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Pray for more contacts to stand with the Swiss team and help expand the ministry financially, in prayer and through distribution of material.

Pray for an increasing awareness of DPM through the Swiss website and a growing interest in Derek’s teaching material.

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Praise and Thanksgiving

September/October 2016

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.”
Psalm 46:10–11

30x13 Project—Ross Paterson

  • Of the 30 teachings in this project, 9 of the 13 languages being translated have now been completed!

Cambodia—Annie Chen-Green

  • New Zealand Trustee, Alan Brooks and his wife, Lynda, were in Cambodia in July to teach and minister, along with local DPM Coordinator, Mr. Huy. They met with hundreds of Christian leaders and gave them Derek’s books in the Khmer language. A soccer outreach was also held for 90 young players and several hundred people who came to watch them play. The Gospel was presented and The Divine Exchange booklets were distributed. The local church will follow up with those desiring salvation. Many doors for ministry in this nation have now opened.

China—Ross Paterson

  • We thank God for being able to produce and distribute USB sticks containing 30 key audio/visual teachings by Derek Prince. These were sent to a gathering of influential Christian student leaders.

Croatia—Damir & Irene Blazic

  • Recently, a Roman Catholic believer ordered two sets (30 titles) of Derek´s books, saying: “I thank God for DPM which makes Derek´s teaching materials available in the Croatian language. I am impressed with the quality of the teaching. It is simply wonderful.” Derek´s material is also reaching key charismatic Roman Catholic leaders, giving them a real revelation of God’s Word.
  • We thank God for DPM’s work and opportunities for expansion in Croatia, along with every faithful coworker and volunteer for their dedication over the years to support the ministry. 

East Africa—Peter Lindop

  • After months of negotiations, we placed an order for 20,000 Bibles which will be distributed, along with Derek's teaching, to Christian leaders across East Africa. We look forward to providing this precious gift.

Eastern Europe – Branislav Cekan

  • Since January, the Lord has provided over 20 refurbished laptops for DPM translators and editors in this region. The laptops are a great blessing as many workers are not able to afford new equipment. We are grateful for Peter and Ursula from Germany in supporting us in this way. (Pray for Peter´s health and the Lord’s hundredfold blessing for the seeds they have sown.)

Egypt—Neil Cornick

  • In July, Albert, Director of DPM in Egypt, attended a prayer conference ( in Italy. He offered a packet of six books and an SD card with Derek’s Arabic teaching (30X13 Project) to participants who were Arabic church pastors and ministry leaders from all over Europe. One from Germany later requested more material for refugees in Germany.
  • In August, Albert participated in a conference in Sweden that resulted in open doors to reach Arabic refugees in Sweden with Derek’s materials.
  • Two Arabic TV channels in California have agreed to broadcast Derek’s programs!
  • We have a new staff member to work in social media, who is very talented in graphic design. She actually contacted us through our Facebook page!
  • A recent request came from our Arabic Facebook page: “Can you please make your program twice as long and broadcast twice a day?” Someone from Iraq wrote to say he is listening to Derek's program on Radio Sama and how much he enjoyed it. We know many people are listening to Derek’s radio programs, but it’s especially encouraging to hear from them personally. 

France—René de Groot

  • We received two unexpected, but necessary, gifts that helped us equalize our budget!
  • Our YouTube channel is watched worldwide with tens of thousands of views. We are so grateful!
  • We recently put Derek’s more popular books on Amazon Kindle and sold nearly 250 in three months. 

India—Elsie and Danny

  • Danny and I recently held successful meetings in northeast India to help equip 500 pastors and other Christian leaders. We were especially privileged to reach out to tribal pastors and leaders from the Karbi tribe in Assam State. They were so grateful for our visit, the teaching and the books and were totally amazed at the message of the cross as presented in Derek’s book, The Divine Exchange, which they had never heard. We also went to Manipur where many leaders were blessed by the teaching and ministry.

Indonesia—Marcel Kanon

  • I recently ministered at a seminar for 250 pastors in Tobelo, Halmahera (northeast Indonesia), where each one was given a copy of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and God’s Plan for Your Money in Indonesian. I also made some good new contacts during this time.
  • While in Halmahera, I ministered at the university, to teachers and students at a school, at some home fellowships and a church. There is a real hunger for the Word of God in this area. 

Iraq/Iran—Neil Cornick

  • The Sorani translation of The Holy Spirit in You is completed and ready to be printed. It will be part of the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power. The other titles in this book will be translated in the coming months.

Mongolia—Ross Paterson

  • Derek’s Mongolian video teachings are the most played/viewed on YouTube among Christians in Mongolia. The highest views for one teaching are 5,512, which is a lot for Mongolian Christians.
  • One Mongolian church planter said, “Derek Prince’s teachings are so powerful and Mongolian videos are heard just like Derek is speaking in Mongolian.” This pastor is overseeing 30 churches in Mongolia, and all of these pastors are learning from Derek Prince.  

