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May 23—Botswana

Pray for the successful printing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in the Tswana language and for its distribution in Botswana and the northwest region of South Africa.

Pray that policies will not be passed that would make it difficult for missionaries, along with small Christian groups and ministries, to operate and do outreach.

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Praise and Thanksgiving

My heart rejoices in the Lord; my horn is exalted in the Lord.
I smile at my enemies, because I rejoice in Your salvation.
1 Samuel 2:1

Angola—Isabel Surgeon

  • A Bible college pack of Derek’s Portuguese material was recently sent to an Operation Mobilization Bible School in the southern part of Angola.

Cambodia—Warren Smith

  • We are very thankful for our new partnership with Dr. Annie Chen-Green of New Zealand who is developing the DPM work in Cambodia.
  • We are also grateful for the new DPM Coordinator, Mr. Ly Huy and our new Khmer translation team, who started to translate Derek’s material into the Khmer language in February.
  • Copies of Derek’s books, The Divine Exchange and If You Want God’s Best, were freely distributed at an outreach for 800 young people aged 18-35. 

China—Ross Paterson

  • Our team inside China is urging us to print Derek’s materials again this year. A Taiwan Christian organization published Be Perfect and Pulling Down Strongholds. Inside China, we will print 50,000 copies of each of these new books in mainland Chinese script
  • We have been working for 30 years with the folks at the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company who have aired Derek’s radio teaching into China. We decided to end this outreach due to China’s changing Christian audience and their requirements. But we are deeply grateful for all the Lord has done through FEBC over these years to enable Derek’s teaching to impact many, many lives. 

Croatia—Branislav Cekan

  • A sister recently called us, wanting to go to a church where there was teaching like Derek’s. She had heard Derek quoted, so she went to the Internet and heard him teach many times. As a result, she became a believer and cleansed her house of idols. We praise God that Derek’s teaching is available in Croatia.
  • A Croatian leader called us, asking for new books by Derek. He said his church is growing rapidly with mostly young people. As soon as someone is converted, he recommends Derek’s books as the best resource of teaching about God’s will for our lives.

 France—René de Groot

  • We were able to finish 2014 in the positive, despite a huge drop in sales.
  • We praise God for good people He has provided for translation, graphic design, printing, etc. and, as a result, for several new titles we have been able to produce. 

India—Elsie and Danny

  • We held two successful training seminars on Curse to Blessing in Gujarat (north India) in late January. Over 2,000 people came, and there was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit as we prayed for the breaking of curses. I can truly testify that we saw Galatians 3:13–14 in action. At least 100 men were filled with a mighty anointing, several fell under the anointing although no one laid hands on them, and evil spirits came out of several women. This is an area where witchcraft has been very prevalent. Many were released from this as well. Praise the Lord for His mighty acts!!
  • We also held two one-day conferences in Nizamabad and Hyderabad in March for about 350 pastors.  Elsie taught on Spiritual Warfare and The Divine Exchange. We were advised that the pastors were greatly blessed, and they have requested the meetings be held over 2-3 days in the future as one day is insufficient to learn from the vast amount of Derek Prince material. Israel—George and Betty Jackson
  • Derek’s Hebrew material is available in many formats and is blessing the Jewish believers who have received it!


Madagascar—Isabel Surgeon

  • We are preparing to load the new Legacy Radio programs onto the MegaVoice players for distribution to Bible colleges. Dries and Valerie in Madagascar will be receiving eight players that will go to Christian leaders in their area. The player will contain the Malagasy New Testament as well as all the Malagasy-voiced teaching CDs and books by Derek. 
  • Valerie has completed Will You Intercede? A donor has provided funds for them to continue printing and distributing more of Derek’s books, which they are spiral-binding in their office 


  • In February, I spoke at a conference in the Chin state to about 3,000 people. Many testified that they found the conference enriching to their spiritual life. Nearly 3,000 copies of Derek’s books were distributed to pastors and lay leaders, which they were most happy to receive.

Namibia—Isabel Surgeon

  • A donor has given funds for two packets of material (Afrikaans books and the Foundations teaching on DVD) to be sent to pastors in Namibia. The next Afrikaans book, Bought with Blood, will be printed soon.

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • Another 43 men signed up for the 4th run of the Husbands and Fathers Internet Course. In a recent live chat, we received testimonies from three men who were deeply moved and impacted by this precious teaching. 
  • We are thankful for a steady income from donations, even though book sales are weak. 
  • Almost 2,700 people are receiving our daily devotional. Many are sending thanks for the current series from Derek’s teaching on the tabernacle, based on his book Entering God’s Presence.  

Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • We thank the Lord for his mercy and care for people. We have recent testimonies from Christians who were delivered from evil spirits, including a lady who had had depression for over 30 years. After hearing Derek’s teaching on the blood of Jesus, she prayed and fasted for three days. The heaviness lifted and she felt a spirit of praise and thanksgiving replace it. Three months later, she is still well, and her doctors are surprised as they find no symptoms of depression anymore!
  • Reports from many of the 50 prayer and fasting groups across Norway are very encouraging. There are many testimonies resulting from even short fasts of only 6 or 12 hours. A young African student experienced complete deliverance from fear of sickness and early death that he had struggled with for over 10 years. Washing his hands 50-60 times a day and other abnormal daily routines had become a bondage ruling his life. The words of Jesus are still true that some things will not go except by prayer and fasting (see Mt. 17:21).
  • Derek is widely known and respected by many Norwegian Christians from all kinds of church backgrounds. His DVD teaching is very popular and sales are encouraging. Nearly 3,000 DVDs were produced and distributed in 2014. Two 24-hour Christian TV channels are airing his messages regularly. 

