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March 2014

Therefore we also pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of this calling,
and fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with power.

2 Thessalonians 1:11
Derek Prince Ministries was invited to take part in the National Day of Prayer and Fasting on March 2 at the Parliament House, Canberra. Derek’s material on prayer and fasting will be available, and a limited number of copies of Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting will be distributed. Pray that this day will have a significant impact on those taking part as well as the nation of Australia.

A team of New Zealanders are holding a conference this week for 350 pastors and leaders.
Pray that the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, which these leaders will receive, will encourage them in their walk with the Lord.
Pray that these leaders will also use this teaching to make many disciples in the nation. 

In January, a shipment of books was sent to a contact in Sierra Leone from the U.K. office. Pray that the books will arrive safely and be effectively distributed.
Pray that God will use Derek’s teaching to establish the church in this nation.

March 4—JAPAN

Pray for God’s protection and anointing upon the two people who are translating Derek’s Teaching Letters into Japanese.

Translator and editor, Skender, is making good progress on the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power. Pray for continued wisdom and anointing so it can be completed and printed by April.
Pray for open hearts among the Albanian people for Derek’s teaching material.
Pray for the Lord’s wisdom for the team regarding their next project.


Tich, the director, will attend Ellel Ministries’ Arise Conference in Harare on March 7–8. Pray that he will make many new contacts who want to receive and distribute Derek’s teaching.
Tich will be going to Gweru on March 11 to a pastors’ meeting where he will introduce Derek’s books. Pray for the Lord’s guidance in what he shares and for great interest from those attending.
A ministry in Harare is willing to assist in duplicating CDs and DVDs. Pray for success for this project. People have been asking for CDs and DVDs recently, so this material is greatly needed. 

Pray for Daniel and Kristine, Pavel and Magda, and Karel, to have God’s wisdom and anointing as they work on the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
Pray that church leaders will eagerly promote this book and that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully as they teach these foundational Bible truths.
Pray that these teachings will especially help young converts as they begin their walk with God.

March 8—BHUTAN

Pray for protection for India Directors Elsie and Danny as they travel into Bhutan and that God would open doors and lead them to the right people to help expand DPM’s work in this nation.
Pray that the pastors in Bhutan who will receive Derek’s books will be strengthened as they labor in a nation that is completely closed to Christianity.

The DPM team is finishing the Life-Changing Spiritual Power book project.
Pray for a good printing price and, upon release, good response from Hungarian church leaders.
Pray for this teaching to make a powerful impact upon the lives of believers in Hungary.


Pray for wisdom and protection for coordinators Brano and Claudia and team members Eduard, Katka, Peter T., Peter G., Renata, and Michal as they work together to reach Slovakian believers.
Since 2010, monthly Teaching Letters by Derek (“Build on the Rock” project) have gone out to different denominational churches. As this distribution continues, pray for a deep hunger in the lives of Slovakian believers and that these teachings will help them apply biblical principles so they can be “salt and light” to relatives, neighbors, fellow students and colleagues. 

On April 9, elections will be held for new parliament members. Presidential elections will take place July 9. Pray for the current tense political situation in which 12 different political parties are competing for many seats.
Pray that the new legislative assembly will have God-fearing people who will work for the nation’s good and not their own, as many leaders in the past have been corrupt.
Pray for a peaceful transition after the elections are held. 

Most of Derek’s teaching materials have been translated and published in Bulgarian, and the team is ready for a harvest of souls. Pray for good health, strength and inspiration for Iskra, the director, as she works on the most recent books and coordinates the publishing projects.
Pray for successful publishing and wide acceptance of Called to Conquer, to be released in April.
Pray for the spiritual temperature and hunger for God’s Word to rise in Bulgaria like never before. 

March 13—SERBIA
Coordinators Miro F. and Miro C. are moving ahead to produce Derek Prince’s materials. They have now successfully published the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
Pray for open doors into every denomination and a great response from church leaders.
Pray for a move of God’s Spirit through the Body of Christ in Serbia, that the Church will rise up in power and more people will be saved.

At the Sydney conference last August, an appeal was launched for the purchase of a ten-seater bus for an Aboriginal community church in New South Wales. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the DPM indigenous coordinator, Graeme, so that he will find the right vehicle in good condition at a good price.
March 15—POLAND

There is good progress on new books, but spiritual warfare is evident by hindrances to try to stop or disturb the work. Pray for wisdom, protection and good health for Agnieszka and Marek.
One goal for 2014 is to successfully print and distribute the book Life-Changing Spiritual Power. Pray that it will be well received as good spiritual food by Polish believers. 

