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September 2014

“Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe . . . Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision!
For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.”
Joel 3:13a, 14a

September 1—JAPAN
Several of Derek’s Teaching Letters have now been translated into Japanese. Pray that these would be widely distributed and be a great blessing to Japanese believers.

  • Pray for many to enroll in the Internet courses on “Promised Land” and “Living through the Holy Spirit” which start this month.
  • Pray for the Lord’s supernatural intervention in the physical and spiritual battles taking place on the Dutch team.

September 3—ISRAEL
  • Many soldiers in the Israel Defense Force can now access and listen to Derek’s messages in Hebrew. Pray for their hearts to be open to the Lord and for their protection.
  • Daniel, Derek’s “voice” in Hebrew and one of the DPM team in Israel, is now on duty in the IDF. Pray for his protection, as well as for his wife and three children.

September 4—SOUTH AFRICA
  •  Mission Fest will be held on September 5–6. Pray for new contacts who have a heart for missions and would respond positively to giving toward the Graduate Gift Pack and Bible College Library Pack projects, as well as Prison Outreach.
  • Pray for a good response to the new email promotions of Derek’s material that are being sent to bookshops.

  • Due to the war in Ukraine, anxiety, insecurity, and fear are rising among the people in Eastern Europe.
  • Pray that God will strengthen and empower the believers to bring hope to those around them.
  • Pray that Derek’s materials that have been sown into this region will bear fruit at this time—drawing many to the Lord, encouraging Christians and also teaching them to pray effectively for their governments and leaders.

September 6—IRAQ
In response to requests for Derek’s material from churches in Iraq, pray that shipments being sent will arrive safely and be a great source of hope and strength for Iraqi believers at this time.

September 7—UGANDA
The print run of 10,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power in English has arrived safely in the office. These books will not only be used by leaders within Uganda, but will also equip and encourage pastors and leaders who come to Uganda to take part in conferences. Pray that this book (of multiple titles) will be a great blessing to all who receive it and that those recipients will, in turn, teach others.

September 8—UKRAINE
Pray for the printing of the new Russian translations of Atonement and Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting to be completed as soon as possible.

September 9—AUSTRALIA
Graeme and Veronica Hunter, the Indigenous Outreach Coordinators for DPM in Australia, have been invited to set up a DPM table at the Indigenous Australian Conference on September 12–14 in New South Wales. Pray for a lot of interest from the attendees and for those who buy Derek’s teaching to be greatly blessed by it.

A shipment of DPM material is en route to Uganda. This shipment includes nearly 1,000 French books for distribution throughout the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.
  • Pray for the safe arrival and distribution of these resources.
  • Pray that Derek’s teaching will transform hearts and minds through God’s Word.

September 11—SOUTH SUDAN
Recently, Foundational Truths for Christian Living in English and Arabic (15 copies of each) were sent to Juba in South Sudan where a pastor will be teaching from this material at the university. Pray that the students will be greatly impacted by God’s Word and become catalysts for change in their nation.

September 12—PAKISTAN
  • Pray for more Bible colleges in Pakistan to use CDs of Derek’s foundational teaching (voiced in the Urdu language) in their curriculum.
  • Pray for God’s protection to cover Directors James and Elizabeth, their sons Andrew and Jaron, and the DPM book translators, as well as for their storage rooms, book stock and office.

September 13—MYANMAR
  • Pray that the free mini-libraries of Derek’s material that are being sent to pastors and churches in remote areas will be used effectively to teach and strengthen the church in these isolated places.
  • Youth leaders and other church leaders have been offered free copies of Derek’s books. Pray for a good response to this invitation so that more people will be firmly grounded in God’s Word.

September 14—IRAN
  • Pray that God will protect DPM workers and contacts who are distributing micro SD (memory) cards containing Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray that many will come to salvation and be changed by the Word of God.

September 15—FRANCE
  • Pray for wisdom and skill for the printers and graphic designers and for all equipment to function properly.
  • Continue to pray for current Bible Correspondence Course students, for new students to enroll, and that those students who, for some reason stopped, will finish the Course.
September 16—MONGOLIA
An anointed pastor in Mongolia is working with DPM to translate (through his wife) and publish Derek’s materials, making Derek’s Mongolian teaching available to many in that nation. Now he and his wife have begun translation on The Spirit-filled Believer’s Handbook. Pray for them as they take on this new project and for this foundational teaching to have a mighty impact on believers in Mongolia.

