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“The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and His ears are open to their cry . . . The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.”
Psalm 34:15, 17

January 1—India

  • Pray for God’s favor, provision, good health and wisdom for Directors Elsie and Danny, the Board of Trustees and all staff as they reach out to this nation with Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for safety and protection over Elsie and Danny as they travel widely in India this year. 


  • Early this month, we will again offer the Internet course, “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior,” that was well received last summer. Pray for another good number of students to sign-up and that they will have a big boost of fervor and effectiveness in their prayer life.
  • The Dutch translation of Living as Salt and Light was just released. Pray for an enormous impact from this message so that the Church would truly live as salt and light and be a witness to many.
  • Pray for Director, Ivar, and his staff to walk in the Lord’s provision, encouragement and healing in the coming months after a difficult and challenging year. 

January 3—Egypt

  • The annual Cairo Book Fair will take place by mid-January. DPM materials have been prepared for Campus Crusade and other ministries to offer during this strategic event. Pray that God will prepare hearts to receive His Word and reveal himself to Egypt as He promised in Isaiah 19: 21, 25: “Then the Lord will be known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will know the Lord in that day, and will make sacrifice and offering; yes, they will make a vow to the Lord and perform it . . . whom the Lord of hosts shall bless, saying, ‘Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.’”

January 4—Ghana

  • After months of delays with the port authorities, the first major consignment of books has been delivered in Ghana. Pray for the material to be distributed wisely and for a fervent hunger for Derek’s teaching among the nation’s Christians.

January 5—New Zealand

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for the Board of Trustees as they seek God for His direction for the ministry for 2015.
  • Pray for increased visits to the New Zealand website and Facebook page to bring a greater awareness of DPM throughout the nation and increased use of many free resources available. 

January 6—CHINA

  • A DPM–China team member was approached by a pastor of a 10,000 member church and by another leader (who oversees a large group of Christians), both asking for a significant amount of Derek’s material. With many open doors, pray for the team to be wise as to which opportunities to pursue and prioritize so they will respond to requests in the best way possible.
  • The Android and iPhone App containing all of Derek’s teaching is blessing believers in China. Yet, there is still a battle for the App to be released for use by many of China’s 500 million cellphone users. Pray for a complete breakthrough for use of this new tool. 

January 7—Pakistan  

  • Pray for God’s protection and guidance for Director, James, as he travels to Lahore this month to meet with pastors and leaders and discuss how to expand the work of the ministry in northern Pakistan.


  • Despite the great number of deaths that have been reported due to the Ebola virus, reports have come in from two DPM contacts of whole towns being cleansed of Ebola through the name of Jesus! Pray that the outbreak would end and many people would move from fear to faith in the Lord Jesus.

January 9—ARMENIA

  • Orthodox churches oppose Derek’s teaching, saying it is sectarian.
  • Pray for the religious leaders to be touched by the Lord and filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Also pray for God’s protection for DPM workers in Armenia. 


  • During his last trip to Iraq, the DPM contact witnessed first-hand the hunger that refugees and others in this region have for Christian fellowship and an understanding of God’s Word. Pray for opportunities to serve these people.
  • Pray for a new Christian fellowship to be formed in Koya and for DPM to be able to support it with Derek’s materials. 

January 11—RUSSIA

  • A new Russian website is in progress. Pray for the workers who help us with all the technical aspects of this project and for protection against hackers.

January 12—Mozambique

  • Pray for the editing of the Portuguese Self-Study Bible Course to go well so it can be printed this year.
  • Pray for the Bible school graduates who have received Derek’s Portuguese teaching to use it to disciple new believers in the churches they are now pastoring. 

January 13—JAPAN

  • Continue to pray for the successful development of the new Japanese website and for Tim Hill who is overseeing this project.
  • Pray for the new staff member, Yoshie, who is translating many of Derek’s Teaching Letters into Japanese for placing on the new Japanese website. 


  • Pray for God’s wisdom and anointing upon Director Tele Bartlett and Coordinator Hudson Saeni as they minister to prisoners and seek to expand Derek’s teaching in this nation. 
  • Pray that many more across these islands would tune in to Derek’s daily radio programs and be strengthened in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word. 