March 16—IRAN
Derek’s materials are now being distributed here on micro SD (memory) cards. Pray that God will protect DPM workers and contacts when distributing these cards.
Pray for the Lord’s wisdom for those developing the new Farsi (Persian) language website.

March 17—TURKEY

Opportunities are being sought for airing Derek’s teaching in Turkish on local Christian TV channels.
Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance regarding these TV broadcasts.
Pray that God would open more doors to the Turkish media world.

March 18—NORWAY

Pray for more contacts to receive DPM’s mailings and that the outreach reports will reach those who have a heart for investing in missions.
Pray for more pastors and leaders to receive and walk in the Bible truths Derek teaches.
Pray for more young people in Bergen and neighboring islands to be reached with the gospel and Derek’s teaching.
Pray for new opportunities to reach out to businessmen/women in Norway. 

March 19—ROMANIA
Directors Fanel and Monica celebrate 20 years of DPM work in Romania. Pray for God’s blessing and guidance over them in their pastoral ministry.
Since last year, most of the stock of Derek’s material has been depleted, and strategic titles need to be reprinted. Pray for generous provision of finances to replenish the supply.
Pray for successful completion of the prepress work on Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
Pray that church leaders will receive this book well and encourage other believers to read it.


Pray for God’s provision, financially and in manpower, for the development of Internet courses. They are wonderful tools, but they require skill and much time to produce.
Several marriage seminars are scheduled to be held in several churches this spring. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and anointing upon the speakers and receptive hearts among those who attend.
Pray for many to enroll in the third “Husbands and Fathers” Internet course to be ready soon. 

March 21—CROATIA
Four major book projects are scheduled for 2014. Pray for God’s wisdom and help for Damir and Irene, Slavica, Matija and Ana, as they diligently continue the translating and proofreading.
Pray for successful printing and distribution of Husbands and Fathers, to be released in April.
Pray that through this teaching, husbands and fathers will discover their God-given roles and responsibilities, and Christian families will be transformed.


Pray for Isabel and her team to walk in God’s protection and provision and to fulfill the Lord’s vision and plan in 2014. (A staff member recently had her car stolen outside the office. They praise God it was not a hijacking. The Lord has protected the staff here a number of times!)
Pray for the Africa outreach mailing to have a very good response. Funds are needed for Graduate Gift Packs, Bible College Library Packs, Pastors’ Packs and prison outreach. 

March 23—UGANDA
The U.K. contact, Richard, who has helped enable so much of the work to take place in Uganda is in this nation for three months. He is working to encourage pastors and leaders as well as establish distribution networks. Pray for protection as he travels and for God-ordained contacts to further the work of DPM.
March 24—GERMANY

The Germany team has the opportunity to reach out with Derek’s material on a wide scale. Over 30 churches will be hosting close to 500 meetings during April. Several of Derek’s books will be part of the standard package of materials each church will receive for their book tables. Director Dan Tracy will speak at several meetings in different parts of the nation.
Dan asked for prayer that he would speak the right words at the right time to the right people.
He also desires the Lord’s anointing to minister like Derek did, in the power of the Holy Spirit! 

March 25—KUWAIT
DPM workers have contact with those who minister at migrant labor camps in Kuwait. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on these relationships and that DPM would be able to meet the needs here for teaching material, particularly in the Urdu and Punjabi languages.
March 26—RUSSIA

Pray for safe and effective distribution of new books which is such a challenge in this vast nation.
Pray that these books will have a great impact on those who read them.
Pray that the Derek Prince Russian TV broadcasts will be a rich source of spiritual food, particularly for those in remote areas who are without a local church family. 

March 27—UKRAINE
Ukraine is in a time of strife and unrest, and many people are disappointed in politics. Yet, there is a new openness to God. Pray for the nation, asking the Lord for many to come to faith in Christ.
Pray that the body of Christ here will be encouraged and strengthened through DPM’s ministry. 

March 28—FRANCE
Additional financial provision is required for reprinting needed book titles.
Pray for the translators as they work on new books and DVD messages.
Pray for René to have fresh vision from the Lord for new ideas and ways to bless the French Church with Derek’s Bible teaching.

