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November 2014

Therefore I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; My God will hear me.
Micah 7:7

November 1—AUSTRALIA

  • New contacts were made as a result of the conference held in late August. Pray that the Holy Spirit will impress upon those who showed interest in the ministry to become involved outreach supporters.

November 2—India

  • Directors Elsie and Danny will hold conferences in the National Capital Region during November 11–21.
  • Pray for a large number of pastors to attend and for their hearts to be receptive to the teaching.
  • Pray that many will be freed from bondage and in turn minister freedom to their congregations. 

November 3—ALBANIA

  • Final editing was recently completed on Life-Changing Spiritual Power, which will soon be printed.
  • Pray for the right people to become involved in the marketing and distribution of these books.
  • Pray that God will raise up strong believers to serve with the DPM team in Albania. 


  • Pray for increased finances for the growing number of outreach opportunities available.
  • Pray for the Dutch translation of Living as Salt and Light to be published by the end of the year.
  • Pray for the Lord’s healing hand to strengthen the small Netherlands team in the midst of increased work pressures and health challenges.   

November 5—Estonia

  • Pray for the ongoing work of translating books and audio messages into the Baltic languages.
  • A DPM conference is being planned for the last week of November on the topic of spiritual warfare. Pray that many people will attend and be impacted and equipped “for every good work.” 

November 6—Japan

  • Pray for many to be reached through the new Japanese website that is being developed.
  • Pray for wisdom and insight for Tim who is overseeing this project. 

November 7—Ukraine

  • The book Exchange at the Cross/How to Apply the Blood is ready to be printed. Pray it will transform the lives of the people and the nation.
  • Pray that the many books that have been distributed over the past couple of years in the Donetsk region will bless and encourage the people there. 

November 8—GERMANY

  • Pray for the Lord’s favor and anointing upon the DPM conference to be held this month, especially that there will be a tremendous impact upon all those who attend and receive Derek’s material.

 November 9—Iraq

  • Pray for encouragement and protection for the many Christians in this country who are displaced and in urgent need of both physical and spiritual support.
  • Pray for the right doors to open to provide Derek’s material for those who are spiritually hungry. 

 November 10—Uganda

  • All 10,000 English copies of the recently printed Life-Changing Spiritual Power safely arrived—50 sacks with 200 books each! Many of these books have previously been distributed. Pray that these copies will safely reach new areas where there is a need for teaching material.

 November 11—Sri Lanka

  • Pray for God’s protection and wisdom for Raj (the new coordinator), the two distributors (a husband and wife team) and the printer who will be working in conjunction with Elsie, DPM–India Director.
  • Pray that the many seeds which have been sown here by means of book distribution and pastors’ meetings would continue to grow and flourish.  

November 12—ARMENIA

  • Pray for wise distribution of 3,000 copies of the recently released booklet I Forgive You (same as The Three Most Powerful Words).
  • Pray for successful completion and printing of If You Want God’s Best.  

November 13—Pakistan  

  • Pray for God’s protection over Directors James and Elizabeth, their family, the book translators, storage rooms, book stock and offices.
  • Pray that churches and book shops will see increased sales of Derek’s books in Urdu. 

November 14—MADAGASCAR

  • Dries and Valerie lead the work here and face many challenges. Although she had a stroke a few years ago, Valerie still edits the Malagasy books. Pray for God’s continued grace and strength for her.
  • Pray that the discipling and prayer movement spreading through Madagascar will reach other islands in the area as well. (Madagascar was a closed communist nation until the late 1990s.) 

November 15—Solomon Islands

  • A number of prison inmates are working through the Self-Study Bible Course. Pray that they will complete it and, in the process, gain a much greater revelation of God, His Word and His love for them.

 November 16—Russia

  • In September, DPM workers preached and distributed humanitarian aid in several cities and villages. Pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of those who were touched by this ministry.
  • In October, DPM workers went to Malaga City in Spain (home to many Russian immigrants) to support a new Russian church. Pray that the spiritual seeds planted will continue to grow. 

November 17—Ghana

  • The DPM contact in Ghana is in the process of establishing a television channel which will transmit across Africa. Pray that God will break through every hindrance so that Derek’s teaching can be broadcast across the African Continent.

 November 18—Nepal

  • Pray for an increase in the number of listeners to Derek’s English radio programs that air on the Christian station, Good News FM, which covers the Kathmandu Valley (population: 1.5 million).
  • Pray that believers will be strengthened and encouraged in their faith by God’s Word and for non-believers to come to salvation.

