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Another group of local Hispanic pastors and ministry leaders visited the U.S. office recently as the result of an ongoing partnership with a prominent Hispanic minister in this area. Pray that, through these contacts with the Latino community, Derek’s material will be used not only by these leaders locally, but extended further into Latin America where they minister.

Pray for the ongoing successful translation and dubbing of Derek’s DVD teachings into Spanish.

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Praise and Thanksgiving


“Blessed be the Lord, because He has heard the voice of my supplications! The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with my song I will praise Him.”
Psalm 28:6–7

Belarus—Neil Cornick

  • In answer to your prayers, a pastor asked us to take part in a Sunday service and distribute Derek’s material. We joyfully responded and were able to bless many people. The pastor invited us again and is looking to partner further with DPM. We believe this is a beginning and that more churches will follow!

Botswana—Isabel Surgeon

  • The Tswana translation of Life-Changing Spiritual Power is scheduled to be printed before the end of the year after the final editing is completed.

Cambodia—Annie Chen-Green

  • Derek’s Teaching Letter (in booklet form), Benefits of Redemption, in the Khmer language was given to a group of young people at their baptism in March. A team from our partner ministry, One-2-One, also taught from this material.
  • Conferences were recently held for 800 pastors in two provinces. Several of Derek’s booklets and Proclamation Cards were given to each pastor for which they were extremely grateful.

China—Ross Paterson

  • Our team was given 300 MP3 players containing Derek’s teaching and a Bible, all in Chinese. We gave them to two DPM distributors in China for wise distribution. This tool is especially useful for those who are less literate who can now hear Derek’s teaching and the Word!
  • China is growing tighter under its leadership as mentioned in the prayer section. Yet, we praise God for the strong impact of the 30x13 Project in reaching the people of China. 
  • The China team has worked hard with the U.S. office on the Derek Prince Chinese App and made good progress. The prospects for the App are exciting, as many in China will be able to listen to Derek’s teaching through this tool. 

Croatia—Damir & Irene Blazic

  • Our Facebook page is making a growing impact in Croatia.
  • We have successfully completed two new books: By Grace Alone and The Promise of Provision.
  • We see a growing number of visitors to our website and a growing demand for Derek’s material. 

Egypt—Neil Cornick

  • We have a new brochure listing all of Derek’s Arabic books and audio teachings that we can now distribute to introduce Derek’s material here and to Arab-speaking believers abroad.
  • God opened a new door for broadcasting Derek’s teaching on Arabic radio through four stations:  Transworld Radio (reaching Middle East and North Africa,, Sama Radio (reaching Egypt,, Bouchra Radio (reaching Tunisia, and El Mahabba Radio (reaching Morocco, We praise God for this outreach!
  • Albert, director of DPM–Egypt, attended a conference for Christian radio ministry in the Middle East. Some important agreements were made during this time: to establish an Arabic Radio Convention, as well as a bank where important radio materials can be available to all Christian radio stations. Derek's materials will be added to this.
  • We are partnering with “Give a Hand” ministry, to supply them with Bible boxes ( for 100 missionaries who are ministering to Arabic refugees in Europe, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan for two weeks up to three months. 

France—René de Groot

  • We are so thankful for a large gift from DPM–Switzerland who responded to the Lord to give to us!

India—Elsie and Danny

  • We were delighted to travel to Mumbai and the nearby cities of Pune and Gudalur in February to hold seminars for several hundred pastors and other Christian leaders, along with their wives. We taught from Derek’s material, including The Divine Exchange and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Many testified they had never heard this teaching before, and it was exactly what they needed to help their churches. We saw a mighty move of the Spirit, and many wives rose up as end-time Deborahs with a new vision!

Indonesia—Marcel Kanon

  • I recently ministered with another pastor to over 300 pastors in Halmahera, one of the poorest cities in Indonesia. Each one received a copy of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and God’s Plan for Your Money.

Kenya—Isabel Surgeon

  • Peter Lindop is overseeing the new East Africa Bible School Project. After some months authenticating pastors in the region, he believes God has provided a foundation of godly co-workers to establish a new work here. He thanks all who helped in this important process.
  • Peter recently visited the Pentecostal Assemblies of God Bible College in N'yangori, which is near Kisumu where Derek taught when he and Lydia lived in Kenya nearly 60 years ago. He made a very positive re-connection with the leaders there and looks forward to making many of Derek's books available to the lecturers, students and graduates. 

Madagascar—Isabel Surgeon

  • The Lord is using Dries and Valerie! Dries prints Derek’s booklets and distributes them to church leaders and Bible college students. Many are open to the gospel and being saved and delivered as they listen to Derek’s teaching. After some years of reaching inland villages, Dries and Valerie plan to go back to reaching people along the coast, which they did when they began work in Madagascar 20 years ago.