September 17—SIERRA LEONE
The DPM contact here reports that the pastors who received Derek’s books in June are thoroughly enjoying his teaching, particularly Foundational Truths for Christian Living. Pray that God will lay a firm foundation of faith in their lives so they will be effective in their Christian walk and able to lead others well.

September 18—AZERBAIJAN
The printing of Faith to Live By in Azeri has been completed, and many books have now been distributed. Pray that this teaching will be a great tool for equipping and encouraging the church in this nation.

September 19—CHINA
A China team member was with a sister who uses a 4G smart phone connection to watch Bible teaching. Yet many others in China are poor and will never own a smart phone. With these rapid changes taking place in China, pray for the team to have wisdom and sensitivity in serving people in different situations at both ends of the social spectrum.

September 20—INDONESIA
  • Pray for a significant increase in sales as well as in donations, from Indonesian believers.
  • Pray for the new government to be installed soon to maintain its pluralistic nature rather than revert to more sharia-oriented views, and that the radical forces of Islam will not be able to influence the decision-makers of this country.

September 21—MADAGASCAR
Dries and Valerie work with DPM in Madagascar. Dries has been responsible for printing Derek’s books and distributing them to Bible school students and pastors, as well as teaching at Bible schools.
  • Pray for them to continue to walk in wisdom, good health and strength.
  • Pray for those who receive Derek’s material in this nation to be greatly strengthened in their faith.
September 22—NORWAY
  • Pray for an increase in supporters who have a heart for missions outreach and giving.
  • Pray for more youth groups and their leaders to become interested in Derek’s teaching.
September 23—NEPAL
  • Pray for good health, strength and God’s protection for Director Gopaljee and his family, along with the other DPM distributors in Nepal.
  • Due to the significant demand for Derek’s books, many needed reprinting. Pray for the huge reprinting project currently underway to go smoothly.

September 24—UNITED STATES
Many good contacts have been made the last few years with those involved in college outreach.
  • Pray for unity in vision and purpose to solidify this area of ministry for future generations.
  • Pray for clarity for the right staff to be involved.

September 25—QATAR
Qatar is a very closed country with no Christian bookshops. Yet the Lord has given the DPM–UK team some good contacts with a large church there that wants Derek’s teaching. Pray for God’s protection over this new connection and that He would enable many to safely receive DPM materials.

  • Pray that DPM can establish links with Temotu (the easternmost province of the islands) as well as the eastern outer islands, which are very isolated.
  • Pray that many will continue to listen to Derek’s radio programs and be transformed by the teaching.

  • Pray that God will give Derek’s teaching favor with new church leaders and that they will open their churches to receive and distribute DPM materials.
  • Pray for an increase in sales to help with funds for more production and distribution of teaching.

September 28—SRI LANKA
  • Pray for the Lord’s guidance for the coordinator and all the new contacts in Sri Lanka who are helping to establish DPM here.
  • Pray for the translation and publication of material in the Sinhalese language and for the right “voice” to record some of Derek’s foundational material onto CDs.

September 29—CHINA
There are signs of tighter control by the central government. A heretical Christian group openly murdered a woman in a restaurant, obviously causing alarm with the authorities. Pray for protection and blessing over China’s Christians, especially for the DPM team both inside and outside China.

September 30—PERU/BOLIVIA

Pray for clear guidance from the Lord for the U.S. office leaders regarding the production of Derek’s radio messages in the Quechuan language for the Quechua people.
Pray for the Lord to reveal the right translator for this project.

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October 2014

But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.
Jude 20–21

The directors and other co-workers from DPM national offices worldwide will gather in the U.S. in October for a time of reporting on outreach activities and needs, and for prayer and fellowship.
  • Pray for the Lord’s protection over all who will be traveling.
  • Pray for unity and oneness of vision in God’s plans for DPM.
  • Pray that all who attend will leave refreshed and encouraged.
  • Pray for the Lord’s protection and guidance over all the staff members and families back at home while these leaders come together for this important time. 

October 2—Myanmar
  • Pray for God’s protection and anointing for Director Jacob as he speaks and ministers at a Bible seminary and a three-day seminar later this month. 
  • Pray for good contacts who will help distribute Derek’s materials more widely throughout the nation. 
October 3—Philippines
  • Several people in the Philippines are willing to print and distribute some of Derek’s English titles, but they are facing some hurdles. Pray for this process to go smoothly.
  • For large quantities of Derek’s books, however, pray it would be possible to import them from India where they are printed, as this would be more economical. 
  • Pray for the workers involved in the Mega Voice project which involves loading 500 hours of Derek’s teaching onto the Mega Voice players for Bible schools and church leaders in Africa.
  • Pray for the ongoing translation work in various African languages: Afrikaans, Xhosa, Tswana, Swahili, Hausa, and Tigrinya (for Eritrean churches in South Africa), 
Pray for a growing awareness of missions among the supporters and that they will feel increasingly blessed by taking part in sharing Derek’s teaching worldwide.
Pray for a good response to the book Living as Salt and Light to be released this month.