November 19—Georgia

  • The book Extravagant Love has been printed. Pray for God’s love to transform lives through this teaching.

  November 20—Indonesia

  • Pray that the 730 CD sets of Derek’s teaching recently distributed to pastors in West Borneo and South Sumatra will be effectively used to teach God’s Word to many.
  • Pray for Director Yoegi and staff members Kevin and Edouart to have the creativity needed for reaching the younger Christians in Indonesia and for addressing their spiritual needs.

November 21—Syria

  • There are many practical needs in this war-torn country, but the DPM contact in Syria says there is also a cry for spiritual help. Pray for Derek’s teaching to bring renewed faith and hope to many.

 November 22—Belarus

  • Through Derek’s material, many have experienced freedom, healing and spiritual growth. Yet some pastors don’t allow Derek’s teaching (or those who study it) in their churches
  • Pray that the Lord will awaken these leaders and bring them into the fullness of His spirit.
  • Pray that  the church members who have been turned away will find a body of believers who are  walking in the truths of God’s Word. 

November 23—AUSTRALIA

  • The annual trustees meeting will be held during the last week in November. Pray for the Lord’s guidance in how to further extend Derek Prince’s teaching in this nation.

 November 24—Myanmar

  • Pray for anointing upon Director Jacob as he records many of Derek’s messages in Burmese for distribution on CD/MP3.
  • Pray that Jacob will have new opportunities and ideas for reaching more people with Derek’s teaching during the Christmas season. 

November 25—SLOVAKIA

  • Branislav and Claudia continue to oversee the work of DPM in Slovakia. Pray for favor, protection good health and refreshing for them, their family and coworkers after an intense year.
  • Pray for new contacts with evangelical believers and churches in Slovakia so that they can receive and be impacted by Derek’s teaching.
  • Pray for an increase in sales to cover all ongoing ministry expenses and the production of new teaching materials in the Slovak language. 

November 26—FRANCE

  • Pray for the finances needed to reprint many of Derek’s books.
  • Pray for volunteers to assist with various tasks, including shipping French material to Africa and work on the Internet—DPM website, Facebook, etc.
  • Pray for wisdom for Director René to reach the French-speaking Church with Derek’s teaching. 

November 27—CHINA

  • Pray that each book by Derek Prince that is printed and distributed in different parts of China will be read by many people and be life-changing for each person.
  • Reports suggest the possibility of tighter government control of churches by the end of the year.Pray that the Lord would overrule and that more liberal religious policies would stand.

November 28—NORWAY

  • Pray for more missions-minded partners to support DPM’s outreach in Norway and worldwide.
  • Pray for new doors to open for Derek’s teaching in the Bible schools in Norway.
  • Pray for more youth groups to contact us for Derek Prince teaching materials. 

 November 29—INDIA

  • Pray for the 900 orphans and needy children expected at the annual DPM Orphans Christmas Party to be greatly blessed and for many to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
  • Directors Elsie and Danny will hold a week of training for pastors from the Udumalpet region. Pray for those who attend to have an understanding of the teaching on church growth and multiplication so they can begin to see expansion far and wide. 

November 30—SOUTH AFRICA           

  • Pray for an end to the postal strikes that began several months ago and have crippled the country. A courier has been found who has reasonable prices and offers much quicker service. But a solution is still needed for small bulk mailing items. The last bulk mailing in August has yet to be delivered. (Some post offices have been vandalized.)
  •  Pray for the successful translation and printing of Derek’s books in Portuguese, Afrikaans, Tswana, Xhosa and North Sotho, and that these projects will be completed on time.Pray for successful reprinting of the Portuguese Self Study Bible Course for Mozambique and Angola.

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December 2014

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!
Psalm 46:10

December 1—Serbia

  • Pray that the new Serbian books, Husbands and Fathers, Called to Conquer and You Matter to God will be distributed successfully and have a major impact in Serbia.
  • Pray for the finances needed for publishing Rediscovering God’s Church and Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose (with Study Guide) and other books.
  • Pray for good health, wisdom and protection for Coordinators, Miro Fic and Miro Cobrda, and for the translators, editors, graphic designers, etc. who are helping with various projects. 

December 2—Egypt

  • Pray that doors will open for the broadcast of Derek’s teaching on Christian TV channels in Egypt.
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance in preparing the material needed for these programs. 


  • Pray for the provision of funds to send more Bible College Library Packs of Derek’s teaching material to schools in Africa for use in training students.
  • Pray for more finances to continue the Graduate Gift Pack Project, which sends materials to Bible school graduates for use in their ministries and churches. 