Malawi—Isabel Surgeon

  • 1,000 copies of the Chichewa Self-Study Bible Course were printed mainly for prison outreach. 
  • The Chichewa “Laying the Foundation” DVD teaching has been voiced and will be sent to Malawi for training leaders and for ministry in Bible schools and prisons. There are many Malawians in South Africa who are also being reached with Derek’s teaching. 

Mozambique—Isabel Surgeon

  • A missionary who works with World Outreach in northern Mozambique contacted DPM–South Africa for Portuguese material. Isabel will work to get Derek’s material to this missions team to use in Bible training.

Mongolia—Ross Paterson

  • The Mongolian team reports that “Derek Prince Mongolia’s work through their website, App and DVDs are blessing many. We hear many good reports on how these are helping many people. The YouTube channel of Derek Prince Mongolia is one of the most watched programs in the Mongolian Christian circle.” The 30x13 Project is making a difference in our Mongolia outreach.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

  • More churches and Bible schools are asking for Derek’s books for their graduates.
  • The Central Prison has been given two copies of each of Derek’s books in Nepali for their library.  

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • We have had many positive responses to our recent Teaching Letter, “Knowing God as Father,” along with requests for more copies to be given away. This vital message is reaching thousands.
  • The Daily Devotional E-mails are currently sent out to over 3,000 readers and many new names are also being added to our mailing list, increasing the impact of Derek’s teaching in many lives.
  • We have reprinted the book Faith to Live By in a Daily Devotional format under a new title, Faith for Every Day. It is currently sent out on a contribution basis.  

Norway/Scandinavia—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • The extended Jubilee edition of Appointment in Jerusalem is ready to print in Swedish and Norwegian!
  • Proclamation Cards will soon be ready in many languages for the indigenous people in the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland where we have begun outreach. 

Philippines—John Cochrane

  • We gave the Tagalog Self-Study Bible Course to all 836 graduates at Baptist Bible College Asia.
  • I spoke at an Assembly of God Bible College graduation in Legaspi and distributed copies of the Tagalog Self-Study Bible Course to students, as well as other books to the lecturers.
  • A conference for 200 pastors was held in Manila, and Johnny Sy, Director of Praise Books, talked about the work of DPM and gave each pastor a copy of the Tagalog Self-Study Bible Course. 

Romania—Fanel and Monica Serban (30x13 Project—Ross Paterson)

  • Fanel reports that “The Christian television channel in Romania is broadcasting every week a sermon by Derek Prince from the 30 DVDs, all taken from the 30x13 Project.”

Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett

  • The Methodist church held a youth convention to teach about the work of the Holy Spirit, using the book, Life-Changing Spiritual Power (specifically the material from The Holy Spirit in You). Hundreds of young people now have a much greater understanding of the Holy Spirit. 
  • We were able to penetrate some religious barriers in a province in Choiseul. Our coordinator, Hudson, sends Derek’s books to two contacts there for distribution. One recipient said his life has been transformed by Derek’s teaching. 

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • Part 1 of “I Will Shake All Things” has been edited for Afrikaans subtitling on Youtube. 
  • The Xhosa Life-Changing Spiritual Power book will soon be completed and ready to print.
  • Radio Pulpit is airing Derek’s teaching, beginning with the “Atonement” series. 
  • A new radio station in Heidelberg is now airing the “Word from the Word” broadcasts. 
  • A new TV station in Johannesburg wants to air Derek’s teaching free of charge for six weeks, so we have supplied them with 30 DVDs.
  • Our new staff member, Malcolm, who comes from an academic background, is working with Ina to design a new website and learn many other responsibilities. He is excited to be with us.
  • Testimony: A young man in Soweto, Johannesburg (population 1.2 million) who heard Derek on radio came all the way by train and taxi to our office to get the CD!! Now he comes every month to buy another book and has learned so much. He says many do not have the full truth as Derek teaches. Who knows how many people he will reach with Derek’s teaching in his heart. 

Syria—Neil Cornick

  • Our coworker tells us, “We praise God we are still alive and can give the Word of God and Derek’s materials to so many people even during this time of war. We thank Him for the many people He’s equipped for good work.”

Ukraine—Neil Cornick

  • The book, Secrets of a Prayer Warrior, has been translated and published. Many people were eager to read it and have shared how it has blessed them.

Zimbabwe—Tich Ruzane

  • Testimony: “I started reading Derek Prince’s Blessing or Curses and thank God for your obedience and vision in bringing this amazing material to Zimbabwe!! Don’t give up or lose heart my brother!”

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