January 15—Israel

  • With more and more pressures upon Israel, including some of their enemies living among them and not just surrounding them, the Jewish people seem to be understanding how very much they need God. Some are even appreciating the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for Derek’s material in all the formats available to expand its reach across the nation.  
  • Pray that Jewish and Arab eyes and ears will open so that hearts will recognize Messiah’s voice and see the only way to know peace. 

January 16—IRAN

  • In December, the new Armenian website was launched, as well as a Facebook page and YouTube channel. Pray that these new tools will reach and be used by many people in Iran.
  • Contact has been made with a pastor who supports an underground network of 300 churches. Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for this leader as he takes Derek’s teaching to these churches. 

January 17—Zimbabwe

  • Following a conference in the Matabeleland area, there have been numerous requests from pastors around the country inviting Tich to come and share about the ministry and bring books. Pray that he would know which invitations to accept and that God would continue to bless the work in that nation.

January 18—South Africa

  • Pray for Director, Isabel, her staff and their families to know God’s protection, provision and wisdom to accomplish all He wants to do through the South Africa team in 2015.

January 19—TURKEY

  • A project planned for this year is to duplicate all videos from the “Laying the Foundation” series in the Kurmanji language. This is the most common dialect of the Kurdish language, spoken by 80 percent of all Kurds. Pray that God will raise up the right person to be “the voice” for this project.
  • Pray for wisdom in plans to create a Turkish website and social media platform. The Internet can be a strategic tool to reach people in this country. 

January 20—Botswana

  • Derek’s books and DVD teachings are being used by the missionary working with the San Bushmen, Herero and Tswana people in difficult, primitive desert conditions. Pray for the Lord’s provision of all his needs and for more workers to help him.
  • Pray that any opposition to the release of the Tswana Life-Changing Spiritual Power book be removed so it can be released soon and have a great impact in this nation. Botswana has a high rate of HIV, yet it is a peaceful and prosperous country. 

January 21—Poland

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and blessing over the work and workers of the projects planned for 2015.
  • Pray for a good response from Polish believers to the newly released DPM books.
  • Pray for wisdom, strength and good health for Agnieszka and Marek and that their ministry for the Polish Church and DPM to be fruitful. 


  • Pray for strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations in the work of the Lord. The goal is to support the work of other ministries by supplying them with Derek’s material in any way they can be used for teaching and training.

January 23—UKRAINE

  • Pray for the successful publishing and distribution of Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting in Ukrainian. Plans were already underway to publish this book in 2014, and now the need is greater than ever before because of the conflict with Russia.
  • Pray for the ongoing printing and reprinting projects of other titles. 

January 24—KUWAIT

  • Recently, the DPM contact met with leaders of a new church that is interested in receiving Derek’s material, especially his teaching on deliverance. Pray that this teaching will be received well and bring freedom from bondages to many in this region.
  • The DPM contact also met with the leaders of an Arab Church who were interested in finding ways to support DPM’s work in Iraq. Pray for the Lord’s direction and favor in this process.
  • Pray that the relationships established in this country will continue to bear fruit. 

January 25—Malaysia

  • Pray for an increase in book and CD sales and for many more churches and seminars to host book stalls for Derek’s material.
  • Pray that the Lord would raise up donors to help support DPM’s work in Malaysia. 

January 26—

  • There will be special meetings this year in Armenian churches all over the country to introduce the new DPM Armenian 365 Activity Book. It is filled with Scriptures and activities for children aged 8 through 12. Pray that many children will find the Lord Jesus through this book.
  • The DPM team plans to travel a lot and will meet hundreds of people. Pray for their safety. 

January 27—FRANCE

  • Pray for encouragement and refreshing from the Lord for Director René, his wife, Jacqueline, and their family, as they have had to walk through many trials over the past year.
  • Pray for the Lord’s financial abundance and that supporters will become comfortable giving online, something that is still reasonably new for them.
  • Pray for new students to enroll in the Bible Correspondence Course and for current students to complete it. 