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

  • In June, Gopaljee’s wife, Ganga, visited Okhaldhunga with five others from her church to hold a seminar for 50 leaders from 14 churches. They taught from Derek’s material on the Holy Spirit and They Shall Expel Demons. Travel was difficult. A four-wheel drive jeep was hired, but due to heavy rain, the last two hours of the trip was by foot because the road was in such bad shape. The church elder and another man had to carry the books for distribution on their backs. Praise God for this unique outreach opportunity!

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • We thank the Lord for the enthusiasm of those who participate in the online courses. More and more people enjoy Derek’s practical teaching.
  • We are grateful for ongoing opportunities to share Derek's teaching by speaking in churches. 

New Zealand—Warren Smith

  • After 10 years, we now have a brand new website! The address is unchanged, but you will notice some great additions and numerous free resources available.
  • Testimony received from a supporter: “Many years ago, I had a terrible skin disease. The only treatment was permanent steroids. But God led me to Derek Prince. He was the only person I could identify with as he was in the hospital a whole year [with a skin disease]. Through listening to and using God’s Word as my prescription and declaring it three times a day [as Derek had], God eventually brought me through. This was prior to 1983. I was told it would have been a terminal illness and only He knows the hell I went through. I am now 80 years of age and just wanted you to know how grateful I was, and still am, for the wonderful encouraging Word through Derek and Ruth. I still listen to Derek’s radio broadcasts.” 

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

  • Derek’s book, You Matter to God, was distributed at an inter-denominational Christian leaders’ meeting in Karachi. It was very well received by the 250 pastors and leaders who attended.  Many shared that this teaching took them to a new level of understanding of the Word of God.
  • We gave about 200 pastors and leaders SD cards containing about 40 of Derek’s messages, along with an MP3 player. They can also play them on their cell phones. 

Philippines—John Cochrane

  • How to Pass from Curse to Blessing will be available soon in the national language, Tagalog.
  • We praise God for great interest here in Derek’s books. Many people are sharing how they have been blessed by his teaching over the years. 

Romania—Fanel and Monica Serban

  • Derek’s teachings that are airing twice a week on Christian television here are having an impact.
  • We thank God for the successful completion of projects planned for 2016.
  • We are grateful for the open doors to continue spreading Derek Prince’s materials in Romania. 

Russia—Neil Cornick

  • Recently, the government reviewed all the literature in one of the biggest Christian bookstores in Moscow to see if they contained “extremist” material. Praise God Derek’s books “passed” and are still available!

Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett

  • In June, DPM coordinator, Hudson, attended a youth rally organized by the South Sea Evangelical Church in the Malaita Province (one of the largest and most developed). Many people have been blessed by Derek’s radio programs, and some shared about how the teaching brought them to Christ and helped them mature in their spiritual life. A good number of Derek’s books were also sold at our book stall.

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • New radio stations have requested Derek’s teaching—“Word from the Word” and the “Daily Devotions”—to broadcast free of charge.
  • We thank God for a donor who gave a large gift towards 100 Mega Voice solar players to give to Bible colleges, prison chaplains, Christian hospital workers and other ministries in 13 African countries that we oversee. We can upload 400 hours of Derek’s teaching on each player that can be listened to by an individual or group. (These are produced in Tiberius, Israel, by Jewish Messianic and Arab believers, and a distributor is just up the road from our office!)
  • We are making progress in getting the POD (print on demand) files to print in South Africa as to import books is over 100 percent of their cost. We printed some titles this year out of 30 that were out of stock. (We’re grateful for a lady in Cape Town who sources the best printer and cost.)
  • We are happy Malcolm has joined our team. He is already enabling us to accomplish more! He and Ina are working on a new website, where much more material will be available online free of charge. This will benefit people across the border who can’t access it otherwise, as mailing costs are very high.
  • Testimony: “Last Friday, I bought the Chechewa Self-Study Bible Course. Please tell Malcolm, especially, what Yeshua did for my new Zimbabwean gardener who is so eager to learn! He always asks for prayer. He is still a new Christian, yet he devours the Word. He received the book before he left and said, ‘Please, Mamma, will you pray for me?’ With a radiant smile on his face, he told me, ‘I saw Jesus in a white robe leaning over the table and looking intently down on the book!’ So he knew Jesus wants him to study it and do it!” 

Ukraine—Neil Cornick

  • Since the beginning of the revolution here in 2014, DPM has distributed almost 4,000 items of free teaching material to soldiers, refugees and churches. These resources are the heavenly artillery that God will use to re-establish peace and true unity in Ukraine. We thank God for donors who have made this ministry possible.

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