Keeping DPM in Prayer

February 19th - February 25th


February 19—Iraq/iran

  • Two more titles that are part of the Life-Changing Spiritual Power book have been translated into Sorani (Kurdish). Work has now begun on the compilation and printing process. Please continue to pray for this translation project as Thomas, DPM’s co-worker in the Gulf region, would like to introduce these new titles to the Kurdish Church during his next trip to Iran.

February 20—Solomon Islands

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing upon Director Tele Bartlett as she works to rebuild part of her business that was destroyed by fire in November, as well as continue her DPM work.
  • Pray for Hudson Saeni, Coordinator, as he ministers to prisoners and shares Derek’s teaching. 
  • Another large shipment of books has been sent to the Solomons from DPM–India. Pray for safe delivery, excellent sales and widespread free distribution so that many will be blessed. 

February 21—South Africa

  • In spite of the economy, both nationally and globally, pray for an increase in donations as well as sales to individuals and bookshops. 
  • Pray for wide and successful distribution of 10 Mega Voice players to Bible schools, prisons and ministries in South Africa. 
  • Pray for protection, good health, strength, and wisdom for board members and staff in 2017. 


  • We thank God for faithful donors in 2016. Our vision is to continue providing “Joseph’s Storehouses” (Bible schools, prisons, ministries) of Derek’s teaching for fierce times ahead.
  • We now have 37 e-books available on our website, and there is a separate youth/young adult page. We also launched a Facebook page. 
  • We plan to add more free material, online courses and the African language DVDs on YouTube. 

February 22—China

  • The Chinese leadership has introduced new and stricter laws governing religion in China and governing NGOs (non-profit humanitarian work) as much tighter control by the Communist Party is taking place. Pray for Christian leaders and believers to know how to walk through these new regulations.


  • We thank God for the DPM team God has raised up in China, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and New Zealand! They are greatly appreciated for their faithful service. All except Director Ross Paterson and his wife are ethnic Chinese who have a burden to carry on Derek’s ministry. 

February 23—France

  • Continue to pray for abundant finances for operations and outreach needs.
  • Pray that the DPM French YouTube channel will be found by increasing numbers of people who will be tremendously blessed by the teaching.
  • Pray for open doors into the Roman Catholic Church, for barriers to be broken down and for Catholics to see the value of Derek’s teachings.
  • Pray for Catherine in all her work with the Bible Correspondence Course students, the ever-increasing complexity of bookkeeping, and in keeping with all the changes in tax laws, etc. 


  • A generous donation from DPM–New Zealand enabled us to print 6,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in French. These books will be placed in bookstores in the 12 French-speaking countries of Africa through ministry partner, Livr’Afrique. They will also purchase 800 copies. Praise God for this collaboration and that this dream of expansion and distribution has come true!
  • We printed Father God in French, and we believe this message will have a great impact. 

February 24—Switzerland

  • Pray for the Lord’s favor upon the DPM team and for new supporters to come forth to help financially, in prayer and in helping to promote and share Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for many new people to be reached through the Swiss website. 

February 25—Madagascar

  • Dries and Valerie work from Mahajanga, continuing to print, re-edit and reprint books here. They also voice the transcripts to CD for radio broadcasting and MP3 players for pastors and leaders. Pray for strength, encouragement and the Lord’s grace and anointing upon them.
  • Pray for the remaining funds needed for the catamaran Dries plans to purchase (after selling a smaller boat) so he can take 10 workers to do outreach in the villages along the west coast and deliver Derek’s teaching material. 


  • Dries has now printed 500 copies each of the Self-Study Bible Course, The Divine Exchange, Rediscovering God’s Church, books on deliverance, and 1,000 copies of Will You Intercede?
  • Some of Derek’s CD teachings have also been voiced and given to eight leaders on MP3 players.

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