Keeping DPM in Prayer

May 21st - 27th


May 21—Kenya

  • Printing is underway on Life-Changing Spiritual Power and Self-Study Bible Course in Swahili and English. Pray for direction in effectively distributing this material.
  • Pray that the Mega Voice player will be a very useful tool in sharing Derek’s teaching at Bible schools and discipleship training bases.


  • Ten Mega Voice solar players will be distributed to Bible school libraries, pastors, a Youth with a Mission base in Mombasa, and other ministries across the nation.
  • 21,000 English and Swahili Bibles have safely arrived and will be distributed, along with Derek’s material.

May 22—Serbia

  • Declaring God`s Word has been translated. Pray for its successful and speedy production.
  • Most Serbian believers seem to be very occupied with their jobs and lacking the discipline of daily Bible reading. Pray for this book to be a big help in providing a daily focus on God’s Word that will strengthen many and satisfy a spiritual hunger.

May 23—Saudi Arabia

  • Continue to pray for the Church in Saudi Arabia as teaching material has been sent to them electronically, and a possible visit in the near future is being considered.

May 24—France

  • Pray for good health, protection and refreshing for this small team and the Lord’s abundant provision for their operations and outreach.
  • Pray for Catherine, the Bible Correspondence tutor, to have good communication with the students and that those who are inactive will continue on to complete the course.


  • A donation was received to cover the costs of the faulty USB sticks of French teaching that were produced. This material is now on its way to French-speaking Africa.

May 25—Hungary

  • Pray for good health, spiritual protection, and wisdom for directors Zsolt and Erika and their team, including translators, proofreaders and graphic designers as they work on several new books.
  • Pray that more church leaders will use Derek’s material as a teaching resource.
  • The people of Hungary are dealing with disappointments and pessimism due to the political and economic situation. Pray that Derek’s teaching will be able to make a difference in their lives.


  • We thank God for donors around the world and our volunteers. Their help is priceless and enables us to use our financial resources for new projects!

May 26—Tanzania

  • Pray for the Lord’s blessing on Lowell Wertz of Joy Radio which will be airing Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray that Derek’s messages will greatly impact all the listeners in this region.


  • Ten Mega Voice players have been sent to radio stations, Operation Mobilization, Youth with a Mission, Bible schools and other ministries who do leadership training and church planting. 
  • Fifteen Christian radio stations will train their staff to upload broadcast material to a Trans World Radio satellite station. They are eager to have the Mega Voice players.

May 27—United Kingdom

  • Bruce Dyer, Director of Love Life UK, and his team go into prisons to hold evangelistic meetings, Bible studies, and prayer groups as well as to talk personally with inmates. DPM partners with this ministry by providing material. Pray for the Lord to bless, strengthen and encourage these inmates as they are discipled with Derek’s teaching.




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