Keeping DPM in Prayer

January 15th - 21st


January 15—Mozambique

  • Shipping material to any African country is very expensive, so other ways of distribution are being sought. However, Portuguese material will be available through the DPM–South Africa website. Pray for increased website access to teaching and for other means of distribution to open up.


  • Portuguese books and DVDs have been sent to Iris Ministries Bible schools and other ministries.
  • We also plan to send 10 Mega Voice players with English teaching to schools and ministries.
  • The Portuguese Teaching Letters are available by email and soon will be on our website. 
  • Praise God for the new translator/editor for the new Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course

January 16—China

  • The printing target for 100,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in 2016 was achieved, and the books were widely distributed. Pray that leaders across China will be taught well through this material and then lead their congregations to know Jesus better and serve Him more effectively. 

January 17—Slovenia

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to stir the hearts of unbelievers and nominal believers to seek the Lord and open their eyes to His truth so they will be freed from dead religious traditions and prejudices.
  • Pray that the DPM team in Slovenia and Derek’s teaching will be used increasingly to reach and minister to both believers and unbelievers alike. 

January 18—Lesotho

  • Pray that the 10 Mega Voice solar players going into villages that are very difficult to access due to mountainous terrain will reach many and help build strong believers and churches.
  • Derek’s Foundations teaching on DVD is available in South Sotho. Pray for needed new contacts in the country and for radio stations to come forth who would want to air Derek’s teaching.  


  • At a recent church missions event, someone from Operation Mobilization gave a testimony of their work in Lesotho. We will be networking with them and providing 10 Mega Voice players for distribution.

January 19—Indonesia

  • Pray for God’s protection and guidance for Director Marcel and the DPM team in 2017, including how to reach the younger generation with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for successful development of the new website and also for the Indonesian language App to become well-known and used by the Lord to draw many to Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for more volunteers and financial supporters from within Indonesia and for more distribution opportunities to open up, especially in remote areas. 


  • Several new people are assisting us with translation and distribution work, and the Lord has also opened more doors for ministry, especially in the east, which is very encouraging.
  • We recently met a request from Kalimantan (the Indonesian area of the island of Borneo).for 2,000 of Derek’s books (200 each of 10 titles), which are being given to leaders and others. 

January 20—Namibia

  • 10 Mega Voice solar players will be sent to Namibia Bible school libraries and ministries. Pray that many local ministries and other teams working here will be blessed with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray that Derek’s broadcasts will be aired once again in Namibia. 


  • Our contact in Namibia, Pastor Bertus Nel, asked DPM–South Africa to translate and print the Afrikaans Foundations book 15 years ago. It took 10 years to complete the book of 800 pages, going through various editors. These are now being distributed to the pastors in Namibia. 
  • We will also distribute 10 Mega Voice players to Bible schools and ministries in Namibia. 

January 21—Nepal

  • Pray for protection, good health and wisdom for Director Gopaljee and his two main distributors.
  • Pray for many to visit the bookshop and distribution centers and acquire Derek’s teaching.
  • Gopaljee has been asked by several pastors to visit them and teach from Derek’s material. Pray this would be possible in February and for a means of transport to visit three places. A four-wheel drive vehicle would be ideal to have but is very expensive to buy. 


  • Two hundred young people came to a youth camp in the Sarlahi district (200 kms south of Kathmandu) and each was given a copy of the Self Study Bible Course.
  • Pastor Sunuwar of Ramechhap District sent this testimony: “I thank God and DPM for providing books by Derek Prince. We have been able to teach the foundations as well as teaching on prayer and the Holy Spirit. His teaching is very unique and written in such a way that we who are less educated also understand. Believers in our church are very grateful. We have been able to learn valuable truths.”

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