airing on the Internet.

August 24—Pakistan

  • Pray for wide distribution of 30 of Derek’s audio teachings (30x13 Project) now being distributed.

  • Pray for this material to build a strong foundation in the lives of Christian leaders and others.


Testimony from Justin who runs a Christian bookshop:
God’s Word Heals is a fairly new Urdu book. This is mind-blowing teaching, what I was waiting for, for the church in Pakistan. It has increased my faith level. Healing is a visible and miraculous power encounter; therefore, many have gone astray from the Word of God by just following signs. They have neglected the power and authority of the Word. Many pastors are under deception by doing things without making the Word of God the center of their ministries and lives. Surely, this book is going to help many come back to the Word. [We need to] stop running after people and follow God’s Word!”

August 25—Iraq

  • Pray for the new shipment of books going to Iraq to be safely delivered without any difficulty.

  • Pray for the Sorani translator to successfully complete the Life-Changing Spiritual Power book.

  • Pray that Derek’s teaching on deliverance can be made available soon for churches in Iraq.


August 26—France

  • Pray for good response to outreach mailings, YouTube channel messages and to online giving.

  • Pray for the BCC students to persevere to finish the course and for new students to enroll.

  • Pray for René to have the Lord’s wisdom for new ideas for outreach with Derek’s teaching.




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