Praise & Thanksgiving: Keeping DPM in Prayer

October 15th - 21st

October 15—France

  • Pray for a greater awareness and interest in the Bible Correspondence Course so that new students will enroll; pray also for those who stopped to continue and finish the course.

  • Pray for wisdom for Myriam as she translates the Study Notes for the 30X13 Project teachings.

  • Pray for the Life-Changing Spiritual Power books in French and the USB sticks with the 30 Video Bible School messages (30x13 Project) to be distributed wisely in French-speaking Africa.

October 16—Hungary

Director Zsolt is in final preparation for a men’s conference titled “Husbands and Fathers” and will present them with Derek’s book of the same title.

  • Pray that many men will attend and have their lives changed, resulting also in changed families.

  • Pray for Derek’s book to be well accepted and become a tool for teaching and encouragement.

October 17—Burundi

  • The first DPM book in Kirundi, the Self-Study Bible Course, has been translated! Pray for the Lord’s guidance in finding reputable printers. Believers who live with much uncertainty in this nation need the hope and encouragement that God’s Word brings, so this book can be a great blessing to many.

October 18—Germany

  • Pray for anointing and clarity of vision for the team in working to fulfill God’s calling for DPM in Germany and for the German people.

  • Pray that Derek’s Bible teaching will become a significant tool in the Lord’s hands to fuel a great end-time revival in Germany!

October 19—Japan

October 20—Croatia

  • Pray for the 10 Foundations teaching booklets to help give new believers a solid and basic understanding of their faith.

  • Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon Slavica (translator) and Sanja (editor) so they are effective in their tasks.

  • Work on Derek’s Teaching Letters has been successfully completed. Pray that people will visit the website, download them and then share them with their friends.


  • Ivan L. wrote on Facebook: “Derek Prince is my spiritual father. If I had not seen and heard his video tapes, I would have never met Jesus Christ as my personal Savior…. I live in Germany now, but in 1992 I got my mother a set of Derek´s video tapes. We watched them and were convinced that his teaching was truth. So we went to the church in Florida where Derek was. Both of us were baptized in water, and later on in the Spirit. We returned to Germany and looked for a church. We skipped a few because they did not approve of Derek´s teachings.” After many years, Ivan and his mother are still faithful members of a Pentecostal church in Germany.

  • Stjepan, a former Communist Party member, called and said, “I am 84 years old and had an operation of the heart three times. I visited a Roman Catholic Charismatic meeting and bought a few of Derek’s books. They were excellent, and I am calling you because of that. Every person with a sound mind will say that Derek’s teachings are wonderful. Please continue with this work, do not give up. Many people are deceived and are ignoring the truth.”

  • Željko K. liked many of our Facebook posts. When I contacted him, I found out he was from my hometown of Karlovac. Originally, he was from Belgrade and married a lady from Karlovac. He said: “Derek is my favorite Bible teacher. I could listen to him 24 hours a day. His teaching has shaped my beliefs. Often, when I do not know what to do, I tell my wife, ‘Let’s listen to Derek.’”

October 21—Solomon Islands

  • Pray that many more people across this island group would tune in to Derek’s daily radio programs and be strengthened in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word. 

  • Pray for good health and strength for DPM representative and businesswoman, Tele Bartlett.




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