Keeping DPM in Prayer

April 23rd - April 29th


April 23—France

  • Pray for protection, strength and good health for Director René as he is stretched in his many varied responsibilities and for staff member, Catherine, who was very ill recently. She holds a key position, overseeing several important areas of ministry. A spiritual battle has been waging.
  • Pray that supporters will remain faithful in their giving. Donations in 2016 were actually a bit higher than the year before, although sales were significantly lower.

April 24—Switzerland

  • Pray for Ruedi to make new contacts with those who would desire to help support the ministry and distribute Derek’s teaching in any way they can.
  • Pray for more visitors to the website that would bring increased interest and inquiries.

April 25—Israel

  • Pray for the Lord’s continued protection for the team from those who are opposed to Christ.
  • Pray for continued freedom to carry on the work in Israel.
  • Pray for God’s guidance and wisdom in preparing Derek's material for youth groups and children.

April 26—Latin America/USA

  • Pray for the Lord’s clarity and timing in establishing the work of DPM through potential contacts in Peru and Ecuador.
  • Pray for continued blessing and growth of the local Hispanic outreach through ministry contact Armando Perdomo and staff member, Norma McDonald. Another luncheon was held at the office in January attended by returning and first-time guests. Everyone leaves with a gift pack of material and the offer to receive it for their church or ministry outreaches.

April 27—Canada

  • Pray for the right contacts and the Lord’s favor to be able to get Derek’s material into the prison system.
  • Pray for further development in using Derek’s material in Canada’s Aboriginal communities.
  • Pray for God’s ongoing wisdom and direction for Director Bob Yeo and the Board of Directors.

April 28—South Africa

  • Pray for the safe distribution of 100 Mega Voice players to 13 African countries and Madagascar. These teaching tools contain 400 hours of Derek’s teaching in 10-15 minute segments.
  • Pray for many young leaders to be mentored by Derek through the 400 teachings available on the Mega Voice players.
  • Pray that many more leaders will be reached across Africa this year who will be used to impact their nations with Derek’s teaching which is so relevant for this generation.


  • I was able to visit Albert and Elaine Chipps in Cape Town who are strong supporters. Albert holds a Bible study group on board a ship with colleagues who are eager to receive Derek’s teaching.
  • A young lady doctor in Burgersfort reaches out to Arabic, Amharic, Chinese and different Africanlanguage people in her practice and distributes Derek’s teaching. I gave her a 20-year-old copy of Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose in Amharic which she gave to a local man. He read it and was so impacted he began to pass it to other Amharic friends and family who also read it. He was in Ethiopia over Christmas and shared the message with other family and friends. This doctor also just placed a large order of material that included 100 DVDs on deliverance that she will be giving to patients and friends!
  • Pastor David Mehari from the Eritrean church in Pretoria launched Derek’s Foundational teaching LIVE on Facebook in Tigrinya, his third “live” session, when 25 people joined in and 100 checked out the teaching afterwards. David believes many more will join as word gets around about the “live” teaching. He has been teaching his congregation from Derek’s Foundations material for years, with approximately 50 attending the Bible study each week. David also translated the Foundations book some years ago, but, sadly, the transcript was stolen with his luggage en route to South Africa. He is hoping to get help to translate the book again.

April 29—Kenya

  • Elections are scheduled for August, but tension is rising already. The DPM team is being told they may need to stop printing, along with any major activities for the last half of the year as the country stabilizes. In Shaping History through Prayer and Fasting, Derek wrote about being in Kenya in 1961, preceding elections there in 1963 when God’s supernatural intervention brought their independence. He has intervened since then on numerous occasions. Pray for free and fair elections and for the country to remain stable.


  • Praise the Lord for new contacts in Lesotho and Namibia where we will be able to distribute the Mega Voice players to Bible schools.




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