January 28—EGYPT

  • Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon the translators who are dubbing Derek’s video messages into Arabic so that God’s heart is also interpreted; also pray for the voice recording and editing.  
  • A video on the baptism in the Holy Spirit is being prepared for ministry in Upper Egypt. Many people in this area have a computer, but no access to the internet. Pray that God uses this teaching to fill His sons and daughters with His Spirit.
  • Pray for God’s protection and guidance for the DPM team in Cairo. 

January 29—CANADA

  • Pray for the Canada Board as they work toward expanding DPM’s presence throughout Canada in 2015 and for many doors for outreach to open.
  • Pray for good results from taking part in Missionfest Vancouver from January 30 to February 1. 

January 30—Slovakia

  • Pray for all coworkers involved in the translation, proofreading and desktop publishing of two new books: Called to Conquer and You Matter to God.
  • Pray for clear guidance from the Lord regarding the right titles to print in 2015.
  • Pray for successful distribution of the book Life-Changing Spiritual Power among Slovak gypsy believers. 

January 31—NEPAL

  • Pray for good health, strength and God’s protection for Pastor Gopaljee, his wife Ganga, daughter Ruchi, and the other DPM distributors in Nepal, especially as the Hindu community is becoming more aggressive toward Christians.Pray that the young people who attended a youth conference in eastern Nepal late last year will be impacted by Derek’s books they received and hunger for more of his teaching.

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But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things.
Matthew 6:33–34

February 1—AUSTRALIA

  • Pray for Director Alex Genovese and the Trustees to have the Lord’s wisdom in developing a successful strategy for growth, especially to create a greater awareness of Derek’s Bible teaching among believers who have not heard of him and also to network with like-minded ministries.
  • Plans are underway for this year’s work among the Indigenous people of Australia. Pray for wisdom for Graeme and Veronica Hunter as they oversee this outreach and for more workers. 

February 2—Malawi

  • Pray for the successful printing of the Self-Study Bible Course.
  • Pray for spiritual growth and blessings in the lives of the inmates, pastors and leaders who will be discipled by this important foundational study. 

February 3—SYRIA

  • Pray that followers of Jesus will stand up for Him at this crucial time in the history of Syria and not lose their hope and faith.
  • Pray also that the Church in Syria will continue to be united as a positive peacemaker in a country where everything has been destroyed. 

February 4—Sri Lanka 

  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon DPM–India Directors Elsie and Danny as they hold more teaching and ministry seminars for pastors and their wives on February 16–28.
  • Pray that many will attend and be open to the Word through Derek’s teaching. 

February 5—Uganda/Kenya

  • The Swahili version of Life-Changing Spiritual Power is scheduled for printing this month. Pray for the Lord’s protection over everyone involved. When the last title was printed in this region, the police confiscated all the books and threatened the printers as local Muslims had said they were “pirate” copies. The books were released when a letter of authority was sent to the police.

February 6—Iran

  • Plans are underway to make the Correspondence Bible Course also available online. Pray for the translating, editing and technical aspects of this project and for the workers involved. (Some of them were exiled from Iran because of their faith.)
  • Pray for opportunities to broadcast Derek’s teaching by Satellite TV through Iranian channels. 


  • Pray for the right workers to join both the staff and board of the Swiss team in order to serve and help expand the ministry in this nation and region.
  • Pray that DPM’s presence here will make a growing impact upon churches and individuals. 

February 8—Tanzania

  • A new radio station will be broadcasting Derek’s Swahili and English programs. Pray that many people will be reached with messages of salvation, healing, and deliverance and become true disciples of Jesus.

 February 9—SERBIA

  • Pray that the new books, Husbands and Fathers, Called to Conquer and You Matter to God will be distributed successfully and impact this nation.
  • Pray for good health, wisdom, protection and anointing for DPM coordinators, Miro Fic and Miro Cobrda, the translators, editors, graphic designers, and others who are helping with various important projects.
  • Pray for financial resources needed for publishing Rediscovering God’s Church and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose, as well as other printing projects. 

February 10—Eritrea/Ethiopia

  • Pray for Pastor David as he uses Derek’s material to teach people from this region who are living in South Africa.
  • Pray that those Pastor David is reaching will be able to return to Eritrea and Ethiopia when conditions are favorable and be used to reach their own people with Derek’s teaching. 