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

  • I (James) was invited to speak on Blessings and Curses in a church on the outskirts of Karachi. It was in a troubled area I had been avoiding. But when I received the invitation again and again, I prayerfully decided to go. I found it was not only a troubled area physically, but spiritually it was depressed and in bondage. God gave me the courage and boldness to preach the Word; about 36 people repented and gave their lives to God. Four people were also released and set free from bondages, and signs were quite evident. We distributed Derek’s book, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, to 148 people and also gave away prayer cards on Only the Blood of Jesus to the entire congregation. The delay in going there was good, as it turned out this was the right time from God. How good it is to stay in His plan!

Philippines—John Cochrane

  • I recently gave a gift of Derek’s books to Shining Light Christian College and Bible School. A pastors’ seminar was also held there where I talked about the ministry and made Derek’s books available for purchase.
  • I travelled to the island of Palawan, west Philippines, and addressed two separate pastors’ gatherings, along with one at a Bible school. I was able to both give away and sell Derek’s books. 
  • Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett
  • David, a former prisoner, has been distributing Life-Changing Spiritual Power and Self-Study Bible Course books in the Western Province. They have been well received by the local people who easily understand Derek’s clear teaching. David will be attending a theological college next year.

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • A donor enabled us to purchase a projector for our DVD evenings and Power Point presentations, as well as a spiral binding machine to bind copies of the Self-Study Bible Course in various African languages for distribution. 
  • DPM–Netherlands has subtitled DVDs for us as Dutch and Afrikaans have some similarities. We are planning to set up a YouTube site (linked to our website) as we now have over 140 African language DVDs that can be heard.
  • We were able to include 1,000 product flyers in a prominent Christian magazine and trust that many who are not aware of DPM–SA will contact us.
  • Recently, 15 Missionary Exposure Training (MET) French pastors who graduated received French Graduate Gift Packs. 
  • Our bulk mail sent in March managed to get to its destination in spite of a postal strike.
  • We received the following testimony from one of our main supporters:
    •  “Probably no one will ever know the extent of the results of Derek's teaching. In the midst of so much confusion in Christianity, it remains untouched and untainted by strange "additions." He foresaw great revival in China. My grandniece is married to a Chinese, and they evangelise in Hong Kong and lead people to the Lord regularly. This is only one example of this coming true. I walked in Brooklyn Mall this afternoon and heard myself saying, "That I may know Him and the power of His resurrection." Coming home I got an idea to Google this verse! Astonishment! I found Twelve steps to a Good Year. Again, Derek's teaching!  I own many of his books and have listened to many tapes. I am on solid ground. Surfing around I seldom do. But this time God was leading me! May the walls of Jerusalem be around you, yours and all of DPM all over the world and the gates be guarded.

Sri Lanka—Elsie and Danny Daniel

  • We were here in February to teach and minister to over 500 pastors on The Divine Exchange and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. We also gave out copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in English, Sinhalese and Tamil, along with micro SD cards containing Derek’s audio teaching. 
  • We also met with the Missions and Prayer Coordinator of National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka who will enable us to reach all Pentecostal/Charismatic church leaders in the nation with Derek’s teaching! 
  • We met with the Head of Operations of Swarga TV (the only Christian channel in Sri Lanka) that covers the entire nation. This channel is now airing Derek’s English messages free of charge! 

Uganda—Neil Cornick

  • We thank the Lord for 10,000 Swahili copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power  that were printed in Uganda and are being distributed in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

Vanuatu—Jack Reuben Titek

  • Many lives have been touched and changed by Derek’s books and teaching DVDs.
  • The teaching in Derek’s book, God's Medicine Bottle, has helped many people who had been sick in the hospital be healed. 

Zambia—Isabel Surgeon

  • Peter Pedersen had ordered a shipment of books for distribution in Zambia where he and his wife, Clara Marie, minister. But it arrived with 24 books missing. While traveling through Zambia, he got a phone call from a bus driver going from South Africa to the Rep. of Congo, saying he had two boxes of books for him. Right after that, his vehicle met the big yellow bus just before Peter would have turned off the main road! The driver, whom Peter recognized from previous deliveries, gave him the two missing boxes, explaining that they had been left in the Rep. of Congo and he had taken them down to Johannesburg, and up through Zambia again! He said if Peter had prayed for the boxes, his prayers were answered.

Zimbabwe—Tich Ruzane

  • A conference was held at Highlands Presbyterian church the end of March. Director Tich and Peter Lindop of DPM–UK held other conferences in Harare, Plumtree and Gwanda. The people they met are very interested in Derek’s teaching, but with a very high unemployment rate, purchasing material is difficult. Tich was able to sell some books at near cost and also gave some away. Peter reported this after his trip:
    • “We thank the Lord for the conferences that took place on March 26–30 in Zimbabwe. We were able to sow many seeds and the enthusiasm for the ministry was very high. Pastors were so grateful that they hadn't been forgotten and that they are getting access to Derek Prince teaching in their nation.”

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