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February 14— Czech Republic

This nation is among the most atheistic in the world. Pray that Derek’s materials will equip believers here to take God’s Word to every city, town and village across the country.

Pray that Czech believers will become living testimonies to unbelievers around them.

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Praise and Thanksgiving


Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge.
Psalm 46:10–11

Angola—Isabel Surgeon

  • We plan to send more sets of Portuguese books to five Operation Mobilization missions bases in Angola. OM also has a bookshop and training center facility not far from our office in Pretoria.

Australia—Alex Genovese

  • All praise and glory to God for the unity among the team that traveled to Walgett during November. The Lord went before us and prepared the way, and we saw great results in people's lives. An effective door has opened there.               —Graeme and Veronica Hunter, Indigenous Outreach Coordinators

Botswana—Isabel Surgeon

  • Ina is finalizing work on the Tswana language Life-Changing Spiritual Power book and cover before it goes for printing and distribution in Botswana and a large part of South Africa. Some San Bushmen can understand Tswana, and the younger generation can read it.
  • In New Xanagas, we are translating Derek’s broadcasts into Naro San. There are quite a few San Bushman men and women helping with translations that will be used in test broadcasts. If all goes well, we will reach the Kalahari San of South Africa, Namibia and Botswana this year where 100,000 San Bushman people will have teaching in their own “click” language on CD, MegaVoice and the radio. (These people were in the movie, “The Gods Must be Crazy” some years ago.) 

Bulgaria—Iskra Nacheva

  • Two recently printed books, You Matter to God and Living as Salt and Light, are being well accepted in Bulgaria. The demand for Derek’s books is increasing regardless of the economic stagnation.

 China—Ross Paterson

  • Praise God for the DPM team that serves inside China. We are so grateful for these brothers and sisters who labor without financial reward for the sake of the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus.

Croatia—Damir & Irene Blazic

  • We praise God that Derek´s teaching is available in Croatian. We want to share these testimonies:
  • A man bought the book Husbands and Fathers and was so impressed with the teaching that he ordered all 27 Croatian titles we have printed so he can lend them to his relatives and friends.
  • A woman was encouraged by a Roman Catholic priest to buy Derek´s book Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose and read it in an attitude of prayer. Afterward, a friend of hers also requested it.
  • Someone contacted us through our website: I am a believer since 1996. I got converted through Derek Prince’s books: Blessing or Curse and Foundation Series that I bought in a bookstore. These are rare to find, for most books are from Roman Catholic authors. I believe it was God´s grace, for it was the beginning of an exodus for me from false teachings. Until then my hope and faith was in TM, yoga, and universal life. The fact is I bought the Foundation Series books twice in three months. The first time, under the influence of false gospels and demons, I tore it apart and threw it in the garbage. But praise Jesus, the seed of God´s Word was already sown in me, and soon came forth fruit. Jesus saved me! After that, all of my occult books ended up in the garbage. That same year I was baptized in water, and since then I am serving in the local Church. God blessed me with a beautiful wife, four sons and one daughter. I am leading children’s work and sometimes serve on the worship team. I approach the work of brother Prince with respect, realizing that all of the glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

France—René de Groot

  • All 30 X13 Project messages in French are now online and our YouTube channel (, which has a growing number of visitors.
  • A new French booklet, The Headship of Jesus, has been printed.
  • January marked 20 years since we printed the first edition of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose in French; 35.000 copies are now in print which is very rare for a Christian book in France. 

India – Elsie & Danny

  • After completing our DPM Bible College Curriculum, 30 pastors in Kanchipuram graduated. This is a deeply religious Hindu district where there are no Christian training institutions for church leaders. They trained for nearly 18 months covering 13 teaching topics which are very helpful and practical for Indian ministry. Each graduate also received a set of Derek’s Tamil books. They were very excited to receive the mini-library, and this was probably the first set of teaching material they had ever been given. 


  • We were delighted to recently send two significant shipments of books to Surabaya (East Java) which will be a great blessing to the recipients.


  • Excellent progress is being made on the translation of 30 of Derek’s most significant audio/video messages into Japanese, with more than half the messages now completed.

Kenya—Isabel Surgeon

  • John Skoda is distributing the Swahili Life-Changing Spiritual Power book in Kenya, Congo and Zanzibar. His parents were missionaries near where Derek worked as head of a teacher training college in the 1950s.

Madagascar—Isabel Surgeon

  • Translation of Rediscovering God’s Church into Malagasy was recently completed and the Foundations booklets are in progress.
  • Dries is voicing the written Malagasy work onto CDs for radio broadcasting. The CDs and audio books will also be used on MP3 solar players he will purchase initially for eight leaders that he is training.   

Malawi—Isabel Surgeon

  • The Chichewa Self-Study Bible Course is having a final edit before printing and then will be used by pastors and in prison outreach.

Malaysia—Liman and Sai Peng

  • Indonesia Director, Marcel, visited late last year and ministered at a Tamil-speaking Bible school that is planning to use Derek’s English, Indonesian and Tamil books.

