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October 10—Armenia

Translation is beginning on Foundational Truths for Christian Living. Pray for the Lord’s blessing and wisdom for this project and for other translations and printings being planned.

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Praise and Thanksgiving
September/October 2015

Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! For He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have gained Him the victory. The Lord has made known His salvation; His righteousness He has openly shown in the sight of the nations.
Psalm 98:1–2

Botswana—Isabel Surgeon

  • We have been praying for more open doors into Botswana. As a result, a supporter who loves Derek’s teaching went with a group of intercessors to teach. He purchased a large amount of Derek’s material to distribute to the church there, including the Tswana DVDs of Derek’s foundational teachings. He plans to distribute more material in the future.

 Cambodia—Warren Smith

  • We praise God that 600 young people gave their lives to the Lord at an outreach held in May for 800 young adults (aged 18-35 years). Derek’s book Divine Exchange and Teaching Letter Benefits of Redemption were given out to all. 

 China—Ross Paterson

  • Our China team is greatly encouraged as they see the impact of Derek’s materials inside China. Recently a pastor shared how significant it was in building up his church in the early days.
  • We praise the Lord for the completely re-edited Chinese version of Life-Changing Spiritual Power and for our faithful team inside and outside China who spent many hours on this task.  

East Africa—Isabel Surgeon/Neil Cornick/Warren Smith

  • We praise the Lord for 10,000 Swahili copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power that were reprinted and now have been distributed in East Africa, Congo, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. This was a project of combined efforts by DPM offices in the United Kingdom, New Zealand and our South Africa office. There is such a demand for these books that further printings will be necessary.

 France—René de Groot

  • We are grateful for good contact with the ministry Livr'Afrique that again ordered a couple of thousand books to distribute in Africa.
  • Prophetic Guide to the End Times was just released.
  • We now have a new distributor in French-speaking Belgium.
  • We thank the Lord for our small, but very efficient and tight-knit team. 

India—Elsie and Danny

  • We received the following letter from Utkal Theological College in Odisha State (east India) after we provided our Bible College Graduate Gift Packs for their graduating students:
    •  We are thankful for the wonderful service you are doing by sending very good books by Derek Prince free of cost to the graduates every year. We appreciate your kind service for the Kingdom of God. I personally have been blessed by the books, and I believe those who are reading them will find it profitable. This year in our service on April 11, 55 graduates received the DPM book package. We hope these books will help them richly in their ministries and personal lives. Please pray for them.

Japan—Warren Smith

  • We are excited to have our brand new Japanese-language website “live” after many years of waiting for an opening into this nation.

 Latin America—Dick Leggatt

  • There are now 18 Spanish videos available for viewing on our YouTube channel.
  • I have made ministry trips to Costa Rica and Dominican Republic in the past year. The Lord continues to open doors and give good connections for possible outreach. 

Mongolia—Ross Paterson

  • The Mongolian team is moving at an amazing speed to get the 30 core Derek Prince teachings available for the Mongolian language cell phone App, website, YouTube etc. Let’s give thanks for their hard work and dedication to Derek’s teaching.

Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

  • We recently held a seminar for 150 pastors and leaders and distributed Life-Changing Spiritual Power, Declaring God’s Word and The Power of Proclamation in Nepali.

Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • A participant in the fourth “Husbands and Fathers” online course was so profoundly changed that he began to teach the men in his church from the book and course material and asked for our help! 
  • We thank the Lord for steady giving, especially upon our recent publication of Derek’s teaching based on the audio message, “Seven Steps to Christian Love.” It has been well received. 
  • We are grateful for continued interest in our Daily Devotional e-mails based on material from Derek’s books. Many new contacts are being made because they received the devotionals from our current subscribers. A new series has begun based on the book, Bought with Blood. 

Norway—Sverre Kristoffersen

  • Praise the Lord for all the faithful partners in Norway! They never stop sowing, month by month, year by year. The prophetic word given by the Spirit in 2002 has come true:
    •  “I will build my Kingdom in Norway through many small fish. They will come into your nets willingly and will make it possible for you to grow and to reach many people and nations. Also, when the time is ready, I will send big fish, and they will multiply everything.”