October 6—Turkey
Pray for more doors to open for sharing Derek’s teaching in Turkey through various media, beginning with airing his messages in Turkish on local Christian TV channels.
October 7—GERMANY
  • Pray for wisdom for those involved in preparing for DPM conferences in October and November.
  • Pray for those who are just discovering Derek’s materials to become firmly grounded in their faith and grow stronger in the Lord. 
Hundreds of requests are filled each month from prisoners wanting Derek’s material. Pray for continued provision to meet the needs of these men and women who are hungry for God and His Word.

October 9—CANADA
  • Pray for the right doors to open in order to send Derek’s teaching material into prisons.
  • Pray for the right connections to be made for reaching the native peoples of Canada with Derek’s teaching. 
October 10—Uganda
Five titles were recently printed in Luganda, the major language of Uganda. Although many people in Uganda read English well, there are many others who prefer teaching in their mother tongue.
  • Pray for the shipment of Lugandan material coming from the U.K. to arrive safely.
  • Pray that the Lord will use these books to unlock truths from God’s Word for pastors and teachers across Uganda. 
  • Pray for the right workers to join both the staff and board of the Swiss team in order to serve and help expand the ministry in this nation and region.
  • Pray that DPM’s presence here will be used by the Lord to help bring revival and a true hunger for God’s Word. 
October 12—ISRAEL
  • Pray for the believers and churches in the land to know how to pray for the government and military leaders and for the leaders to be guided by God’s hand, even unknowingly.
  • Pray for protection over Derek’s books in Russian, Hebrew and Arabic that are being increasingly spread across Israel to churches, groups and individuals. 
DPM co-workers and volunteers in 10 nations of Eastern Europe produce and distribute Derek’s teaching in various languages.
  • Pray that they will be strengthened and refreshed and thus able to encourage others in their faith.
  • Pray for them to have God’s supernatural protection, guidance, wisdom and favor. 
October 14—ETHIOPIA
Pray that the new Amharic translation of Rediscovering God's Church that was requested by many church leaders, will be an important resource for them in establishing a spiritually healthy and mature church that God can use in these days.
October 15—Nigeria

Translation has begun on the first Derek Prince book in Yoruba, a language of southwest Nigeria. Pray for protection of the translator as he works on Pulling Down Strongholds.
Pray also that teaching resources in this language would become a good source of blessing and equipping for the Yoruba-speaking church.

October 16—GERMANY
  • The DPM team in Germany wants to place a free “lending library” of 10 books in 200 churches. Pray for more German pastors to be receptive to Derek’s Bible teaching.
  • Pray for the final production phase of the books Living as Salt and Light and Where Wisdom Begins in the German language. 
The U.K. office has responsibility for DPM’s outreaches and workers across the Middle East, as well as for Great Britain and other areas where conflicts are taking place. Pray for each of the trustees to have the Lord’s wisdom and guidance when they meet on October 24 so that His plans will be made clear.
October 18—INDONESIA
  • Pray for an increase in the number of people visiting the website and accessing Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for a greater awareness of DPM’s ministry among Indonesian believers.

October 19—CHINA
Pray for an area of China where a leader is asking for 50,000 copies each of 10 of Derek’s Chinese book titles! Local printing prices are too expensive, so pray for wisdom and guidance for the China team to print elsewhere and then ship safely to this leader.

Radio is one of the best ways to share Derek’s teaching in Africa, so more radio stations are being contacted to inquire about airing Derek’s broadcasts. Pray for an increase in radio listeners and that people will be saved, healed and delivered and tell others about the programs.
October 21—PERSIAN Gulf Region

Pray that the English/Arabic regional website, which was launched in December, will be visited by more and more people who are not saved and without hope, and draw many to the Lord.