December 4— UKRAINE

  • War and hardships have brought a shaking in Ukraine, both practically and spiritually. However, many denominational issues are being overshadowed and the Church is uniting. Pray for Derek’s teaching to help bring reconciliation between nations and people.
  • Pray for the students enrolled in the Correspondence Bible School. Despite the fact that there is no postal service, there is connection with them through the Internet. 

December 5—Hungary

  • Pray for the publishing of Life-Changing Spiritual Power to be completed by the end of the year.
  • Pray for health and strength for Zsolt and Ilona as they maintain both their regular jobs and their work for DPM. 

December 6— NEPAL

  • Pray for greater progress to be made on the ongoing Nepali translation and recording of Derek’s teaching for CD distribution and broadcasting.

 December 7—Nigeria

  • Numerous requests are received for books to be printed and distributed in Nigeria. Efforts are being made to meet this demand, but the process has been hampered. Pray that God will make a way to provide all the needed teaching for this populous nation.

 December 8—PERU/BOLIVIA

  • Pray for ongoing direction for the production of Derek’s radio messages in the Quechuan language for the Quechua people, including the choice of the right translator for this project.

 December 9—ESTONIA

  • Pray for God’s protection over all ministers in this country and their families.
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom, direction and provision for opportunities that are open to distribute Derek’s teaching in Estonia and also into Scandinavia. 

December 10— Czech Republic

  • Pray for the successful distribution of the book Life-Changing Spiritual Power.
  • Pray for a good response to the release of new DVDs of Derek’s teaching. 

December 11— Francophone Africa

  • The shipment of nearly 1,000 French books sent to Uganda has safely arrived. Pray for effective distribution to leaders throughout Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi.

 December 12—IRAQ    

  • Pray for a successful shipment of material to Iraq that is scheduled before the end of the year.
  • Pray for connection with the right translators and publishers to be able to print locally. 


  • Pray for lasting fruit in the lives of hundreds of inmates who receive Derek’s teaching each month.
  • Pray for continued provision for the prison outreach that is steadily growing. 

December 14—Armenia

  • Recently DPM was invited to promote Derek’s teaching at a large interdenominational conference for pastors. Pray that lasting and strong relationships will develop from new contacts which were made, and that as a result Derek’s teaching materials will be used in more Armenian churches.

 December 15—CANADA

  • Pray for Director Bob Yeo and the board of DPM Canada to know the Lord’s direction for distributing Derek’s teaching materials where they would have the greatest impact.
  • Pray that this nation will experience a turning toward God and a hunger for solid Bible teaching. 

December 16—UKRAINE

  • Pray for God’s wisdom in focusing more on the western (Ukrainian-speaking) region of the country and in plans to publish new books in Ukrainian.
  • The spiritual focus now in Ukraine is prayer and intercession. Pray that Derek's book, Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting, can be translated, published and distributed to bring this needed teaching to the nation. 

December 17—PAKISTAN       

  • Pray for protection over those distributing Life-Changing Spiritual Power (six-book compilation) and for safe distribution without interruption.


  • Pray for more volunteers to help the Swiss team fulfil the Lord’s plans for this office and region.
  • Pray that Derek’s teaching would have a growing impact among all those who receive it and support the ministry. 

December 19—ISRAEL

  • Pray for the believers and churches in the land to walk in God’s wisdom and unity so that they may see God’s purposes fulfilled in these days.
  • Pray for protection over Derek’s Russian, Hebrew and Arabic material that is being distributed.
  • Pray also for Derek’s teaching to have a growing impact through the Internet and various social media tools. 

 December 20—RUSSIA

  • Derek’s Russian Teaching Letters were distributed at a large conference for 3,000 pastors. Pray that they will be impacted by Derek’s teaching and share it with their congregations.

 December 21— Ethiopia

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and guidance for reaching Ethiopia’s Muslim and Orthodox people.
  • God has opened the way for new ministry in South Sudan among university students. Pray that their hearts are receptive to the Lord as they study Derek’s foundational teaching material. 

December 22—Croatia

  • Pray for God’s provision of a better and bigger storeroom for Derek’s books.
  • Pray for the Lord’s favor with bookstore owners when approaching them with new books. 

December 23—CHINA

  • A heretical cult murdered a woman in a McDonald’s restaurant in China for refusing to give them her phone number. Pray for the authorities to know the difference between real Christianity and heresy and that they will be able to stop these dangerous groups.
  • Many believers in China are open to deception. Pray for more Chinese Christians to be reached with Derek’s solid teaching material. 