Pakistan—James and Elizabeth

  • I (James) spoke at a leadership conference in May for 210 inter-denominational pastors and leaders in Balochistan (the largest province strategically bordering Iran and Afghanistan). It was a God-ordained opportunity. The attendees had eagerly awaited the Called to Conquer teaching we were to share. At one point, we gathered key leaders and prayed for a pastor who had been in a wheelchair for eight months due to severe pain in his hip and leg. All sorts of medication had had no effect. A few minutes after we prayed, the pastor jumped up, and all pain had gone! He praised God for His miraculous healing. God’s presence was tremendous, and we received wonderful testimonies of how God blessed and renewed the strength of the leaders.
  • James and Elizabeth shared Derek’s teaching on the Holy Spirit with key leaders in Hyderabad and distributed books to around 50 pastors.
  • Testimony from a pastor in Sialkot (Punjab Province): 
    • One of my Elders was absent, so I went to find him. It turns out that all of a sudden he had been unable to see. The family was told the doctors were not able to diagnose the cause. When I saw him face-to-face, the Holy Spirit prompted me to open my Bible. I thought I was to read to him, but it opened to the place where I had placed the Derek Prince prayer card entitled, Only the Blood of Jesus. The Holy Spirit quickened in my heart to read the card and ask every member of the family standing around to read after me. I was a little reluctant to read the card instead of the Bible, but the command was so clear I couldn't resist. So I obeyed and found that everyone was ready for it, which increased my faith. As we finished the prayer Let the Redeemed Say So, the eyes of our Elder were restored completely! This miracle happened instantly in front of all the family. All Glory to God! Apart from this healing, three young members of the family accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett

  • We are receiving a great response from those who listen to the radio programs. They are buying Derek’s books from the bookstore and downloading his audio teaching onto their flash drives.
  • We are joining arms with a prayer team set up at the Central Police Station. At our first prayer meeting with them, we shared words of encouragement and prayed for the organization. We also gave out copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power which the police staff received with gratitude.
  • Many prison inmates are taking the Self-Study Bible Course. Here are recent testimonies: 
    •      As I was doing the Self-Study Bible Course, I came to realize that the course was really helping to change my life by enabling me to learn a lot of new things. I have come to understand that the Bible is God’s Word. Now I realize that what I had done in the past was totally against God’s Word, and God was not happy with me. But I thank God for His grace and mercy and that He accepts me as His son.         —Kelvin 
    •      Since studying the Self Study Bible Course, I have learned a lot of scriptures [memory work] and it really helps me in my everyday life. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and I have allowed Him to take control of my life. This is a big difference I am experiencing from my past life. Even in my school days, I didn’t know how to study the Bible or even pray. But through this course, changes have happened. I want to thank DPM for this course material that has really helped me.   Please pray for me, especially for my future - I am just a youth.      —Jim

South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • A new development has taken place between DPM–Netherlands and DPM–South Africa. Because Dutch and Afrikaans have similar roots, it was possible to do an electronic translation of sub-titled DVDs from Dutch to Afrikaans. A test run was accomplished recently with two editors checking the script.
  • A YouTube site will be set up where we will download all 15 African languages, as well as Portuguese and French, DVD teachings. Each language has 10 DVDs. English DVDs will also be added.
  • We had exciting testimonies from two radio listeners recently on the topic, “No Neutrality.” 
    •      In the sermon I heard this morning on Impact Radio, you asked if I made the decision to serve God that I write to you. Well, I wish to inform you in writing that I choose now, on this day, to serve only God. I know I need guidance in doing so and pray for that guidance from God. There are so many distractions in this world that draw away our attention and cause confusion in our hearts and minds. Thank you for this opportunity.
    •      I just listened to your message! I have made the decision to follow God with my whole heart from this day forward and not any other God! I love your messages. Lives are being changed, strengthened and encouraged in their walk with the Lord on a daily basis.

United States—Dick Leggatt

  • We are grateful for the tremendous response from donors to an e-mail appeal for funds to send to Gopaljee, our DPM Director in Nepal, for humanitarian aid there after the earthquakes in April and May.

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