March 29—CHINA

Work continues on reformatting all the Chinese books in response to readers’ requests. Pray for wisdom for those designing covers and the layout of text so that the books will be easy to read.
Some new DVD masters are in production, and 100 teachings will be available soon for mass distribution, all audio-dubbed into Chinese. DPM contacts in China have an urgent need for these DVD teachings. Pray for the Lord to use them to make a great impact upon many lives.

March 30—ISRAEL

A new website should be completed soon. Pray that it will be greatly used by the Lord to increase the awareness and accessibility of Derek’s Hebrew material in many parts of the world.
Continue to pray for Israel’s leaders, especially Benjamin Netanyahu, as he negotiates with American leaders regarding a Palestinian “right of return” to any part of pre-1967 Israel. Pray that God’s plans will prevail.

March 31—CUBA

Pray for protection for co-workers Osmany and Erik (and their wives and children) as they continue to work under close scrutiny from the government.
Pray for protection over the location of the printing press so that printing and distribution of more of Derek’s books can continue undisturbed.Pray for wisdom and guidance for Director Adalberto.

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April 2014

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.
For he who comes to God must believe that He is,
and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

Hebrews 10:23; 11:6

April 1—NEPAL
Pray that many people will tune in to Derek’s English radio programs that are airing on Good News FM, the Christian station that covers the Kathmandu Valley (population: 1.5 million).
Pray that believers will be strengthened and built up in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word through these broadcasts and that unbelievers will come to salvation.
Pray for the Lord’s anointing and guidance on those doing the Nepali translation, as well as the recording, of Derek’s teaching for CD distribution and broadcasting. 

General elections will be held this month. Pray for peace during this time and that the Lord will set into position the people of His choosing.
Praying for the Government will be distributed by e-mail. Pray that those who receive it will take action to faithfully intercede for South Africa’s elections and future.
Pray that through the Easter/Passover celebrations that will take place this month in Africa, many will turn to the Lord and be strengthened in their faith.


As church meetings are held nationwide this month and DPM Director Dan Tracy speaks at some of them, pray for hundreds of new people to connect with the ministry and Derek’s Bible teaching.
Pray for God’s abundant provision to accommodate new expansion anticipated for 2014.


Pray for needed volunteers for the ministry in Hungary, especially for a skilled graphic designer.
Logos Bible College and DPM share the same premises for their offices. The contract with the municipalities has now expired and a new one is needed. Pray for favor with the city council.


A new Armenian language website is in progress. Pray for wisdom and creativity for the workers.
Pray that many Armenian people will become aware of Derek’s teaching through the website and begin contact with the DPM office here.

April 6—INDIA

Pray for protection, good health and God’s wisdom for Directors Elsie and Danny (especially for travel and ministry), the Board of Trustees and staff members.
Pray for God’s provision and favor as they reach out across India with Derek’s teaching.


There is a growing interest from Nigerians to see Derek’s teaching available on radio and in books. While there is ongoing work in Hausa, a language in Northern Nigeria, there is little teaching in English and nothing for the other significant languages of Igbo or Yoruba.
Pray for the right people to be involved in providing the needed material.
Pray for the right opportunities to open up to serve the people of Nigeria. 

Pray for the Lord’s clear guidance regarding the production of Derek’s radio messages in the Quechuan language for the Quechua people.
Pray for the right translator to come forth for this teaching. 

Pray for a new government in 2014 that will not hinder the propagation of the Gospel in the next five years within this largest Muslim nation in the world.
Thousands of Derek’s teaching CDs are going out to pastors and evangelists all over Indonesia. Pray that this material will be of great help in their personal walk with the Lord and that they would use them to teach millions of believers in Indonesia. 

April 10—CANADA
Pray for a breakthrough for new contacts and ministries to come forth to partner with the ministry to expand Derek’s teaching in Canada.
Pray for the right doors to open specifically into the prisons in Canada.
Pray for wisdom and direction for Director Bob Yeo and the board. 

April 11—GEORGIA
New book translations are being printed. Pray for a successful process without any delays.
Pray for this material to be wisely distributed and used by the Lord to change many lives.
Pray for protection over Vazgen’s family during their regular missions’ trips to Georgia.