December 24—SOUTH AFRICA

  • Pray for more radio stations across Africa to be willing to air Derek’s messages. Many African people enjoy listening to the radio, which is a powerful tool for outreach in this nation.
  • Pray for great success for the Mega Voice players which will be sent to various Bible Schools. Up to 600 hours of Derek’s teaching will be available through these devices. 

December 25—FRANCE

  • Pray for more people to become comfortable giving online through the website.
  • Pray for wisdom and open doors for René in expanding Derek’s teaching further in France. 

December 26—EGYPT

  • Pray for doors to open for Derek’s radio programs to reach people in Egypt, especially the youth.
  • In the last few months, thousands have been reached with printed materials. Pray that even more will receive Derek’s teaching in the months ahead.
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom for using new tools and ideas for outreach. 

December 27—Kenya

  • The DPM contact in Uganda (originally from Kenya) has spent weeks traveling through Kenya distributing the book Life-Changing Spiritual Power to many churches. Pray that these teachings will enable the churches to become more firmly established in God’s Word.
  • The proofreading is complete for the new Swahili version of Life-Changing Spiritual Power for Kenya and Tanzania. Pray for the printing and distribution to go smoothly. 

December 28—Poland

  • Pray for a good response among Polish believers to Life-Changing Spiritual Power and that this book would become God’s tool to open the doors of many churches in Poland.
  • Pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and strength for the Polish team to successfully finish all current projects. 

December 29— GERMANY

  • Pray for increasing favor among German pastors to receive a free “lending library” of selected material in their churches. The goal is to reach 200 churches with Derek’s teaching.


  • Pray for the relationships that have been established in these countries to grow so that DPM can reach out in the native language of the many nationalities of people who reside here.
  • Pray that the believers here will support the church in Iraq in any way they can. 

December 31—MIDDLE EAST

  • The Internet is an important part of ministry to the Middle East. Pray that DPM’s English/Arabic website will be an effective outreach tool.Pray for wisdom for DPM staff to use every means possible to reach people in this region with the digital tools that are available.

Praise and Thanksgiving
November/December 2014

Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.
Psalm 126:5

China—Ross Paterson

  • Praise the Lord for the 175,000 Derek Prince books in Chinese that were printed recently and distributed widely in three separate areas of China.
  • A Chinese believer who meets with other Christians from different areas reported that Chinese house church leaders told him Derek’s books formed the foundation of training in the early days of their churches 30 years ago. It is wonderful to know of this impact by DPM in those critical early days of house churches in China. 

Croatia—Damir & Irene Blazic

  • I met with a brother in Christ who lives alone in a one-room apartment in Zagreb. He likes Derek’s teachings very much and has already heard over 120 MP3 messages in English. He wants to have all of them. We thank the Lord for having such teachings available for spiritually hungry people in Croatia.

 Czech Republic—Daniel Skokan

  • We baptized eight new Christians over the summer, and we praise God for their strong walk with Him. 
  •  Hungary—Zsolt Budai & Ilona Kovácsné Boros
  • We found a very good storehouse for Derek’s Hungarian books and at a very good price.

 India—Elsie Daniel

  • In September, we had a DPM Information and Resources stand at the World Christian Expo 2014 in Bangalore attended by nearly 4,000 people. We had good sales, added two new bookshops to our customer list, and over 100 people signed up for free mailings. We also promoted our Bible College Graduate Gift Packs to the Bible colleges and they cheerfully accepted our offer to receive Derek’s material. Finally, we held initial talks with two Christian leaders willing to conduct a DPM seminar in Punjab and Karnataka. All glory to Him!
  • A number of seminars were held in Kerala State where nearly 6,000 copies of Derek’s books were distributed.  One pastor told us: “The books of Derek Prince birthed hundreds of new generation churches as people got liberated and pastors born with passion, vision and faith. When Derek’s books were first printed in India, there was no mega-church in Kerala, but today there are a few in every city.” 


  • We recently gave away over 500 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power at an interdenominational pastors meeting as well as to other pastors through a Bible college.
  • We also gave away copies of the Self Study Bible Course at an orphanage we visited.
  • I preached to 50 boys at a senior high school’s youth retreat and took copies of Extravagant Love and God’s Remedy for Rejection that were snapped up by the students. 

Japan—Warren Smith (NZ office)

  • We are delighted to have several Teaching Letters now translated into Japanese, namely From Rejection to Acceptance (parts 1 and 2) and The Blood of the Lamb.