Pray that Derek’s teaching will strongly impact the people in Munda (on the island of New Georgia), Makira Province (east of Guadalcanal) and Gizo (capital of the Western Province) where distribution of Derek’s book, Life-changing Spiritual Power, is taking place.
October 23—FRANCE
  • Pray for many people to respond to the outreach mailings with a gift and to also begin using the website for online giving.
  • Pray for direction and creativity for René as he seeks new ways to reach people with Derek’s teaching. 
October 24—ZIMBABWE         
Tich, who directs the new work in this nation, recently attended a Baptist men’s conference where he made many new friends and contacts. Pray that he will connect with even more people who would be willing to support the ministry in some way—giving, praying, or volunteering—to help extend Derek’s material across the nation.
October 25—India

Plans are underway to hold more pastors’ teaching seminars in November in Mumbai, Pune and some of the smaller cities in Maharashtra. Pray for a large number of leaders to attend and also for more open doors for DPM in other parts of India.
October 26—United Arab Emirates
  • Pray for a strong and fruitful relationship with the new DPM contact in Abu Dhabi who is helping arrange incoming shipments of materials.
  • Pray that Derek’s teaching will be life-changing for many people.  
There is great potential for expansion of the ministry in Central and South America, and several nations have come to the forefront as potential locations for a DPM office. Pray for the Lord to make clear where and when any new office is to be established and the right people to lead the work.

Pray that the Derek Prince Legacy Radio programs will reach and impact more and more people worldwide through the Internet, especially those who are in areas where sharing of the gospel is restricted or forbidden.
October 29—Egypt
  • Pray for the five new Arabic books to carry the Lord’s anointing and bring many people to salvation as well as a stronger Christian walk.
  • Pray for the translation and voice dubbing for new Arabic radio programs. 
October 30—RUSSIA
Pray for direction regarding the ongoing work of DPM in the nations of the former Soviet Republic. Derek’s teaching material has been sown across this large region, and the leaders overseeing this outreach need the Lord’s clear guidance for moving ahead.
October 31—NORWAY
  • Pray for faithful and anointed workers to step forth who would be willing to serve the DPM team by ministering to people, particularly in the area of deliverance and breaking curses.
  • Pray for increasing favor upon the work of DPM in Norway so that more of Derek’s teaching would be requested and distributed.

Praise and Thanksgiving
September/October 2014

But I will hope continually, and will praise You yet more and more. My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and Your salvation all the day, for I do not know their limits.
Psalm 71:14–15
China—Ross Paterson
  • Two new groups with many churches in each are urgently asking for Derek’s materials. We will reach entirely new groups of many Chinese believers through these open doors.
  • A listener who had been blessed by Derek’s teaching on DVD wrote to say how wonderful it is that Derek spoke Chinese and asked if we could tell other foreign teachers to learn the language in the same way. Derek never did learn Chinese as his messages have been over-dubbed in Chinese to such very high quality that it seems he does speak the language on the DVDs!

France—René de Groot
  • Another title is available in French: Living as Salt and Light, and 500 copies have gone already to French-speaking Africa!
  • We thank God for Robin Prins, a volunteer for DPM–Netherlands, who contacted us and offered to help with subtitling DVD messages and setting up a YouTube channel. 

Here is a testimony from a radio listener:

I’ve been truly blessed since becoming a regular listener to RPK FM Radio in Jakarta. The Keys to Successful Living broadcasts truly touched my heart. I also began to listen to Derek Prince Legacy Radio through the international website, which I often download for listening at a later time. I received many new insights and began to better understand the many liberating truths of God’s Word. Slowly, Derek opened my eyes about my need for forgiveness, the truth of God’s Word in our lives, spiritual warfare, the new life, etc. His teaching is so clear and easy for anyone to grasp and so very real to daily life. Many have changed my viewpoint of things, such as God’s will for my life, how to become a prayer warrior, blessings and curses, spiritual enemies, etc. Many times DPM devotionals spoke to me exactly in the situation I was facing. It was as if I was receiving confirmation from the Lord through DPM. Praise the Lord!

Island of Nauru (South Pacific)—Warren Smith

Derek’s radio programs are now broadcast daily from the main radio station of this country.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

This testimony was received from Pastor Sewa:

Thank you for the Derek Prince books which I received during one of your seminars. God has opened my understanding through these books. I was so ignorant about the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and also the gifts of the Spirit. I was told all these things were of the past, only for the Apostles. There are other churches around us who teach that the Holy Spirit is not for us today. I was confused. But now I understand these are for us today also. I am so thankful. I would like to obtain all the books written by Derek Prince. Is it possible?     


Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre
  • This summer, we have received positive responses on the Internet course on prayer.
  • The number of subscribers for the daily devotionals is growing daily.
  • We are grateful for the steady interest in Derek’s books, contrary to general book sales.
New Zealand – Warren Smith

We were able to recently purchase the building we rented for 10 years! Almost half of the needed funds were donated by supporters. We are now saving over $24,000 per year in rent. The building was fully repainted inside and out by the insurance company after the earthquakes and also has new carpet.
Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

We are thankful for the excellent help received from Agnieszka and Marek of DPM–Poland in printing Declaring God’s Word in Norwegian. This cooperation will open new doors for both offices to prosper.

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

Here are two testimonies from church leaders who received Derek’s book, Life-changing Spiritual Power:

This book has inspired me to take up the challenge to be equipped and prepared for the times ahead in leading the Church in Pakistan. This book has all I need for my spiritual growth.
Even in this cold weather, this book is warming the faith and hearts of its readers. God has provided for us out of His abundance. We, as leaders and emerging leaders, are so grateful to DPM. You have a great passion for the leaders and emerging leaders in Pakistan. For me, this book has unique teaching topics to make a leader grow in Christ. I believe that it will be used for leadership training. I have never seen such a book in the Urdu language. Thank you so much for showing concern for the betterment of spiritual growth of the Pakistani leadership.

Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett
  • We had planned to reach the Choiseul Province when someone from that area called in with their donation and shared a testimony of how Derek’s radio broadcast had touched and helped him. Not only that, he assured us that he and his tribe agreed to support the ministry!
  • An inmate who was released recently took on the responsibility to distribute and help organize the Self-Study Bible Course in his community. He is the second former inmate who has offered his time for this.
  • We now have connections on the island of New Georgia, Makira Province (east of Guadalcanal) and Gizo (capital of the Western Province) where Derek’s book, Life-changing Spiritual Power, is being distributed. We have received very positive responses from the coordinators. 

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon
  • The Spiritual Warfare Proclamation Card has been printed in five languages: Xhosa, North Sotho, South Sotho, Shona and Portuguese. These will impact many as they declare God’s Word.
  • We were able to send Portuguese books and DVDs to Angola and Mozambique. The pastors involved were very excited to see the large selection of Portuguese books.
  • A lady in Pretoria bought a set of the Xhosa DVDs which were taken to the Eastern Cape for pastors from different churches. They are very excited about the teaching as there is not much available for them besides the Xhosa Bible.
  • Many new contacts are made when radio listeners phone or visit the office to buy CD messages. Many listeners comment that they know it is sound Bible teaching that is so lacking today. One response came from Kholeka Gamede who wrote:I called today with my question about what I heard on Radio Pulpit. Thanks again for your time. I am interested in buying the book, If You Want God’s Best. I already went on the website and have seen amazing teachings. I must say how this is helping me find answers I have been looking for. Today I felt God's presence very much alive. From a simple question I had, much more was revealed.   
Sri Lanka—Elsie and Danny (in India)
  • We have a new coordinator who will head up Derek Prince Ministries in Sri Lanka.
  • We recently translated and printed God’s Medicine Bottle and The Holy Spirit in You in the Sinhala language and began distribution in Sri Lanka. We have also been distributing Life-changing Spiritual Power in English and Tamil to Sri Lankan pastors and leaders. 

United States – Dick Leggatt
DPM linked up with “Ignite America” for a conference held July 31–August 1 in Shreveport, Louisiana, where a group of college students gathered to seek God for spiritual awakening. We sponsored some of the students to attend and provided material for distribution. Board member Ron Ross and his wife Kathy attended on behalf of DPM and connected with the students firsthand. Some students were familiar with Derek’s teaching, and many were not. Ron and Kathy were excited to see a fervor and hunger for the Lord and what He is doing among a core group of young believers as they minister on their campuses.

Zimbabwe—Tich Ruzane

I attended a Baptist men’s camp/conference in northern Zimbabwe and had a warm reception from about 130 white men from Zambia and South Africa. I was also given 10 minutes to tell my story of how I felt God wanted me to come back to Zimbabwe to open the DPM office. After that, someone commented he also believed strongly that we need such sound teachings in our nation. Someone else wanted them to pray for me, and some men came forward and stood around me and prayed. I said to myself, ‘This is the Lord’s doing - a small black man standing in front of all these white people sharing.’ Another man said to me, ‘People are leaving Zimbabwe, but you are coming back. May God bless you for your sacrifice.’ I sold $357 worth of materials. I also gave out business cards, and most people promised to visit the office. I strongly believe this has opened a great door to Baptist Bible Church. Someone even offered me to assist me with proper bookkeeping and accounting. It was a blessing being there.  —Tich

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