April 12—POLAND

The Polish website is going to be redesigned and updated. Pray for a skillful, devoted believer to help with website development and maintenance.
Pray for donors within Poland to realize that DPM is fruitful soil to invest in and generously donate toward local and other outreach projects. 

DPM Coordinator, Pastor Rodney Tomuriesa, has a vision to establish DPM libraries in remote churches so that the Word of God reaches people in rural areas and the autonomous region of Bougainville. He has given away more than 1,000 books to pastors and leaders in these regions.
Pray that these books will be used by the Lord to equip these leaders and their church members.
Pray for contact with the right leaders to help establish many DPM libraries.


The translation of Faith to Live By, the first DPM book in the Azerbaijani language, is progressing.
Pray for those involved and for successful printing and distribution of this title.
Pray that believers will be encouraged and equipped, despite the restrictions in this country.

April 15—FRANCE

Pray that more new students will enroll in the Bible Correspondence Course and that former and current students will hunger for the Word enough to persevere and complete it.
Pray for God’s strength and wisdom for Catherine in carrying her many responsibilities.


Pray for Derek’s teaching to be even more accessible through the website and other multi-media in 2014.
Pray for greater interest and more attendees at the monthly DVD teachings at an inner city hotel. 

Pray for the staff to make good contacts at the Elim Bible Conference from April 21–25 where there will be a DPM exhibit with Derek’s material available.

Slovenia seems to be very religious, but the number of born-again believers is very small. Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit that will reveal Christ and bring repentance from dead works to a living faith.
Pray for Matej, the coordinator, to stay in good health and to stand firm and fight a good fight of faith in his personal walk with Christ and service with DPM.
Pray for successful completion of the translation and printing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power. 

April 19—CHINA
A China-based DPM co-worker recently shared that his church is being more closely watched by the authorities. Pray for protection over him and all other co-workers in China.
Pray for China’s new leaders who have not yet formulated their religious policy. First signs are not entirely good.


Daniel and his wife, Kristina, would appreciate your prayers as they pastor a local church in Prague, coordinate DPM’s work and are also involved in other mission activities. Pray for God´s protection, wisdom, good health and provision for their lives and ministry. (Also pray for their three daughters.)
April 21—ISRAEL

Greater opportunities are opening for distributing Derek’s material. Pray for the right contacts to most effectively use and distribute Derek’s teaching.
An Iranian parliament representative gave a speech recently, which included the longstanding denial of pursuing nuclear weapons, yet then declared the use of such against Israel: “We don’t aspire to obtain a nuclear bomb, but it is necessary so we can put Israel in its place.” Pray for the Lord’s faithfulness to His land and people to be seen in spite of ongoing threats. 

April 22—ALBANIA
Pray for Pastor Nick and co-worker, Orkid, to be able to lay a good foundation for the future work of DPM in Albania.
Pray for open doors for Derek’s teaching and for the hearts of church leaders and other believers to be receptive to his material. 

Approval was recently received from prison authorities to extend DPM’s study programs to another facility. Pray for God’s guidance and anointing to teach and minister to these inmates.
Continue to pray for prisoners and youth who are working through the Self-Study Bible Course.
Also pray for the new coordinator, Hudson, to work in God’s strength and anointing as he marks the courses received from the students.


Pray for God’s protection for James, Elizabeth, their sons and the book translators, especially for those translating six of Derek’s books into the Pushto, Dari, Sindhi and Balochi languages.
Pray also for God’s protection for their book storage rooms, material and office.
Pray for an increase in book sales, especially in Karachi and Lahore.


Pray for the right doors to open for new contacts to support Director Ruedi in expanding the distribution of Derek’s teaching material in this nation.
Pray for the Lord’s provision and guidance to be evident in a special way in 2014. 

Doors continue to open for contacts in Latin America. Pray for clear direction from the Lord as to the establishment of any offices in these nations to give local oversight for distributing Derek’s teaching and expanding the work of the ministry.

Pray for the right timing for revisiting the nation of Barbados this year where there is interest from local donors in establishing a DPM base.
There is a small, but fervent segment of young people who are feeding upon Derek’s teaching! Pray for connection with many more and wisdom in expanding the outreach to college students. 

Pray for the successful release and distribution of the book Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
Pray that this teaching will help new believers grow stronger in their commitment to Christ and their service in the Kingdom.
Pray for new doors to open to churches, favor with church leaders, and good sales of material.
Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit for the Slovak team as they tirelessly work toward reaching Slovak believers with Derek’s Bible teaching.