  • Jacob recently spoke at the opening ceremony of the Adoniram Judson Language Centre which is about 200 km from Yangon. Around 400 people attended and some of Derek’s books were distributed.

 Nepal—Gopaljee Adhikari

I have been borrowing Derek’s books from my friend and have been so blessed. I am now teaching the Self Study Bible Course to my church and my friends and others who are in my cell group. Derek’s book They Shall Expel Demons also helped us a lot to pray and cast out demons. Our area is demon-infested and people go to witch doctors to get healed. Derek’s books have helped teach our people in various subjects. You can't imagine the blessing we received out of these books.
—Salmon Tamang,    Dhading District

 Netherlands—Ivar van der Sterre

  • We have had a steady increase of subscribers to our daily devotional e-mails. Derek’s teaching is now exhorting and encouraging over 2200 readers every day. 
  • We are having positive figures in sales, despite a general downturn in Christian book sales. 
  • Relationships are growing with churches and organizations benefitting from Derek’s teaching.  

New Zealand—Warren Smith

  • We thank the Lord for His protection over our staff this year and for our ever-faithful supporters who help us share Derek’s teaching with millions of believers across many nations.
  • Praise God for our city of Christchurch that is slowly rising again from the rubble of the destructive 2011earthquakes. 

Norway—Sverre Kristoffer

  • We praise the Lord for opening the door to work with Agnieszka and Marek with DPM–Poland. We are so blessed by the work they have done for us this year.
  • Declaring God’s Word has been successfully printed and shipped to Bergen, and 1,000 copies have already been distributed around Norway to partners and friends. 

Pakistan—James & Elizabeth

  • We recently held a seminar for 140 women from churches all over Karachi, and 28 of them committed their lives to the Lord while many others were greatly touched by the teaching. Each participant received a copy of Faith to Live By.
  • James spoke at a leadership conference to 250 pastors and leaders in Karachi during October where he shared on godly leadership and used Derek’s teaching from Foundations for Life. Each attendee received a copy of Praying for the Government. 

Solomon Islands—Tele Bartlett

  • Recently, 24 inmates serving life sentences were released on parole—a first for this nation. Through DPM’s ministry, these inmates received good spiritual preparation for their new lives.
  • Eight inmates recently completed the Self Study Bible Course. We received these testimonies: 

I thank God for the privilege of doing this Self Study Bible Course. I have come to understand that the Word of God is truth and that the Holy Spirit has done something in my life. And now I have come to know Jesus Christ as my personal Savior.                                                       —James Pado 
I thank God for this Bible course and as I studied, it really helped me to understand my own life and how independent I was of God. I have now repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I really thank the Lord for dying on the cross for my sins, for forgiveness and eternal life.                —Paul Wusi

 South Africa—Isabel Surgeon

  • The new staff members have settled into their new work very well. Even so, we can hardly keep up with the requests for Derek’s CDs, especially from radio listeners.
  • A customer who came in to buy the next “Fullness of The Cross” series said she played the DVD on deliverance for a friend who was delivered while watching it!  
  • Dries Du Plessis from South Africa, a missionary in Madagascar for many years, visited the office and shared what the Lord is doing through Derek’s teaching that he is using to train pastors and student pastors. Dries and Valerie are editing and reprinting books, and they have voiced some CDs into Malagasy. They will also be translating Will You Intercede? into Malagasy and printing them in Madagascar at their own expense.
  • At Mission Fest in September, a pastor from Madagascar shared how his life had been radically changed after receiving Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. He began discipling believers and a prayer and discipleship movement began to grow, reaching many isolated villages. The government wanted to stop it, but there was too much support from all over the country. So the “movement” was registered. Their work now includes 15,000 villages in the east that are in the rain forests. We were able to give this pastor the French books we had at the conference.
  • A Baptist pastor’s wife from Angola was happy to get a set of Portuguese books and proclamation cards. They motivate churches to reach out but have very little Bible teaching available.
  • A lady who works among the Xhosa people took two sets of the Xhosa “Laying the Foundations” DVDs to the Eastern Cape. The pastors who received them were very grateful as there is not much teaching available in Xhosa.An American couple has been planting indigenous churches in Limpopo Province (northern part of South Africa). The wife was bitten six years ago by a spider and almost lost her life, and this was her first return visit. They came to the office recently and bought two sets of the North Sotho “Laying the Foundations” DVDs for two pastors of five churches. They don’t have teaching in North Sotho, so they were delighted to give them this teaching. They also have an orphanage among these people because of the high HIV and AIDS death rate.

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