February 11—MYANMAR

  • Pray for many more opportunities this year for Director Jacob to use Derek’s teaching to train pastors and leaders throughout Myanmar.
  • Pray for Jacob to handle well his many responsibilities, which includes the voicing and recording of Derek’s teaching in Burmese. 

February 12—Namibia

  • Pray for Derek’s books that are sold at the two bookshops in the country to greatly impact many. 
  • Pray for more open doors to Bible schools and churches in Namibia.
  • Pray for continued broadcasting of Derek’s radio programs. 

February 13—UKRAINE

  • The first Ukrainian version of The Exchange at the Cross/How to Apply the Blood has been published. Pray that this book will change people’s lives.
  • Pray for more opportunities to help, support and encourage prisoners, refugees and other needy and homeless people. 

February 14—Kenya

  • Pray for God’s blessing on the new Christian radio stations that will be airing Derek’s teaching and upon all the new listeners, especially those living on the border with Somalia who are under threat of attack by Muslims.

February 15—Croatia

  • Pray that the Lord would open new doors across Croatia for Derek’s teaching material.
  • Pray for the Lord to grant favor with church leaders as the DPM team in Croatia approaches them to present new books by Derek.
  • Pray for the Lord to place a hedge of protection over the work and workers of DPM in Croatia. 

February 16—Pakistan

  • Directors James and Elizabeth are receiving many requests for Bible teaching materials from West Pakistan (bordering Afghanistan and Iran) where the church is neglected and oppressed. Pray for the fast completion of the translation and printing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in the Sindhi and Pushto languages for this region to help equip leaders with the Word of God.
  • Many pastors and disciples in Lahore (North Pakistan) have been given copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power.  Pray for Pastor Waheed as he holds teaching seminars with them and that they will gain a strong understanding of God’s Word. 

February 17—Angola

  • Pray that the books and DVDs that were sent to Angola will be a blessing to the Bible schools and bring in a good harvest of dedicated pastors and leaders.
  • Pray for more open doors for Derek’s Portuguese teaching in this war-ravished nation. 

February 18—PERU

  • Derek’s radio messages are needed in the Quechuan language for the Quechua people. Pray for connection to the right translator for this project.
  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing on the three new radio stations in Peru that are airing Derek’s Spanish broadcasts. 

February 19—Uganda

  • A DPM worker in Uganda has set up over 100 pastors’ libraries with a variety of Christian books, including numerous titles by Derek Prince. As more books by Derek are added, pray that pastors and teachers will take seriously the study of God's Word and impart solid foundational teaching to their flocks.

February 20—BELARUS

  • A growing number of people in Belarus are addicted to alcohol and drugs, suffering from depression and committing suicide. The DPM team is seeking a group of intercessors to pray with those needing ministry and break the power of any demonic influences. Pray for connection with the right people to serve them.

February 21—Madagascar

  • Pray for DPM workers Dries and Valerie in Mahajanga to walk in the Lord’s strength, courage, provision, and protection as there has been an increase in burglaries lately in their area. 
  • Pray for guidance and anointing for Dries as he travels to teach at Bible schools and prisons and also produces the Malagasy radio broadcasts.
  • Pray for Valerie as she proofreads and edits the Malagasy books. 

February 22—Zambia

  • Pray for the Graduate Gift Packs to reach Zambia safely and on time to be given to the Kaniki Bible School/University students who will graduate in March.
  • Pray that Derek’s teaching material will be a wonderful tool for these graduates as they go on to pastor and teach.  

February 23—NORWAY

  • Pray for the team in Norway—the Board, office workers, translators and the many prayer and fasting groups across the country that pray for and network with DPM.
  • Pray for many new contacts among lay people this year so that they would be supported with Derek’s teaching material and build good relationships with the Norwegian team. 

February 24—GERMANY

  • Pray for open doors and favor from pastors upon the DPM team in their desire to place free “lending libraries” of 10 books each in churches across Germany.

