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April 27—NORWAY

Pray for the youth work to prosper in 2015.

Pray for the successful translating and printing of five books by Derek into the Swedish language.

Pray for more “new doors” for ministry and outreach to open.

Pray for missions-oriented believers to see the outreach opportunities available through DPM and desire to stand with the ministry.

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Praise and Thanksgiving

Let the peoples praise You, O God; let all the peoples praise You.
Oh, let the nations be glad and sing for joy!
Psalm 67:3–4

 Angola—Isabel Surgeon

  • We were able to send a set of Portuguese books and DVDs to Angola in December to an Operation Mobilization Bible School. This note came to Isabel from Heather: “It was lovely to meet you at the end of November when I picked up the Derek Prince books and materials for the OM team in Angola. Thank you, again! My husband took them up in December. May the Lord continue to bless you and the team.”

Belarus—Neil Cornick

  • The Lord has given our co-worker here a strong and reliable prayer team to support the ministry there.

China—Ross Paterson

  • Last year, the Lord directed us to new avenues of distribution of Derek’s material, for which the demand in China is as strong as ever. Praise the Lord for that!
  • God has given us new co-workers, and we are thrilled to work with folks inside China who have a vision for their nation and the Chinese church. 

Croatia—Branislav Cekan

  • A sister in Christ ordered some of Derek’s materials, saying: “I used to call my neighbors to come to my place for coffee and cake. During the coffee time, I let them watch Derek’s teachings on VHS. I won some of them for the Lord. We praise the Lord for making Derek’s teaching available for the Croatian people.”
  • God answered our prayers and provided new storage space for our stock of Derek’s books.
  • We praise God for His grace to successfully complete the printing projects for 2014. We believe all those books will bring a new measure of blessing into the lives of the people of Croatia. 

EgyptNeil Cornick

  • Praise God for the digital distribution tool that we started using. We used it at two book fairs in two different Egyptian universities, and many students were blessed by the materials they could access.

Estonia—Neil Cornick

  • Recently, DPM workers taught and ministered in a church in Tallinn. We thank God for this opportunity.

India—Elsie Daniel

  • Last year we sent Bible College Graduate Gift Packs of books and CDs to over 8,000 students across India. The Vice-Principal of the Susamachar Theological College wrote: “We praise God for all the help you render to the theological students in India by providing materials, especially at  their graduation  We are very thankful to you for helping us with graduation gifts.”
  • We have had a breakthrough in reaching Telugu-speaking pastors with Derek’s material through seminars. 

Israel—George and Betty Jackson

  • We printed 15,000 copies of Our Debt to Israel in December to give to English-speaking visitors to Israel with Sar-El Tours through April.
  • DPM staff in Israel took part in a conference in the Negev last October where Derek’s materials in English, Hebrew, Russian and Arabic were given away,
  • A number of Russian pastors received copies of Derek’s Russian books. We have never seen a more appreciative and humble group! They are a huge blessing to Israel. Their families suffered greatly under Communism, and their lives demonstrate their love for Jesus! We hope to reach even more Russian believers here.

Kenya—Isabel Surgeon

  • Life-Changing Spiritual Power has now been printed in Swahili, spoken in Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Somalia, and the Comoros Islands. So this book will be a powerful tool in this entire region. 

Madagascar—Isabel Surgeon

  • A very generous donation came from a lady in Norway who grew up in Madagascar in a missionary family and felt led to bless this work. Dries and Valerie have served DPM here faithfully for many years; they edit and print Derek’s Malagasy books and distribute them to pastors and Bible college students. Dries also voices Derek’s teaching into Malagasy.

Malaysia—Liman and Sai Peng

  • We recently had a Derek Prince book table in a newly renovated church in a new area in Kuala Lumpur. We had a very good response and good sales, even running out of stock of some of the books!

Mozambique—Isabel Surgeon

  • We were able to send a set of Portuguese books and DVDs to a pastor in Mozambique.


  • In late 2014, I taught at a seminar for about 300 pastors and lay leaders on the topic “Be Empowered.” I was invited by Pastor Nam Kha who had just read one of Derek’s books in his remote village and went on to commit himself to full-time ministry. Derek’s Burmese books, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, Power of Proclamation, Empowered for Life, were given away. Some of the pastors received Derek’s material for the first time and were eagerly anticipating the Lord working in their lives through this teaching.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

  • In late 2014, I shared about DPM with 165 Christian leaders from 55 churches in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. Declaring God’s Word and Life-Changing Spiritual Power were given to each one. People here hunger for Derek’s teaching, and everyone I talked to greatly appreciated it. 
  • We recently gave 50 graduates from Gospel for Asia some of Derek’s books for their ministry.  

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • Over 2,600 people have now indicated they want to receive our DPM Daily Devotional e-mails. We receive many positive responses from it! 
  • There continues to be interest in our Internet courses. The second run of the course “Secrets of a Prayer Warrior” currently has over 170 participants. 
  • We are thankful for the new Dutch translation of Living as Salt and Light and a good response!  

Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • In December, we received tremendous support from DPM friends all over Norway! Sales were notably up, and response for the China appeal was the best ever. Praise the Lord for his wonderful provision in 2014.

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

  • This is a very encouraging testimony we received recently: What a revolutionary book is Called to Conquer! This is a deep spiritual concept for me; I have never thought in such a way before. I am encouraged and re-charged to serve Him and His people with diligence and excellence, more than ever! Thank you for taking me to the next level of my life and ministry. I am deeply touched by the unique ministry of DPM. I want all my pastors to read this book.                                                                                                  
                 — Chairman of Four Square Church in Pakistan
  • In late 2014, Elizabeth spoke to nearly 400 inter-denominational leaders at a women’s conference in Karachi. She shared from the books Faith to Live By and Bought with Blood. Some ladies said they had never heard this type of teaching before. A Major from the Salvation Army said: This teaching has changed the whole perspective of my life. I never understood the Bible in such a simple, but deep manner. The Director of the YWCA shared: This is exactly what I needed from God. I believe God brought me here for His purpose to fulfil my need. God is so good!

Romania—Fanel and Monica Serban

  • We are grateful for the projects completed in 2014 and for God’s care and provision in the 20 years of ministry of DPM in Romania.

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • We praise God for His faithfulness in providing, protecting and keeping us healthy to serve Him.
  • We have received very generous donations from Norway for South Africa and Madagascar and are humbled by the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness.
  • We are excited about 2015 as we are implementing new business and outreach strategies to make people aware of Derek’s excellent teaching.  

Tanzania—Isabel Surgeon

  • DPM contacts in Tanzania (missionaries, radio workers and others) can now distribute and use the new Swahili translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in their work and outreaches.

Uganda—Neil Cornick

  • DPM co-workers in Uganda continue to do an amazing job of distributing both nationally and to surrounding nations thousands of books that have been printed here.

Zimbabwe—Tich Ruzane

  • Tich has been attending conferences to promote Derek’s teaching and has received good responses.

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