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June 26—Nepal

Pray for an increased hunger for Derek’s books among Nepali Christians and that mainline denominational leaders (Baptists, Presbyterians, and Methodists) will come to a greater revelation and understanding about the Holy Spirit.

Nepal’s Constitution supposedly allows for religious freedom. However, parts of it indirectly restrict freedom of religion. Government law makers are now preparing to introduce a law against Christian activities. Pray against this law being put into place. 


There are over 70 Nepali churches in Malaysia where more than 700,000 Nepalese are working. Many are saved while there. A believer in my church worked with a migrant Nepali fellowship there. He is back home now but has a burden to keep in contact with new converts who also returned to Nepal, given that some return to their old religion. So we held a seminar in our church for 50 Nepali people who came home from Malaysia and distributed the Self-Study Bible Course and three other titles to each attendee.

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Praise and Thanksgiving


“I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the Gentiles. And sing praises to Your name. He is the tower of salvation to His king, and shows mercy to His anointed, to David and his descendants forevermore.”
2 Samuel 22:50–51

30x13 Project—Ross Paterson

  • We thank God that 30 key messages by Derek have now been translated into a number of languages. The teams involved are working out how best to get these teachings to believers in their nations.

Azerbaijan—Neil Cornick

  • Just released, Does Your Tongue Need Healing? is deeply touching people, both believers and non-believers, and Christians are requesting copies for friends and relatives. A believer for more than 20 years said: “I will give this book to all my friends. Tongues will be “healed” after they read Bible verses in this book and the explanations. I got what I desperately needed all these years.”
  • We distributed How to Pass from Curse to Blessing (in Russian) to churches across Azerbaijan. Many are growing in their faith, and even unbelievers read it and ask our distributors questions! 

Cambodia—Annie Chen-Green

  • We had two New Zealand missionaries go with us in March to two provinces to speak and minister to church leaders. Everyone was blessed by the ministry and Derek’s books which they received.

China—Ross Paterson

  • Praise the Lord for the continuing demand for Derek’s Chinese material. A believer who met with senior house church leaders for a key prayer time also gave them Derek’s Chinese materials. 

Croatia—Damir & Irene Blazic

Mirela wrote: “I thank God who called my soul to get to know Him more through Derek’s teachings. I praise God and DPM–Croatia who made Derek’s books available to me. His books were a great treasure.”

Vladka wrote: “I just met Derek’s teachings and am so impressed and blessed. I would like to get even more. We thank God for making Derek’s teachings available in Croatia.”

Ruža said: “I am overly contented with Derek’s teachings. I would like to buy all of his books, but unfortunately, I cannot afford to.”  

Czech Republic—Daniel Skokan

  • We praise God for new volunteers willing to help with the translation of Derek’s video teachings.
  • We baptized another 12 people last month in our Church On The Boat, so that is more than 20 in the last year. We rejoice together with His angels! 

Egypt—Neil Cornick

  • At a conference in Malta early this year, we met key people from various ministries and countries. One result: we now have an opportunity to print and distribute Derek’s teaching in Algeria.
  • We thank God that Radio Sama started broadcasting Derek’s program in February. 

France—René de Groot

  • We have another new title available: Strength Through Knowing God.
  • Our YouTube channel has been a great blessing and tool, with thousands of views!
  • We have also had a recent upsurge in donations. 

India—Elsie & Danny

  • In January, we spent 10 days in five cities in southern India, holding five conferences for hundreds of leaders. The teaching on The Divine Exchange, Spiritual Warfare and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing was said to be very timely. Bishop Jackson from Bangalore, said “I have been in ministry for 50 years and know the good [teaching] from the bad, and this is good!  We really need this teaching!” Another pastor was set free from a spirit of the fear of death. Others also received healing and deliverance. We led many in mighty spiritual warfare over their state and believe the principalities and powers of darkness were shaken that day.
  • Four seminars were held in northeast India, with 450 attending. Everyone received several books. 
  • The Teaching Letters (6,000 copies) are printed and distributed quarterly in three languages. 

Indonesia—Marcel Kanon

  • We successfully moved our Jakarta office to a new location in the city. Also, about 80 percent of our book stock is now in the city of Surabaya, making the delivery costs much cheaper and distribution easier. 

Iran—Neil Cornick

  • Many people from Afghanistan use the Iran website (in the Farsi language). We even receive testimonies from Mullahs.
  • Our Facebook page also gets many likes. An article on Blessing or Curse reached 17,000 people. 


  • Yoshie has now completed the translation of 30 of Derek’s most significant audio/video teachings.