February 25—CHINA

  • Strong intercession is needed at this time for the Church in China and for the attitude of the Chinese government and leadership. Many rumors abound—both good and bad. Pray for continued growth in the Chinese Church and for continued open windows to serve them in this new season. China is a strong country on the world stage, but the Chinese Church still faces serious restrictions. 

February 26—Iraq/Kurdistan

  • Many Christian ministries are coming to this part of the world to minister. Pray for contact with the right organizations to work with effectively by sharing resources and strengths.
  • Pray for connection with the right translators and publishers to reprint Derek’s materials in these countries instead of having to import them.

February 27—Indonesia

  • Late last year, Bethel Church in Indonesia held a large gathering in Jakarta for over 6,000 pastors from across the nation. The DPM team provided 5,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power for free distribution. Pray that these pastors will gain a greater understanding of the Word through Derek’s teaching and that it will have a great impact on their ministry.
  • Late last year, Board member Peter Rondeel gave a presentation of DPM–Indonesia’s work to a Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship meeting. Pray for many more opportunities like this to share about the work of DPM in Indonesia. 


  • Continue to pray for the distribution of the Swahili version of Life-Changing Spiritual Power across Kenya, Tanzania and parts of Uganda. As the teaching is applied and shared, there is tremendous potential for transforming the lives of many Christians in this region through the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Praise and Thanksgiving

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, my lips shall praise You.
Thus I will bless You while I live; I will lift up my hands in Your name.
Psalm 63:3–4

 Africa (French-speaking)—Isabel Surgeon

  • We continue to give Graduate Gift Packs to pastors and leaders attending the Missionary Exposure Training in Pretoria. Twenty French pastors, most from Republic of Congo, graduated on December 3.  Approximately four to six groups receive training in English or French each year. We are able to give them the French “Laying the Foundation” DVD set and a selection of French books, including the Self-Study Bible Course.

Angola—Isabel Surgeon

  • We had an answer to prayer regarding getting Derek’s teaching to Bible schools in Angola. The ministry
  • Operation Mobilization has a base in central/southern Angola, and we were able to send a set of Portuguese books and “Laying the Foundation” DVDs to a Baptist pastor in Angola through his wife who attended Mission Fest.

Australia – Alex Genovese 

  • We wish to acknowledge God’s goodness, favor and faithfulness throughout 2014 and we are very grateful to all our current and past supporters.

Botswana—Isabel Surgeon

  • A set of Derek’s Afrikaans books and Tswana DVDs will be going to a missionary working among the San Bushmen in January. A new Afrikaans book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, will be available this year.

China—Ross Paterson

  • We continue to thank God for the ongoing growth of the Chinese Church and its hunger for the Word of God. A China team member was approached recently by both “official” and “unofficial” church leaders asking for significant amounts of Derek’s materials to teach the large numbers of believers for whom they were responsible. Praise the Lord for His ongoing mercy to China.

France—René de Groot

  • We praise the Lord for a very good response to our cry for finances, which has helped us overcome the gap due to all the reprinting we had to do. Many people also sent words of encouragement, telling us how much they are being blessed by Derek’s materials
  • We also thank God for an increase in sales, which had seen a slowdown. 

India—Elsie Daniel

  • During December’s annual DPM Orphans Christmas Party, we reached over 600 orphans and poor children, along with about 400 children with cerebral palsy and community children with the Gospel message. We praise the Lord for the many who committed their lives to Christ.


  • Late last year, our staff attended a large gathering of pastors and church elders in Jakarta to help freely distribute Derek’s six-book compilation, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, to leaders in remote areas (as far away as Papua New Guinea in the eastern islands). We were well received by the leaders who appreciated the gift through which they will be able to stir up the faith of their flocks. We gave away 1,700 copies and also sold many other books we had on display.

 Kenya—Isabel Surgeon

  • Pastor Christopher completed the translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power, and it has been edited by a team from Kenya and Tanzania who said the translation is very good. DPM–UK will now take on the project of getting it printed in Uganda.
  • DPM–USA supplied missionaries working in northwest Kenya with Derek’s radio broadcasts for a radio station to air. 