April 29—SERBIA

Two new books, Called to Conquer and You Matter to God, are scheduled to be published in 2014. Pray for the Lord’s anointing upon the new translators to clearly communicate Derek’s teaching of God’s Word.
Pray for needed financial resources for book publishing and other projects.
Pray for more volunteers to help with website development.
Pray a strong relationship between the two coordinators and a good team spirit among all the workers. 

April 30—EGYPT
Pray for protection, guidance and wisdom for DPM co-workers in Cairo as they carry on with the production of Derek’s teaching materials in Arabic.

Praise and Thanksgiving
March/April 2014

By awesome deeds in righteousness, You will answer us, O God of our salvation.
You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance.
Psalm 65:5, 11
Albania—Nick Wakely
We praise God for connecting us to a new, skilled translator and editor, Skender, who is very enthusiastic about Derek’s teachings.
Bulgaria—Iskra Nacheva

We thank God for new distributors and for increasing interest in Derek’s books just since January.
China—Ross Paterson

The Android version of our new app is now complete and up and running. This will enable millions of Chinese smart phone users to read and listen to Derek Prince’s Chinese materials from their smart phones. The iPhone (iOS) version of the same app is very nearly ready to launch in China.
We thank the Lord for the leading pastor in China who printed and distributed widely 30,000 copies of the Self-Study Bible Course and wants to do the same this year with the Foundation Series teachings.

Croatia—Damir and Irene Blazic

Damir, a Croatian pastor, expressed gratitude for the work of DPM. For many years, he has been using the Foundation Series in his church. He said he will continue to use and promote Derek’s teaching.
France—René de Groot

We praise God for the financial increase over the previous two years, even with less donors.
We are thankful for the support of DPM fellow directors worldwide to help us send French material to African Bible schools.
We are grateful for our team unity, the excellent atmosphere in our office and the privilege to work with DPM and be a blessing to the French-speaking Church.

India—Elsie and Danny

Following our ministry trip to central India late last year, we were delighted to receive this testimony:
We have received very good and positive feedback from the seminars. The pastors who attended said they were greatly blessed by the teaching, and everyone is benefiting from Derek’s books that were distributed. Our village pastors especially are enjoying the in-depth and clear Word-based teaching material of Derek Prince. We are all blessed and grateful to the Lord for making this possible. We want to thank and bless you all for the hard work and effort you put into conducting the seminars, and we are delighted that so many pastors and leaders have now been introduced to sound teaching materials.

We recently received an encouraging letter from a lecturer in the English Department at the Institute of Teacher Education-International Languages Campus who writes:
I would like to thank you for blessing my Christian Fellowship members with the resources (Foundations books and teaching CDs in the Bahasa Malaysia language) you donated so generously for their spiritual growth. The majority of my students are from Sabah and Sarawak (East Malaysia) and are reading for their basic Bachelor of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). Many of these trainees are Roman Catholics, but we meet every Friday for fellowship. The resources you donated have indeed blessed many, and those who received copies of the Foundations books have grown in their faith and now believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and can apply some spiritual truths expounded in Derek’s books/CDs. Thank you for helping us feed His lambs. May your giving encourage and enrich more souls into deepening their journey of faith in/with Christ, regardless of their denominations and ethnicities.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

We praise God for the opportunity to bless 850 pastors and leaders at four conferences with copies of Derek’s book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power (compilation of six titles).
Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

Our newly released book, Set Apart for God, has been well received! (We published it under the originally proposed title: Holiness is Not Optional!) It is considered a very important and timely book by many!
We have been able to develop a new Internet course based on the book, Promised Land. It is in its final stage before being launched in March.
We rejoice in an ever-increasing interest in the free Daily Devotional. In January, we welcomed over 120 new subscribers, compared to an average of 30 per month in 2013.
At least two testimonies have come in from the wives of men who participated in the “Husbands and Fathers” course last year. They said their marriages totally changed, and in one case it was saved!

Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

Many new partners are joining us, supporting DPM both financially and through prayer.
Two more evangelists have contacted us, wanting to take Derek’s books, DVDs and CDs with them while ministering in Norway from the south to the north. These are great opportunities for distribution!
The second largest prison in Norway (in Bergen) is now being reached with Derek’s books and DVDs. Even the Lutheran priests are allowing materials to be received since many African inmates know of Derek and are asking for his books. This is good news!