 Madagascar—Isabel Surgeon

  • Dries and Valerie continue to edit and print teachings.
  • All the transcripts are then being voiced onto CD.
  • Eight leaders who work with Dries received MP3 players to use in teaching many new believers.
  • A donor from Norway provided funds for an air conditioning unit so printing can be done year round. With the high humidity levels, there were problems with the printing.  

Malaysia—Liman Wong

  • We praise God for the Keys to Successful Living Indonesian language radio programs now being broadcast over Rhema Radio, which reaches as far as the Peninsula and across to east Malaysia. 

Malawi—Isabel Surgeon

  • The voicing of the Chichewa “Laying the Foundations” 10-hour DVD series is completed.
  • The printing of the Chichewa Self-Study Bible Course has been re-edited and reprinted; 2,000 copies will be printed for distribution to pastors, Bible schools and those in prison outreach. 

Mongolia—Ross Paterson

  • Derek’s 30 translated teachings (used in the 30x13 Project) are truly blessing hundreds of Mongols worldwide. We hear gratitude and thanks to God for these powerful resources that are available through the website, DPM App, YouTube and DVDs. Thank you for all who prayed and partnered in this project! 

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

  • There are over 70 Nepali churches in Malaysia where more than 700,000 Nepalese are working. Many are saved while there. A believer in my church worked with a migrant Nepali fellowship there. He is back home now but has a burden to keep in contact with new converts who also returned to Nepal, given that some return to their old religion. So we held a seminar in our church for 50 Nepali people who came home from Malaysia and distributed the Self-Study Bible Course and three other titles to each attendee.

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • A new volunteer is helping with subtitling videos. We praise God for all our volunteers!
  • We were able to produce the video, “I Will Shake All Things” and make it available on YouTube.
  • The number of views of Derek’s teaching on YouTube is increasing.New Zealand – Warren Smith (Testimony received)
  • “Thank you so much, Derek Prince, for the teaching I received when I was a young Christian in 1983. Your teachings are as relevant today as they were when I first heard them. I'll never forget the night my cousin walked forward, along with many others, in one of your meetings in Christchurch, in about 1989, to give his heart back to the Lord. He still walks faithfully with Jesus today. You are never forgotten.” 

Norway/Scandinavia—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • The Lord is opening doors into more of Scandinavia! We have translated12 new Proclamation Cards into Swedish and also have the opportunity to start translating into Finnish.
  • We have been asked to translate The Power of Proclamation into Sami. About 100,000 Sami people live in northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Kola Peninsula in Russia. Famous for their reindeer herds, they also have strange ceremonies dating back to pagan Gods, making them influenced today by the occult. We will also translate the 12 Proclamation Cards and get all this important teaching to these tribes! 

Philippines—John Cochrane

  • A university teacher and her mother wrote: “I want you to know how blessed we are by the teachings of Derek Prince. The SD card with different messages is a WOW. Our lives were revolutionized and thought patterns changed according to His Word. We are sharing teachings with pastors and brethren, but worldly spirits are preventing them from listening to the truth.
  • Derek’s English books are selling well after we imported a large shipment from India.
  • The Divine Exchange and Self-Study Bible Course have been published in the Tagalog language. 

Sierra Leone/Liberia—Peter Lindop

  • DPM–UK recently sowed books into Sierra Leone and Liberia through some missionaries who went there for 10 weeks. We pray these books will take many deeper into God's Word and His wonderful love.

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • We can now print books locally as import costs are increasing and the Rand dollar rate is falling.
  • Albert and Elaine Chipps were able to distribute Afrikaans books for us to pastors in Cape Town. 

Sri Lanka—Elsie & Danny

  • Derek’s English programs are now being broadcast in Sri Lanka on God TV on Sunday mornings.
  • 500 micro SD cards containing Derek’s Tamil teaching were distributed during our visit in March.
  • The Lord has provided a warehouse! We can now print and store books, making distribution much easier. Coordinators, Sam and Olivia, will also be able to distribute more during the year. 

Tanzania—Isabel Surgeon

  • Lowell and Claudia visited our office to share about the new Joy Radio in Kigoma, Tanzania, on Lake Tanganyika. We supplied them with all of Derek's English CDs for broadcasting. 

 Zambia—Isabel Surgeon

  • A new radio station in the east of Zambia near the Malawi border has been given a broadcast license, so we have another outlet for Derek’s programs.

Zimbabwe—Tich Ruzane

  • Last December marked three years of outreach in Zimbabwe. Derek’s teaching is now known in all 10 provinces! I have traveled to many places hundreds of kilometers away by car and public transport. We have shared at meetings and Bible schools and also had a book table wherever we went—and have been very well received. We thank God for His protection in all these journeys and His provision to cover huge costs.

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