Madagascar—Isabel Surgeon

  • Dries and Valerie have been working for many years teaching, printing and distributing Derek’s teaching, including 3,000 Foundations books and 3,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Malagasy. Dries has taught 1,000 Bible college students in the northeast part of the nation. Now he is voicing Derek’s teaching into Malagasy in a recording room he built. 
  • Valerie, in spite of having had two strokes, is able to edit the transcripts. Will You Intercede? is the next booklet they will be translating into Malagasy. 

Malawi—Isabel Surgeon

  • The Chichewa “Laying the Foundation” DVDs have been sent out for use in prison outreach.
  • The Chichewa Self-Study Bible Course will be printed for distribution to pastors, leaders and prisoners. (A donor from the U.S. has made this possible.) 

Mozambique—Isabel Surgeon

  • A Portuguese pastor in Johannesburg has taken a set of Portuguese books and DVDs to use in their Bible school in Mozambique.
  • The Self-Study Bible Course, which will be reprinted, will be distributed to missionary friends of Warren Smith, DPM–New Zealand Director, for their use in ministry. 


  • We recently blessed about 1,000 conference delegates with Derek’s books. The churches in Kachin State and Mandalay are using his material with their students and are delighted to see lives being changed as a result of Derek’s Bible teaching.

Namibia—Isabel Surgeon

  • Two bookshops in Namibia bought large quantities of Derek’s books. We trust the Lord to bring much fruit from them as they are sold and read.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

  • Director Gopaljee’s church held a youth conference in East Nepal late last year for 300 young people, along with church elders and deacons. Derek’s book Complete Salvation was given to each attendee.

Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • We praise the Lord for giving us people who support our worldwide outreaches. One person gave us US$35,000 to provide for Derek’s teaching in the Middle East! Another person gave us US$ 12,000 for DPM work in South Africa & Madagascar!
  • The Lord is opening up a door for extended work in Sweden. People have been contacting our office offering to help translate more teaching by Derek into Swedish, and the address list is growing rapidly. 

Peru—Dick Leggatt

  • We praise God that there are now three radio stations in Peru that are airing Derek’s Spanish broadcasts, and his teaching is reaching people in some remote areas.

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth spoke at a women’s conference in Karachi for about 300 inter-denominational women leaders. She shared from Derek’s teaching in Faith to Live By.

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • Pastor David Mehari leads an Eritrean church in Pretoria. His wife is Ethiopian, and he is also reaching out to many Ethiopians in the country. He has a passion for sharing Derek’s teaching and has taken his congregation through weekly studies using Derek’s material on Romans, Hebrews, Gifts of the Spirit and Foundations teaching. One of his members translated The End Of Time booklet.
  • We thank the Lord for his provision, direction, and especially new staff members in 2014. He has been faithful to see the ministry through this transition. 
  • Radio testimony: “Your message this morning made me feel I am not doing enough for the Kingdom of God. A lady came to my house claiming her boyfriend was abusing her but does not want her to leave him. I asked her if she is willing to leave him and accept Jesus Christ as her Saviour and if she believed He could save her. She said yes, so I invited her to our praise and worship meeting at my church and she agreed. Thank you for your contribution that we receive every morning.”

Tanzania—Isabel Surgeon

  • There is a new radio station (Joy in the Harvest/Radio JOY) located on the edge of Lake Tanganyika. It is managed by Rev. Lowell Wertz who requested Derek’s Swahili and English broadcasts. Rev Lowell is coming to South Africa in February to get the broadcast material, which he is excited to receive. He said,   “Good Swahili programming is very valuable to us.”

Zambia—Isabel Surgeon

  • The founder of Kaniki Bible School/University who is retired is still travelling to countries in and around Zambia. He ordered 100 Foundations books to give to pastors on his trip, saying, “My wife and I are together travelling to many churches in and outside Zambia. We got the thought that we want to leave a good comprehensive teaching tool in the hands of each pastor we visit on our trips.”

Zimbabwe—Tich Ruzane

  • After a conference in the Matabeleland area, there have been numerous requests from pastors around the country inviting Tich to come and share about the ministry and bring Derek’s books.He also attended a Baptist Church men’s conference and had a good reception as they love Derek’s teaching.

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