 Mozambique—Isabel Surgeon

  • We have sets of Portuguese books available for Bible schools in Mozambique.

Namibia—Isabel Surgeon

  • Bertus Nel who requested the Foundations book be translated into Afrikaans has now received the translations to give to church leaders. He also requested Chinese books, CDs and DVDs for the Chinese people in his church, and we were able to supply him with the material.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

  • Derek Prince’s teaching has changed my life. It is simple language, understandable in Nepali and great truths from the Bible have been so wonderfully exposed. Where I am leading the church, Derek’s anointed books have become the main resource for me to nourish the believers. In this area, almost every pastor has Derek’s books.           — Pastor Krishna Thapa

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • We have had many and very positive responses to the new online course, “Living in the Last Days” (based on Prophetic Guide to the End times), with over 200 participants and the 2nd run of the course, “Life with the Holy Spirit,” with 115 participants.
  • Our revised website and E-shop went live in November. We believe this will greatly increase our contacts and online activity.  
  • Reading of our Daily Devotional e-mails continues to grow with almost daily positive responses.
  • We are grateful for the ongoing financial support from a group of donors who very faithfully give. 

Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • We praise God for a new open door into a large secondary school in Bergen. One other secondary school heard about the reading and proclaiming of God’s Word, and they are also trying to establish Bible reading in the same way.
  • Derek Prince’s teaching is now well known and established in Norway. Many denominations in our country speak well of it and are joining us to help spread the Word of God. We are expecting even more to stand with us this year.
  • God is giving us co-workers to help start a DPM office in Sweden! 

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth shared from Derek’s book, You Matter to God, with young women drug addicts and women who work among them in a Karachi slum. Twenty of them repented and gave their lives to the Lord, with many others being “recharged.” Each participant received a copy of the book.
  • James shared from Derek’s book, Called to Conquer,  at a prayer and fellowship gathering in Hyderabad. It was attended by the Anglican Arch Deacon of the Diocese of Hyderabad, along with 55 pastors and leaders, and each one received a copy of this book, along with Lucifer Exposed. They were touched by the message and intercession for each other and have requested these gatherings be held on a regular basis. 

Philippines—John Cochrane

  • The Divine Exchange has now been translated and printed in the national language, Tagalog.
  • We are receiving great comments regarding Self-Study Bible Course, including these:“The people love this study book and I find it very helpful for baby Christians in our church.”   
  • “I believe this book is very timely and needed for all believers (young and old) in our city.”

Slovakia— Branislav & Claudia Cekan

  • Christian radio station (Radio 7) in Slovakia began broadcasting Derek’s teaching (from his Teaching Letters) in the Slovak language in late November. This is a new opportunity to reach our nation on a new level at no cost to us!

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • The Lord is moving in Africa, and there are exciting new doors of opportunity opening that are initiated by people who love Derek’s teaching and want to share it with others.
  • Mzi, our Xhosa translator, has completed work on The Holy Spirit in You, God’s Medicine Bottle and Spiritual Warfare. These books will eventually be included in Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
  • Hope Ramaphosa of Seeds of Hope Ministries has implemented the Self Study Bible Course material in several ways. She began with 75 school leaders who will work through it and also presented it to two radio stations who will air it online as a course that she will oversee. It will also be available for students to study by email. Students will receive a certificate after completing the course. Hope has requested further study material as well. If this is done in other provinces, it can change the future of this nation through future leaders. Hope presented this course to her church who was so impressed they started it the next week! 

Sri Lanka – Elsie & Danny

  • Elsie, Danny and their team made a return trip to Sri Lanka last September. DPM is held in high regard here and is very well received, enabling many doors to open for Derek’s teaching. Over 1,300 church leaders were ministered to over 13 days, so a significant impact was made. Every comment received indicated it was so timely and what they all needed. DPM–New Zealand Trustee, Alan Brooks, was with the team and writes: “My mind thinks back to the DPM conference in Hyderabad in 1998 where Derek himself was ministering. The passion is the same today as it was then. The Word is going out into the heavenlies as well as into the people, and this land is changing. The trumpet has sounded and God is assembling these people to unity under His army to recover this land.”

Tanzania—Isabel Surgeon

  • Moses Amani helped distribute copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and those who received them were very grateful. A training center that also received the book were sharing one Bible among 25 students. Moses personally bought Bibles for these students. We often take for granted the access we have to Bible and teaching material.
  • Joy Radio will be broadcasting the Swahili CD messages and is also interested in presenting the Self Study Bible Course on radio. The radio contact will visit the South Africa office in February to discuss this and also take back English radio messages for broadcasting. 

Zambia—Isabel Surgeon

  • Peter Pedersen distributed 100 Foundations books in Zambia and other areas in 2015.  
  • Graduate packs were sent to Kaniki Bible School and Baptist Theological College in Lusaka. 

Zimbabwe—Tich Ruzane

  • I spoke in towns across Zimbabwe in 2015. In every place, Derek’s teaching was well received.   Last October. I went to Gweru to introduce Derek’s books, and about 30 pastors attended and joyfully received the books. Doors are also opening to other areas.

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