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

James was unexpectedly invited to speak at a leadership conference of over 300 participants after the initial speaker was unable to obtain a visa. Due to Derek’s Bible-based teaching, this was their best option. The theme was from the book, Rediscovering God’s Church. Leaders from all over Sindh Province attended and were inspired, encouraged and recharged to undertake service for God and His church with excellence. Many repented and were in tears as they rededicated themselves to the Lord’s service. Praise God for this great opportunity to impact this inter-denominational group.
James also promoted the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power, at a leadership conference on Church Development. Many of the senior and second-line leaders commented on how it has helped them:
Thank you, Pastor James, and the DPM team for this book in Urdu; this is a priceless gift.
God bless you for giving it free for the second-line leaders.
LCSP has changed my life; I am new forever.
My pastors are greatly blessed by this wonderful teaching by Derek Prince.
LCSP has got everything I need to grow in my spiritual life.
This is a great idea to bless the leaders in Pakistan with abundant blessing. 
We praise God that 50,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in Urdu were recently printed, and over 40,000 have already been distributed to church leaders all over Pakistan.

Slovakia—Branislav & Claudia Cekan
This year we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of involvement with DPM. We praise the Lord for opening the doors to minister to the Body of Christ here. Without His grace and the prayers and financial support of the donors, we wouldn’t be able to distribute Derek Prince’s biblical teaching to thousands upon thousands of believers in this post-communist nation. Your generosity is appreciated and will be rewarded by the Lord as you see the shining faces of many believers in heaven who made it because of your faithful, tireless and ongoing support.
Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett

A family in the western part of the Solomon Islands struggled for years to be free of an ancestral curse that resulted in the loss of many lives. Recently, one of them had access to Life-Changing Spiritual Power and read the teaching on How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. They understand now the root cause of the curse and are working toward reconciliation among themselves and other tribes.
The Self-Study Bible Course has been completed by 28 more prison inmates, with many positive responses received. One testimony reads:
I have been really blessed as I studied these lessons, and the topics have led me into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and changed my attitudes and bad habits. Most of all, [the teaching] has given me hope that although I am a life-time prisoner, I am assured by my Savior that I will be saved in His Kingdom when He comes.

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

We praise the Lord for our faithful donors and prayer supporters. Lynn has been responsible for donor care and has seen good response to her efforts. Without them, we would not be able to accomplish what the Lord wants to do for Africa through Derek’s teaching. So many leaders are looking for good teaching material and highly favor Derek’s teaching as the best for Africa.
We are making many contacts from the radio broadcasts on Impact Radio and Radio Pulpit. We are getting calls and e-mails from all around the country. Here is a message from Eddy:
I listened to the radio this morning and heard that the New Testament is an invitation to fellowship and walk with the Lord. Please send me reading material about today’s message and an audio of the message.
A group of eight and another group of 25 young leaders from N. Africa came to S. Africa to do discipleship training and then reach out to the Muslim communities. We were able to give them 14 books (PDF files on CDs), along with other CD and DVD teachings, and the information to DPM websites and other DPM Arabic material.
People who have known of Derek’s teaching in the past have been drawn back to it recently. A testimony came from a man in the Durban area who said he had a dream about Derek. Derek was in army attire and it was clear he had been in combat as he was covered with dust and dirt. He turned to this man and said, “Welcome back, my Prodigal son.” The man said he knew that what Derek meant was that he was to get back to Derek’s teaching. Years ago, he bought suitcases full of Derek’s audiocassettes which he gave to his daughters when they went to university. Now he wants to start ordering the messages again!
A high ranking army officer who was trained in Cuba under Communism gave the following report. He has had a church of about 150 in an Indian community in S. Africa for the past five years and has been grounded in Derek’s teaching. He is also a regular listener to Derek on radio. He was invited to minister in Zimbabwe and the meeting started at 9 a.m. He said he simply gave Derek’s message on deliverance and said that the Lord wanted to bless all who were there. He then prayed a simple prayer. He said: “It is amazing how Derek’s teaching is always with signs following.” People started getting delivered and the meeting went on until 7 p.m. that evening! One of the other high ranking army officers trained in Cuba now has five churches in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area.

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